Does Applebee’s Take Apple Pay?

Are you in search of, “Does Applebee’s Take App Pay?” If so, let’s get excited because yes, Applebee’s takes Apple Pay at all of its locations.

Not only at its physical locations but now it also accepts Apple Pay on its app orders and online orders.

Paying with Apple Pay at Applebee’s is the most convenient option as you don’t need to worry about carrying cash or credit/debit cards with you.

Even if you forget your wallet at home, you can still enjoy your favorite meal at Applebee’s using Apple Pay. Read this article to learn more about using Apple Pay at Applebee’s and how to use it. 

Can I Do Apple Pay At Applebees

Can I Do Apple Pay At Applebee’s?

Yes, you can do Apple Pay at all of the Applebee’s locations in the United States. Not only in stores or at physical locations, Applebee’s also accepts Apple Pay on its online orders and orders via the app.

However, you may find exceptions at rare locations in some states. Therefore, it is always the best approach to ask at the restaurant’s counter if they accept Apple Pay or not.

If they accept it, pay your restaurant bill by using Apple Pay from any of your Apple devices.

Also, you can use Apple Pay on online orders at Applebee if you see Apple Pay as a payment option during checkout.

Can You Pay on The Applebee’s App?

Yes, you can pay on the Applebee’s app via Apple Pay. When you use the Applebee app, you will see different payment options, including Apple Pay.

If you want to pay on the app, proceed by clicking on Apple Pay. However, you can also pay cash on delivery while ordering food through their app.

How To Use Apple Pay At Applebee’s?

Are you curious to figure out how to use Apple Pay at Applebee’s? Let’s have a look at the steps below to start using Apple Pay at Applebee’s.

Step 1: Visit Applebee’s & Ask For a Contactless Reader

Visit your nearest Applebee’s location. View their menu and choose your order. Then, ask them if they are taking Apple Pay payments or if they have a contactless reader for Apple Pay.

Although almost all of the Applebee’s locations accept Apple Pay, still it’s good to ask as exceptions might be there.

Step 2: Open The Wallet App on iPhone

If they have the contactless reader and accept Apple Pay, open the Wallet App on your iPhone.

If you haven’t set up the Wallet App before, do it now and add funds to it via your preferred Debit/Credit card.

Step 3: Bring Your Phone Near The Contactless Reader

After choosing the preferred Debit/Credit card for payment via Apple Pay Wallet, bring your phone near the contactless reader.

The contactless reader will be on the checkout counter for making payments via Apple Pay. 

Step 4: Authenticate Your Payment

When you initiate the payment via your Apple device, it will ask for authentication. You can either use your face ID or Touch ID to authenticate and confirm the payment.

When your payment is confirmed and successfully made, you will also get a confirmation message.

Before leaving the counter, ask the staff as well if they have successfully received the payment. Then, sit back and enjoy your order within the shortest possible time.

Apple Pay Using Apple Watch

If you want to pay at Applebee’s with Apple Pay using your Apple Watch, it’s simpler than you think. Just follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1: Visit Your Nearest Applebee’s

First, visit your nearest Applebee’s where you want to enjoy your meal.

Step 2: Choose Menu Items & Ask For Apple Pay

Look at their menu and choose the items that you want to order. Ask at the counter if they accept Apple Pay. If they do, ask them to proceed to payment through Apple Pay.

Step 3: Press Button on Your Apple Watch

Now, double-click the side button of your Apple Watch.

Step 4: Open The Wallet App & Choose The Card on Watch

Open the wallet app on your Watch and choose the card to pay.

Step 5: Bring The Apple Watch Near Contactless Reader

Bring your Apple Watch near the contactless card reader placed at the checkout counter. Your watch must be closer to the card reader to initiate and process the payment.

Step 6: Authenticate and Confirm Payment

When you make the payment, authenticate it first and check the payment successful notification message.

If your payment is successful, you will instantly get the notification and your order will be placed.

How To Pay With Apple Pay on The Applebee’s App?  

To pay with Apple Pay on the Applebee app, first enter your location. Choose your favorite items from the menu and add them to the cart.

Then, go to checkout and choose Apple Pay from the payment options. Use Wallet App to make the payment and click “Place order”.

Your order will be delivered to your doorstep shortly after the payment is authenticated and confirmed. 

Does Applebee’s Take Apple Pay Online?

Yes, Applebee’s now takes Apple Pay online to offer greater flexibility and ease to its customers in terms of payments.

Now, it is more convenient for everyone to order from Applebee’s online and pay via Apple Pay.

You don’t need to have cash at hand all the time. Instead, take benefit of Apple Pay, no matter where you are.

Does Applebee’s Take Debit Cards?

Yes, Applebee’s takes debit cards for payments at all of its locations. To use a debit card at Applebee’s, tell the staff at the checkout counter that you want to pay via debit card.

They will take your card and swipe it into the card reader machine. You will be asked to enter your PIN code for authentication.

Once done, your payment will be done and the order will be placed. For online orders at Applebee’s, you can use your debit card there as well.

On the checkout page, click “Credit/Debit Card” under “Payment Methods”. Enter your card information, authenticate it, and confirm your order.

Can You Pay With Your Phone At Applebee’s?

Yes, you can easily and quickly pay with your phone at Applebee’s. To do so, you must know how to use Apple Pay and the Wallet App on your iPhone.

When you visit Applebee’s, ask their staff if they accept Apple Pay. If they do, go ahead with the Wallet App to make payment for your order through Apple Pay.

Final Thoughts

Applebee’s doesn’t only offer quality food but also more advanced ways of payment to delight its customers.

Now, you can use Apple Pay at Applebee’s for in-store orders, online orders, and in-app orders.

Whenever you visit Applebee’s, ask at the counter if they have a contactless card reader for Apple Pay payment.

If they do, go ahead with it to instantly enjoy your delicious meal in the Applebee’s perfect ambiance.

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