What Time Does Arby’s Serve Lunch?

Arby’s in the morning, meat lovers’ craving; Arby’s at night, meat lovers’ delight.

You will pardon the old saying and the play on its words, when true to its American diligence, Arby’s is commonly known for being available 24/7.

For stores on non-24-hour, or only 12-hour shifts, they are usually open from 10:00AM-11:00PM – and differences aren’t drastically far from that.

One can only wonder: with a day that never ends (or a day that ends late), how do you divide the morning, noon, and night?  

And how do you divide time for your menu changes? For Arby’s there’s breakfast and there’s lunch, but there’s no specific or separate menu for dinner.

So, from the lunch hour onwards, the choices stay pretty much the same – including the famous roast beef sandwiches.

Another unique thing about Arby’s is that, while there’s always room for varied schedules per location, the lunch hour always starts at 11:00AM.

Arbys Lunch Hours

In 2024, What Are The Arby’s Lunch Hours in Different States?

Having a pretty uniform notion of when the midday meal time should be, the schedule is quite similar for Arby’s in most states.

The official lunchtime usually lasts four hours, starting 11:00AM; but they remain available even through the remainder of the day, having no separate dinner menu.

The first table below shows Arby’s Lunch Hours in ten states, while the second one shows the most common opening and closing hours.

StateArby’s Lunch Hours
West Virginia11:00AM

Arby’s Weekly Hours

Saturday9:30AM –1:00AM
Sunday9:30AM –12:00AM
Monday9:30AM –12:00AM
Tuesday9:30AM –12:00AM
Wednesday9:30AM –12:00AM
Thursday9:30AM –12:00AM
Friday9:30AM –12:00AM

Arby’s Lunch Hour Time

Regardless of the opening hour, lunch at Arby’s starts at 11AM. That means if the shop near you opens at 11AM, you’ll have the lunch menu ready by then.

The same is true for the tireless variety of shops open 24/7. Do keep in mind that branches per location may change things up as management sees fit.

Nonetheless, the prudent customer keeps posted on schedule updates via the location finder and their favorite branch’s favorite social media pages.

Arby’s Lunch Hour End Time

As above, so below. But while the official lunch hour at Arby’s usually ends at 3PM. As has been mentioned though, there’s barely a distinction, if at all in the post-lunch menu.

Times may also vary depending on the location, so that’s your lookout as a customer. And as mentioned, with the location finder and social media, it’s a thing quite easy to keep tabs on.

What is Available At Arby’s Lunch Menu?

There is a myriad of meal choices at Arby’s – after all, they have the meats. So, let’s have what they’re best known for: roasts.

The Classic Roast Beef is bun, meat, and bun; Arby’s calls it “the sandwich that put roast beef on the map.”

Those who want twice as much meat have the Double Roast Beef for choice. And as if to challenge just how much the buns can hold, they also serve the Half Pound Roast.

To top it all, they also come in cheddar, should you like it that way. Want it smoked and flavored extra with onions and BBQ sauce? The Smokehouse Brisket is for you.

And if you’d rather, a little bit of culture to your dish, have the Classic French Dip & Swiss – the cheese is Swiss; the sauce est delicieux with a chef’s kiss, French; and the sub-roll is your typical Italian-American convergence of a bread.

Is Lunch Available All Day At Arby’s?

Lunch is available in one to two hours from opening time for most Arby’s branches. The lunch hour starts at the mostly uniform hour of 11AM.

This general rule is of course, subject to the prerogative of the store, and the demands of times and seasons; so it’s best to use the app or locator to be sure of schedules.

Once the lunch menu is served, it remains available until closing time.

Find Out Arby’s Lunch Hours and Nearby Outlets Using Mobile Apps/Website

Step 1: Download The Arby’s App and Create An Account

You will need an email, phone number, and address

Step 2: Select Your Location

To avail of available deals, select your location either by typing in your full address, or your ZIP code. Here, you will also see the availability and schedule of Arby’s branches nearest you.

You may use the official website to locate shops and their schedules

Head to https://www.arbys.com/locations/ and type in your state, ZIP code, or specific address – the locator will show a list of the most accessible Arby’s branches

How To Order Arby’s With App?

Step 1: Download The Arby’s App and Create An Account

You will need an email, phone number, and address

Step 2: Select Your Location Either By Typing in Your Full Address, Or Your ZIP Code

Doing this narrows down the available deals near you

Step 3: Select a Meal, Then Select a Drink, Then Select a Side

Step 4: Proceed To Checkout

Add a coupon if you have some, then proceed to checkout.

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