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Welcome to Restaurant Eugene, where we share fast food experiences to save your valuable time and money, founded by Md Hanzala, and co-founder by Md Ebrahim.

We are on a mission to help people make their dining experience great by sharing insights into the fast-food restaurant’s taste, menu, menu price, offer-deals, holiday menu and offers, environment, serving style, and the hospitality of the staff.

Are you planning to go to Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, KFC, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Burger King, Whataburger, Subway, Sonic, Baskin Robins, or any popular restaurants?

Read our experience and insights before indulging, you will not be surprised, and every cent will be saved. We know every penny matters.

Our dedication is the provide the most updated and accurate information so that food lovers can get the best experience while dining.

Md Hanzala – Founder

Hi, I am Md Hanzala the founder of www.restauranteugene.com father of two children and beloved husband. While I was out with my family, I found no guide which gave me a great hassle, where to go? What to choose? What is the menu price? What will be the environment of the restaurant?

My children are great fans of KFC, Chick-n-Strips, and Nuggets of Kids’s Meal are favorite of them. I like the Combos item from Taco Bell, Build Your Own Cravings Box, where I choose my favorite items with a reasonable budget.

There were so many questions as a foodie, that I had trouble many times finding the right place. The idea came from my experience is to open a website where people can get the information they need before going to a restaurant.

A couple of times I got into some restaurants in awkward situations because of price, taste, and the dining experience.

I came to discuss my friend Md Ebrahim, who is also a gourmet like me, and we both combined our experience and knowledge to build Restaurant Eugene.

Taco Bell Restaurant

My Favorite Restaurant: Taco Bell

Keep in touch, and stay tuned.

Md Ebrahim – (Co-Founder)

Md Ebrahim is a traveler who visits around the world and enjoys different dining experiences of different cultures and foods. He has a great taste bud of fast food, which led to the foundation of Restaurant Eugene. Ebrahim has a great capability to judge food menu items’ quality and taste and compare the price according to the serving menu.

Md Ebrahim

His day starts with black coffee Americano and finishes with Starbucks Caffe Mocha, which is the energy of his office work. Ebrahim is very fond of McDonald’s Happy Meal and dollar menu, because of the lowest budget but high-quality food.

Favorite Restaurant: McDonald’s

Lucy Allison – Head of Content

Lucy Allison is the fuel of Restaurant Eugene like gasoline in the car. Her devotion to the Restaurant Eugene cannot be explained in words. Lucy is the architect behind the informative and engaging content that defines it.

Burger King Restaurant

With a passion for content creation and culinary exploration, Lucy ensures each piece of content provides valuable insight into fast food taste, menu, and quality.

Her dedication to the content elevates the experience of the readers of Restaurant Eugene.

Favorite Restaurant: Burger King

Arnab Yasin – Head of Editorial Team

Arnab Yasin contributes significantly to www.restauranteugene.com, which brings the highest standards to the article’s overall quality, guides, and reviews of fast food.

He trains our other editors as the content remains valuable and also a pleasure to read. He brings a wealth of editorial expertise to Restaurant Eugene. His commitment to maintaining the highest standard of our content remains intact.

Mr. Arnab has a great craving for sub, and nothing can get between him and Subway’s sub.

Favorite Restaurant: Subway

Writing Team

Behind the scenes, we have more than 30 brilliant writers who are the fuel of Restaurant Eugene. They share our experience as we guide them, and they do exactly what we share the insights.

With our expert writers, many contents are written by our Co-Founder Md Ebrahim, Lucy and Arnab Yasin as the content quality remains to the highest standard.

Each one contributes a unique perspective. Here are some of our senior writers who play a vital role:

Boishakhi Rahman

Boishakhi Rahman

Boishakhi, a senior writer, is not only a writer. She is a great explorer and gourmand. Her experience provides our readers with in-depth insights.

She has regular schedule to go on fast food with her friends and family where she notices everything and shares her experience with our readers.

A slice of Domino’s pizza can convince her to write a quality and helpful article.

Favorite Restaurant: Domino’s

Andreea Deculescu

Andreea Deculescu

Andreea has a lot of experience in food nutrition and health, her educational background is related to it. Her expertise brings light to our website and makes the content more valuable than a regular writer.

Favorite Restaurant: Pizza Hut



Sanjana has an extraordinary skill in showing the readers the restaurant’s environment and the dining insights in depth. She can demonstrate the exact projection of the fast-food chain; unbiased reviews of articles lead our site to a great achievement.

Favorite Restaurant: SONIC

Emily Stapylton-Smith

Emily Stapylton Smith

Emily, a valuable member of our team, brings vibrant colors and diverse flavors to our content with great culinary enthusiasts.

With a diverse flavor of cultural background, she uncovers fast-food restaurant facts and food quality according to price.

Favorite Restaurant: Chick-fil-A

Thank you for being a part of the Restaurant Eugene community. We are committed to delivering a clear concept of the fast-food menu, price, taste, and insights, which will save your money and time.

We are trying to provide the most accurate and updated data if you want to give us a suggestion or advice feel free to reach out.

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