Popular 8 Zaxby’s Wing Sauces With Flavors

Zaxby’s wing sauces have taken the entire food-relishing experience to the next level. The Zaxby sauces were introduced in 1990 by childhood friends duo.

These sauces were introduced to taste chicken wings to an ultimate level.

Besides that, they were only committed to serving top-notch food quality that attracted a lot of customers to their phenomenal sauce taste.

Zaxby’s wing sauces vary according to the hotness level. If you are someone who wants mild hotness and spice then you can go ahead with the Teriyaki, BBQ, or Wimpy flavours.

But, if you are someone who wants to blow up your taste buds with hotness and spice then you can’t miss out on their Nuclear, Tongue Torch, and Buffalo Garlic Blaze flavours.

These bunch of sauces will elevate your wing’s experience and you can delve into a whole new world of spice and flavours.

If you are not yet familiar with the amazing Zaxby’s wings sauces then you have just landed on the apt page to explore every detail about them.

Does Zaxby’s Have a Signature Sauce?

Does Zaxby’s Have a Signature Sauce?

Zaxby’s have a famous signature sauce that is named Zax sauce.

Since the inception of Zaxby’s, this place has been primarily known for two things, one is its impeccable quality of chicken and the other one is Zax sauce.

There is no single person who knows the secret recipe of this sauce from scratch till the end. Zax sauce is a great balance of ketchup, mayo, vinegar, and a bunch of spices.

Zaxby’s Sauce Flavors

There are four different Zaxby’s sauce flavours that are served as dips to give the right hint of taste with the wings, sandwiches, or zalads.

The flavours include Spicy Zax sauce, Zax sauce, Ranch sauce, and Honey mustard. These sauces can be paired with any side that you want to have and will ultimately enhance the taste.

 Among these flavours, Zax sauce is the signature sauce at Zaxby’s that you will not be able to find anywhere else and its taste will be unbeatable.

The calorie count of the sauce flavours will be measured according to each sauce cup served and honey mustard has the least calorie count i.e. 130 Cal.

Garlic Aioli $0.25
Tongue Torch20$0.25
Spicy Zax Sauce170$0.25
Zax Sauce180$0.25
Honey Mustard130$0.25
Sweet & Spicy140$0.25
Hot Honey Mustard180$0.25
Buffalo Garlic Blaze120$0.25

What is Spicy Zax Sauce Made of?

Spicy Zax sauce is made with a mixture of different quantities of vinegar, mayo, ketchup and Worcestershire combined with some spices.

It is a spicier version of the original Zax sauce and comes with a sweet and tangy taste that makes it just the true blend to relish.

This is a perfect dip flavour if you want to enjoy the Zax sauce but in a more spicy form.

Zaxby’s Wing Sauces List

There are eight different types of Zaxby’s wings sauces that one can try with their wings and see the level of spice that blends best with their taste buds.

01. Nuclear

It is the hottest wing sauce on Zaxby’s menu. If you are fond of mouth-watering heat flavors then this is just the sauce for you. It will give you some serious flavour fallout while enjoying the wings.

02. Tongue Torch

This is one of the most popular sauces at Zaxby’s. It comes with a succulent flavour that will give you a kick with every bite that you take.

If you want to feel the jitters while having wings, this is just the perfect sauce for your needs.

03. Buffalo Garlic Blaze

It is a classic buffalo sauce with a hint of prominent garlic flavours. This makes it just the apt sauce for your spice and hot needs while consuming chicken.

04. Hot Honey Mustard

This sauce is a true blend of honey and mustard flavours. It gives the required amount of sweetness and hotness to the sauce which makes it a great choice for all the wings lovers.

05. Sweet & Spicy

This sauce is combined in a perfect ratio of zing and zip of equal parts to give the required taste.

It has great blends of spicy ginger, sweet citrus, and a bit of red chilli pepper to have a mesmerizing and astonishing pool of flavours.

06. Wimpy

If you like the mildness of the flavors then this is just the apt sauce for your needs. It will melt the chicken in your mouth with its savoury taste which makes the perfect sauce for your dish.

07. BBQ

It is a completely flavoured sauce that comes with smokey and hickory flavours. It comes with mild hotness to give you the right amount of spice and flavours to relish your chicken wings.

08. Teriyaki

If you like to add a sweet and tangy taste to your chicken wings then without any dilemma, go for Teriyaki sauce.

It will give you a perfect blend of flavours with the required amount of sweetness to offer a mouth-watering taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Zaxby’s Sauces For Wings?

There are eight versatile sets of Zaxby sauces for wings that include Nuclear, Tonge Torch, Buffalo Garlic Blaze, Hot Honey Mustard, Sweet & Spicy, Wimpy, BBQ, and Teriyaki.
All these sauces can be paired with the wings to go a great trip of taste for the chicken wings.

How Many Dipping Sauces Does Zaxby’s Have?

Zaxby’s have four different dipping sauces including their signature Spicy Zax sauce, Ranch sauce, Zax sauce, and Honey Mustard.
Whether you go with a meal, sandwich, salad, or side, you can always give a try to one of these dips and elevate the complete taste of your food.

Is Zaxby’s Tongue Torch Sauce Spicy?

Yes, Zaxby’s tongue torch sauce is spicy as it has hot flavours and a lot of spices.
In addition to that, it is also one of the top-rated and popular sauces at Zaxby’s which makes it the best choice for the customers.

What Does Zaxby’s Sauce Taste Like?

Zaxby’s sauce comes with a spicy and creamy texture that gives it a really good taste when paired with chicken wings or other sides.

What is Original Sauce At Zaxbys?

Zax sauce is the original sauce at Zaxby’s which has a secret recipe and is the heart and soul of Zaxby’s.

Does Zaxby’s Have Spicy Zax Sauce?

Yes, Zaxby’s do serve their customers with spicy Zax sauce as one of the dip options on their menu.

Final Thoughts

Zaxby’s wing sauces play a major role in elevating the wing’s taste to a new level.

From the bold and tangy Kickin’ Teriyaki to the fiery heat of Insane, each sauce has a unique personality that caters to diverse taste preferences.

If you are still not sure how much hot and spice you can handle with Zaxby’s Wing sauce, you can try their mild flavours and then go to the hottest ones.

These sauces will make your chicken taste finger-licking good and flavorful.

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