Top 7 Popular Asian Chain Restaurants in The USA (2024 Updated)

The US is famous for its plethora of Popular Asian Chain Restaurants. Asian Restaurants have a strong hold on the minds and hearts of the people in the US. All credit goes to its fine dining experience with a versatility of taste.

Asian Cuisine is a larger umbrella that covers Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Thai, and various other types of cuisines. With the spread of love for Asian food in the US, a large number of popular Asian restaurants have come a step ahead and started their chain all over the US.

Asian food was introduced in the US in mid 1800s. It was the time when Chinese immigrants from Canton started settling in California. Earlier, the Chinese cuisines were only relished by the Chinese community.

But, with the advent of time, it became popular with young cosmopolitans because it was considered as exotic. However, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, etc. didn’t even catch the US market until 1970.

Asian Chain Restaurants

Popular Asian Chain Restaurants

Asian food made its roots in the American market after World War II when it started catching the eye of every American. Asian food became popular due to its exotic taste and bespoke texture.

Various Asian Restaurants have become so popular in the US that they have emerged with a large presence around the US. Some of the top-notch Asian Chain Restaurants are:

01. Panda Express

Panda Express is the most popular Asian food chain in the US with 5 types of sides and 13 types of entrées. You can add these sides and entrées with appetizers, drinks, and desserts. A must-try on their menu is orange chicken and Kung Pao Chicken.

02. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Gyu-Kaku is an amazing place to relish the Japanese food around the smokeless BBQ grill table where you can grill your meal as per your taste.

It offers authentic Japanese taste with a versatile menu of salad, soup, beef, pork, seafood, and starters. You can’t miss out on trying its Prime Kalbi Short Rib and Gyu-Sushi.

03. LemonShark Poke

LemonShark Poke is an interesting place to enjoy premium fish exotically. They offer six different signature bowls and even offer the flexibility to customize your bowl.

You can also enjoy crispy chicken, sides, and drinks at this place. From its savoury list of items, you must give a shot to O.G Hawaiian Bowl and experience a premium experience.

04. Manchu Wok

Manchu Wok offers a blend of American and Canadian Chinese fast food. Manchu Wok will provide the true taste of East recipes with humungous options of chicken, beef, and pork recipes. You can enjoy 20 chicken variations, 7 beef variations, and 4 pork variations.

All this can be clubbed with tasty sides like noodles, rice, vegetables, seafood, and other options like spring rolls, egg drop soup and much more. You should never miss out on trying their Orange chicken and Shanghai Noodles.

05. Thai Express

Thai Express offers exquisite Thai cuisine experience with quick service to mesmerize your taste buds. You can get 6 appetizers, 9 shak bowls,4 curries, 2 soups, 3 General Thai, 2 fried rice, 6 stir fry, and 2 types of noodles. Make sure to taste their Pad Thai.

06. Pho Hoa

Pho Hoa is a popular Asian food chain for Vietnamese food and offers healthy food options to keep cholesterol on the lower side. It offers 3 snacks, 6 Pho dishes, 3 vermicelli dishes, and 3 rice dishes. You must try their Chicken Pho.

07. Teriyaki Madness

Teriyaki Madness offers fire-grilled fresh recipes to quench your taste buds. It offers 8 bowl meals, and 4 appetizers, with 5 sides. You can try their chicken teriyaki and yakisoba style to enjoy an amazing bundle of flavours.

What is The Largest Chinese Restaurant in The US?

Panda Express is the largest Chinese Restaurant in the US. You will get Chinese flavours with an American taste at this place. This restaurant was first opened in 1983 by Andrew Cherng to offer a premium Asian food experience to the customers.

Their menu offers 5 distinct sides and 13 entrées that include famous dishes like fried rice, brown steamed rice, orange chicken, honey walnut shrimp, grilled teriyaki chicken, and mushroom chicken to name a few.

Panda Express has spread over 2200 locations making its presence felt in every corner of the US.  

Where in The US Has The Best Asian Food?

StateAsian Chain RestaurantFamous Items
New YorkPanda ExpressOrange chicken, Kung Pao Chicken
CaliforniaManchu WokShanghai Noodles, Orange Chicken
TexasPick Up StixHouse Special Chicken, Mongolian Steak
IllinoisBD’s Mongolian GrillBangkok Chicken, Shanghai Drunken Noodles
OhioMark Pi’sHot Pepper Wok, Pad Thai
WashingtonDin Tai FungXiao Long Bao, Kurobuta Pork Xiao Long Bao
MarylandLao Sze ChuanChef’s Special Dry Chilli Chicken, Mapo Tofu

Is Japanese Food Popular in The US?

Japanese food is popular in the US and hold a special place because the Japanese chef brought their recipes with them when they migrated to the US. Earlier, Japanese food was sold in the US with the American taste.

But, with time Japanese culture became prominent in the country with immigrants and gave wings to the flourishing restaurants serving authentic Japanese food. Some of the major reasons behind the popularity of Japanese food are its uniqueness, wholesome taste, and affordability.

Is Korean Food Popular in America?

Korean food has got the popularity in America sometime back. Earlier, only other Asian foods like Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai were popular among Americans. But, when Americans started trying Korean street food, they developed an urge to discover more bounties of Korean cuisine.

This led to its popularity in the US. Moreover, Korean restaurants even allow customers to cook their food and order till they are full. This unique concept made Americans fall for Korean food.

Why Do Americans Love Chinese Food?

Americans love Chinese food because they can get a variety of options in Chinese restaurants. Moreover, Chinese food is considered exotic which makes it one of the most popular cuisines for Americans.

Apart from that, in earlier times, chefs modified authentic Chinese dishes with some American blends that could satisfy the taste buds of Americans which showed their acceptance towards Chinese food.

Since then, Chinese food has evolved and now many popular places in the US serve authentic Chinese food that is loved by all.


Who Popularized Chinese Food in US?

Joyce Chen is an immigrant chef who popularized Chinese food among the US audience. She blended her taste with authentic Chinese food to make a new style that interested Americans towards Chinese food.

What City in The US Has The Best Korean Food?

You can find mouth-watering Korean food in Los Angeles with an abundance of eateries selling authentic Korean food.

Which US City Has Best Japanese Food?

New York City offers the best Japanese food in the United States. There are overall 23000 Japanese restaurants in the United States making Japanese food an integral cuisine variety in the country.

What is America’s Favourite Chinese Dish?

General Tso Chicken is the most popular Chinese dish among the Americans. Apart from that, there are various other Chinese dishes like them like fried rice, orange chicken, and much more.

Where is Chinese Food Most Popular in The US?

Chinese food is primarily a main focus for the entire US. But, it has a separate fan base in New York City making it the most popular city for serving the best Chinese food.

Are There Many Indian Restaurants in America?

Yes, there are various Indian restaurants in America. They are popular due to their savoury taste, flavorful ingredients, and aromatic fragrance.

Final Thoughts

Popular Asian Chain Restaurants have flourished a lot in the entire US. They offer a range of cuisines that can activate your taste buds. If you have yet to try any of the Asian cuisines, start with one at a time and see how flavoursome it can turn out to be.

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