How To Use & Check IHOP Gift Card Balance?

IHOP Gift cards can be purchased from IHOP directly at any location and even online in the form of E-Gift cards which will be received in your e-mail.

You can also order IHOP Gift Cards online to be mailed to your location. Other places to buy IHOP Gift Cards are Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Kroger.

You can always check your IHOP digital or physical Gift Card balance through their website. IHOP Gift Cards range from $5 to $50 and can also be ordered in bulk.

One of the top benefits of having an IHOP Gift Card is that it never expires and is forever valid.

To use it, all you need to do is provide the 19-digit number on the card and a 4-digit PIN and you can make your purchase.

Not only is the gift card acceptable in-restaurant but it can also be used on their official website as well as their App, using the same steps.

Where Can I Buy A IHOP Gift Card?

Where Can I Buy a IHOP Gift Card?

IHOP Gift Card Walmart

You can buy IHOP Gift Cards at places like Walmart as well as other stores.

There is a gift card stand usually close to the checkout counters where you can purchase prepaid gift cards or you can even purchase it online on the Walmart official website.

If you choose to buy at the store, you can add whatever value you wish to in the gift card and pay for it at the counter.

IHOP Gift Card Target

Even for gift cards, Target offers delivery, drive-up, and even pickup options. They even offer email delivery for those who wish to send E-Gift cards to loved ones.

All you need to do is place your online order and enter your email details and payment information to purchase an IHOP Gift Card.

Or you can visit their store and purchase a physical gift card and add money to it.

IHOP Gift Card Amazon

Amazon offers E-delivery gift cards or E-Gift Cards which you will receive in your email along with the 19-digit card number and the 4-digit PIN. You can forward this gift card to your loved ones or friends.

IHOP Gift Card CVS

Just as with any other store, to purchase an IHOP Gift Card from CVS, you need to purchase a physical card or place an online order for a gift card or E-Gift card. You can choose what amount you wish to purchase.

How To Use IHOP Gift Card Online?

Using an IHOP Gift card online is quite easy. Using these short steps, you will be able to make an online purchase at IHOP using the balance available on your IHOP Gift Card.

Step 1: Select Items

While you are browsing what you wish to order through the IHOP website or the IHOP App, add whatever you wish to your cart.

Step 2: Proceed To Checkout

Go to your cart and click on checkout. Here you will be asked to insert your location details for delivery, and you will be asked to select your method of payment.

Step 3: Select Gift Card

Under the preferred method of payment, select the ” pay with Gift Card” option.

Step 4: Insert Gift Card Details

Your gift card will have a 19-digit card number and a 4-digit PIN code you will be asked to put into the website.

Then select “Apply” and your purchase will be made using the available balance on the gift card.

How To Check Balance on IHOP Gift Card?

To check the balance on your IHOP Gift card, all you need to do is follow these few steps and you will know exactly how much balance is on your IHOP Gift card.

Step 1: Go To The IHOP Website Or download The IHOP App

When you open the app or the website, you will see a little “Gift Cards” tab you need to click.

Step 2:Enter Gift Card Details

Here, you will be asked to enter your Gift Card number and the PIN code.

Step 3: Check Balance

You will then be shown the remaining balance on your IHOP Gift Card.

Step 4: Call IHOP

An alternate way to check your IHOP Gift card balance is by calling IHOP Customer Service at  (855) 316-7063 and they will ask you for your gift card details from where they will inform you of your remaining balance.

Step 5: Visit The IHOP Store

You can also check your balance by visiting your nearest IHOP Branch and showing the cashier your physical or digital gift card where they will scan it and inform you of the balance.

How To Use IHOP Gift Card on App?

IHOP Gift Cards can be used online on their website and even on their App and in-store. To use your IHOP Gift Card on the App, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download The IHOP App

First and foremost, download the IHOP App and create an account.

Step 2: Checkout

Once you have made an account, add items to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 3: Select The Payment method

Enter your location and go to the payment methods where you will select “Pay with Gift Card”

Step 4: Enter Details

Here you will be asked to input the Gift card number (19 digits) and the PIN Code (4 digits) into their respective boxes and click “Apply”.

Once the gift card is approved, your purchase will be made using the balance in your IHOP Gift Card.

How To Send Someone IHOP Gift Card?

You can send someone an IHOP Gift card through websites of IHOP, Target, Walmart, Amazon, CVS, and even Best Buy.

You will be shown various IHOP gift cards with various amounts on them from which you can choose which one you wish to purchase and send to their email!

If you scroll to the bottom of the IHOP website, you will see the Gift cards tab from where you can purchase gift cards.

Then click the “Send it digitally” option, input the desired email you want to send it to and your payment information and you’re all done!

How To Use E-Gift Card?

Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase whether online or in-store, proceed to checkout and choose “Pay with Gift card” as the payment option.

If you’re in-store, just ask the cashier to make the transaction with the e-gift card.

You will be asked for the Gift card number and the PIN code which will be present in the email and you’re done!

Benefits of IHOP Gift Card

The benefits of having an IHOP Gift card are that they never expire nor do they ever decrease in value. You can use it whenever, wherever at any IHOP branch in the US.

You can always send a loved one a digital IHOP Gift card as the perfect present without having to make any stops at the stores.

What To Do If IHOP Gift Card is Stolen/Damaged?

It is always best to keep the gift card receipt on hand in case the gift card is stolen or getting damaged.

IHOP suggests you have the card number or the receipt when calling their helpline otherwise they may not be able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Check The Balance on My IHOP Gift Card?

Using the website, the App, or visiting the restaurant, you can check your gift card balance by inserting your gift card number and PIN.

What is The IHOP Gift Card Balance Check Phone Number?

The IHOP Gift card balance check number is (855) 316-7063.

How To Check IHOP Gift Card Balance At Store?

Ask the cashier to check the remaining balance at the store where they will scan it or manually input the card number and PIN to see the balance.

How To Check IHOP Gift Card Balance Via Customer Care?

Let the customer care representative know your gift card number and PIN so they can check their system to see how much balance you have remaining.

Can I Use My IHOP Gift Card Online?

Yes, you can.

How Do I Use IHOP Gift Card?

Select “Gift Card” as the method of payment and input the card details to use your IHOP Gift card. If in-store, give the gift card to the cashier at checkout.

Does IHOP Gift Cards Expire?

No, IHOP Gift cards do not expire.

How To Redeem IHOP Gift Card?

When proceeding to make the payment, select “Pay with Gift Card” where you will enter the gift card number and PIN. if in-store, the cashier will ask for either the card or the digital card so they can scan it to make the purchase.

Final Thoughts

IHOP Gift cards are the perfect purchase and best yet, you don’t even need to leave your home to purchase one or to gift one!

It makes the perfect gift for any occasion and it doesn’t even expire!

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