What is Cava Restaurant & What They Serve?

Thinking of visiting a fascinating restaurant soon? Then you should plan to visit Cava restaurant. You are sure to get the best from their ingredients, ambiance, customer relations, and treatment.

At Cava restaurant, you will find nine types of bowls, six types of pitas, drinks, and desserts to satisfy your craving.

Their menu includes Balsamic Date Chicken Bowl, Sweet + Spicy Chicken pita, and many more. You get the option of building your own salad bowl and pita as well.

Three friends of Greek origin founded Cava restaurant; Ted Xenohristos, Dimitri Moshovitis, and Ike Grigoropoulos, in Rockville, Maryland. The first official Cava restaurant opened in 2011 in Bethesda, Maryland.


Why is Cava Restaurant so Popular?

Wonder why Cava Restaurant is so popular? The answer to that question isn’t so far-fetched. At Cava Restaurant, they are in business to do much more than make a profit.

This fact is evident in their generosity to the community, team members, and guests.

Cava fosters community spirit by building unity and stronger bonds through food. They always go for fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Interestingly, they’re reworking towards using only antibiotic-free proteins. Overall, the priority is building long-lasting and valuable connections with suppliers, employees, and team members.

What is Cava Restaurant?

Cava’s restaurant menu is inspired by Mediterranean roots, where meals are equated to connection. They bring people together, regardless of the diversity.

Cava restaurant menu entails Mediterranean and Greek dishes served to accommodate the American palate. All ingredients used in this place are always fresh and well-cultivated.

Their chefs are conscious of the liveliness and valour they emit to customers and represent cheerfulness and pleasure well. Their meals are for people who see food as something more than a quench of hunger.

They strive to provide maximum satisfaction at an affordable price. This place caters to both dine-in and take-out, ensuring that all customers are satisfied.

What is Cava Restaurant Menu?

Cava is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant known for its fresh, tasty dishes. Some of their signature menu items include:

01. Harissa Avocado Bowl

This flavourful and satisfying bowl is made with a hot harissa vinaigrette harissa-honey chicken, hummus, avocado, corn, rice, SuperGreens, and Crazy Feta.

02. Balsamic Date Chicken

A light dish with grilled chicken, corn, red pepper, eggplant dip, spinach, hummus, brown rice, and a balsamic date vinaigrette.

03. Market Spice Bowl

A vegetarian option with spicy falafel, hummus, pickled onions, tzatziki, fiery broccoli, romaine lettuce, rice, skhug, and a garlic dressing.

We have highlighted only a few of the delicious items from the Cava restaurant menu. The table below shows more information about their dishes.

Menu ItemsDescription
Tahini CaeserA delicious mix of chicken, hummus, onion,
tahini Caesar dressing, feta, and other healthy ingredients
Greens + Grains BowlPick your preferred grains and greens
to build a healthy and tasty bowl
Grain BowlChoose your best grain bowl base to enjoy
Salad BowlBuild a healthy bowl of fresh greens of your choice
Sweet + Spicy chickenHarrison honey chicken with balsamic date
vinaigrette alongside other delicious ingredients
Crispy FelafelA delicious combination of falafel, hummus roasted eggplant,
age slaw, pickle, tomatoes, onion, garlic dressing, skhug
Spicy chicken + AvocadoIncludes; Harissa honey chicken, hummus,
avocado, crazy feta, pickles,
corn, pickled onion, hot harissa vinaigrette
Spicy lamb meatballsConsist of grilled chicken, hummus, tomatoes,
onion, olives, and more healthy ingredients
Greek ChickenConsists of grilled chicken, hummus, tomatoes,
onion, olives, and more healthy ingredients
Kid’s PitaA mini version of our build-your-own pita,
with a side of carrot sticks or pita chips
Pita chipsDeliciously made to be Crispy outside
and soft inside for big dippings
SidesDelicious sides such as; side hummus, crazy feta,
pita, harissa, red pepper hummus, and more

What Type of Restaurant is Cava?

Cava Restaurant is a Mediterranean restaurant chain. The ambiance and overall feel at Cava are regal. Customers get to participate in the cinematic display of service as they choose from a variety.

Also, Customers are given top-notch treatment, which leaves them aesthetically pleased sure to experience exquisite decorations and set-up. The restaurant’s ambiance is one to die for as it exports you into fantasy land.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Culture is Cava?

Cava follows the Mediterranean culture which keeps food at the centre of culture and connection.

How Would You Describe Cava Restaurant?

Cava restaurant is a fast-casual chain restaurant of Mediterranean origin.

Is Cava Owned By Mcdonald’s?

Not at all. Cava is owned by the Cava group.

Is Cava The Same As Chipotle?

Not exactly. However, they are both fast-chain restaurants.

Are Cava Bowls Healthy?

Absolutely! Cava bowls are made with fresh ingredients, which leaves no doubt about their quality.

Who is The Owner of Cava Restaurant?

Cava restaurant is owned by Cava Group, a publicly traded company.

Final Thoughts

Cava restaurant is not just about the taste of their meals but the wholesome experience they give. Their doors are open to everyone to have a feel of their distinct culture and hospitality.

What are you waiting for? Visit a Cava restaurant near you today and experience splendour at its finest!

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