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How To Check McDonald’s Gift Card Balance & How To Use It

If you are thinking of buying someone a meal, a McDonald’s gift card (Arch Card) is surely a unique way to give fast food gifts to your friends and family. 

These little treats can brighten up anyone’s mood because no one can really refuse such presents.

Moreover, this way, they can buy their favorite foods without you having to select for them.

These gift cards work by adding funds to the card, which can be used anytime, anywhere.

McDonald’s gift cards are reloadable and come with no expiration dates. You can use them whenever you want at any McDonald’s restaurant, making them a very convenient gift option. 

These can be purchased in-store or online, and you can even deliver them directly to the recipient’s address.

Who doesn’t like to have a free meal now and then? So, this makes these gift cards a gesture of kindness and love! Moreover, the card recipients get additional perks and offers, too.

McDonalds Gift Card Where To Buy

McDonald’s Gift Card Where To Buy?

McDonald’s gift cards can be bought online through retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger.

01. Walmart

You can buy McDonald’s gift cards from Walmart by navigating to the official website and searching for the gift card. You’ll see multiple options ranging from 10$-150$

02. Amazon

Get a McDonald’s Arch gift card from Amazon for just 50$. Find the arch card on Amazon’s official website, add it to the cart, and then enter the address details for the card delivery.

03. Kroger

Kroger is another easy way to get your McDonald’s gift card. Go to Kroger’s official website and search for gift cards. Here, you will find the McDonald’s gift card at different prices ranging from 10$-150$.

04. McDonald’s Gift Card Shop

 You can also purchase your gift cards from McDonald’s official gift card shop. You’ll find different gift cards ranging from 10$-100$. 

McDonald’s also offers bulk gift card orders for businesses and separate orders for personal use.

How To Use McDonald’s Gift Card on App Or Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot use McDonald’s gift cards as a payment method on the app or on their official website.  

For some reason, McDonald’s has not yet made the arch cards acceptable as online payment methods. 

So, you can only use your gift card for in-restaurant purchases. However, it might have been a lot easier if these cards could also be used for paying online orders.

Maybe McDonald’s might one day make these cards useful for online purchases, too, but currently, these won’t work.

Alternatively, you can use your prepaid Visa or Mastercard for online or in-app orders. These cards can also be used as payment methods for third-party services like Door Dash.

How To Check McDonald’s Gift Card Balance?

Checking your gift card balance is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Check your card balance by navigating to the McDonald’s website (www.mcdonalds.com)
  • Click on the menu at the top left of the landing page.
  • Click on “Gift Cards”
  • Scroll down on the gift card page and click on “Check Your Balance.”
  • Now, enter the 16-digit gift number on your card and type your PIN. For the complete card number, you will have to scratch the back of your gift card to reveal all the digits.
  • After adding the details, click on “Check Balance.

You can also check the card balance by calling 1-877-458-2200 or by visiting the nearest McDonald’s restaurant.

Occasionally, the balance adjustments after a purchase might be delayed, so check your balance 10-15 minutes after your last use.

Benefits of Using McDonald’s Gift Card

McDonald’s gift card is more than just a better gift idea. You can have many benefits, even if you gift it to a friend or simply buy it for personal use.

  • The gift card is a better alternative to carrying cash with you.
  • These cards are always reloadable, so you can just keep them for backup.
  • McDonald’s gift cards can be given to those in need so they can use them whenever they run out of food. These cards are the best gift to students, always running low on budget.
  • With a gift card, you can try new items without worrying about the heavy restaurant bills These gift cards come with further deals and discounts.
  • If stolen or lost, the card can immediately be cancelled and even replaced with a new one.

What To Do if Your McDonald’s Gift Card Stolen Or Damaged?

It can be a great trouble if your McDonald’s gift card is damaged or stolen. But you can replace it by filling out the Contact Us form available on McDonalds website.

You might need to provide some documents like the purchase and activation receipts, account summary, or any picture (if your card is damaged).

Customer support will cancel your old card right away. Moreover, after reviewing your documents, they will issue a new card with the same remaining balance as your old one.

So practically, there is no loss at your end! On average, the card replacement process takes 4-6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does McDonald’s Offer Egift Cards?

Yes, McDonald’s offers gift cards in two forms: physical cards and e-gift cards.

How Do I Use My McDonald’s E Gift Card?

You can use your McDonald’s gift card to purchase items from their menu in all participating McDonald’s restaurants.
Unfortunately, these gift cards cannot be used for online purchases at this time.

Does The McDonald’s App Take McDonald’s Gift Cards?

No, currently, this option is not available. You cannot use the gift cards to pay through the McDonald’s app.  
However, you can use your credit/debit cards to pay for online and in-app orders.

Do McDonalds Gift Cards Expire?

No, these arch cards come without any expiration date. You can buy one and use it for a lifetime as it is easily reloadable.
Even the inactive cards won’t expire. You can reload and use them again anytime.

Where Can I Buy McDonald’s Gift Cards?

You can buy the McDonald’s gift card in bulk or for personal use through their gift card shop.
Alternatively, you can buy these cards from Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, etc. without any additional charges or activation fees.

Where Can I Purchase a McDonald’s Gift Card?

You can easily purchase your gift card at McDonald’s restaurants online through the McDonald’s gift card shop or from other third-party websites like Amazon, Kroger, and Walmart.

Does McDonald’s Do Physical Gift Cards?

Yes, McDonald’s offers arch cards in physical form as well as in the form of e-cards. Both types can be used to buy meals at McDonald’s restaurants.

Does Walmart Have McDonald’s Gift Cards?

Yes, you can find McDonald’s gift cards at Walmart at exciting prices ranging from 10$-150$.
You can check by visiting Walmart’s official website and searching for McDonald’s gift cards in the search tab. 

Are McDonald’s Gift Cards Good Anywhere?

You can use McDonald’s gift cards to buy food at all the participating McDonald’s restaurants. 
However, at this time, these cards cannot be used for  payment at online or in-app purchases.

Final Thoughts

McDonald’s gift cards are the best gift for anyone who loves fast food. And McDonald’s, being the most popular fast food chain, makes these gift cards more valuable and useful.

Whether you receive a gift card, gift it to a friend, or simply buy it for personal use, it is convenient in many ways.

Moreover, the additional deals and discounts are another plus point of having these gift cards.

So, whenever you are struggling to find a gift for your friends or family, consider McDonald’s arch card as the best option.

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