our philosophy


The appreciation that the Restaurant Eugene team has for history, the region and traditional foodways provides a certain heft and soul to what we offer. Allowing a local, house-made pantry to guide the menu, our approach is at once traditional and urbane. It is a 'sense of place' that one feels while reading the menu that begins the experience. Names of farmers and artisans are sprinkled about, paying homage to those who have done the work to bring such delicious ingredients through our kitchen door. Once through our door, respect and care for the ingredients play as important a role as the preparation of them. The goal in our kitchen is to make as much from scratch as possible. Simple sauces like hollandaise, velouté, gribiche and the like are made by hand. More complicated techniques are enhanced by having even the most basic ingredients made in-house. It is a celebration of ingredients that motivates our kitchen to elevate these precious products to their place on a seasonal pedestal. 

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
— Maya Angelou

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Our community commitments are reflected in our philanthropic endeavors for the year 2019.
While we wish we could support every worthy cause, we have found that our focused attention elicits more effective results.  Thank you.