Applebees Reservation: Does Applebee’s Take Reservations?

For those of who are unfamiliar with Applebee’s, they are one of the most popular grill and bar locations in America.

For your information, Applebee’s, is taking reservations for its customers, which is awesome.

Reservation comes with many advantages, especially for those arriving quickly during peak dining hours.

Also, making a reservation is always beneficial if you are a larger group celebrating a special occasion.

Customers can make a reservation using the official Applebee’s website, the user-friendly Applebee app, or by calling ahead and joining the waitlist till a table clears up.

Follow along as we discuss all the details about making a reservation at Applebee’s.

Does Applebees Take Reservations

Does Applebee’s Take Reservations?

Yes, Applebee’s takes reservations. Their reservation system is not conventional, instead they offer a Call Ahead seating option that allows guests to join the waitlist.

Also, customers can make a reservation by visiting the official Applebee’s website or using their app.

How To Make Applebees Reservation Online?

Applebee’s’ website or app allows you to make reservations and apply to the Waitlist. The steps to do both are straightforward.

Applebee’s Reservation From The Website

  1. Open your browser and visit the official Applebee’s website.
  2. Choose the restaurant location of Applebee’s by clicking on ‘Locations.’
  3. Check reservation availability and select your preferred time and date.
  4. Please provide details as required (e.g., the number of guests, special requests, contact information, name, phone number, and email address).
  5. Confirm your reservation.

Applebee’s Reservation From The App

  1. Install the Applebee’s app.
  2. If you don’t have an account, create one by entering your details.
  3. Find an Applebee location where you want to make a reservation by tapping the ‘Locations’ option.
  4. Check reservation availability.
  5. Choose the time and date.
  6. Enter details like name and number of guests.
  7. Review your reservation and confirm your booking (you will receive a confirmation in your email or a notification via the app).

How Does Call Ahead Seating Work At Applebee’s?

The Call Ahead Seating service at Applebee’s is there, so you can call them to make a reservation.

Once you do that, they will get your name and phone number and put you on the restaurant’s waitlist. You should wait for a table to clear up before you can be seated and eat.

Does Applebee’s Have Call Ahead Seating Near Me?

Yes, they do. You can use the Call Ahead seating option at Applebee’s to join the waitlist.

All Applebee’s restaurant locations offer the Call Ahead Seating option, so you can always call the specific one you intend to visit to make your reservation.

What is The Applebee’s Reservations Phone Number?

Applebee’s has a Call Ahead Seating option for making reservations, meaning you can call them to make your reservation.

You can call the toll-free number (888) 592-7753 and get all information about making your reservation at Applebee’s.

You can call that number from Monday to Friday, anywhere from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm CST.

How Many Applebee’s Locations Are There?

Applebee’s has approximately 1,650 locations in over 14 countries worldwide.

The first Applebee restaurant is in Decatur, Georgia, but since 1980, when it first opened, the food brand has expanded into a chain, allowing its franchises to be spread elsewhere.

It is now available in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and India.

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Final Thoughts

It is good knowing that Applebee’s takes reservations, isn’t it? You can do it easily using the Applebee’s website app or the Call Ahead Seating option.

We hope you take advantage of these options, improving your dining experience at Applebee’s without making you feel nervous about getting a table.

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