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Does Texas Roadhouse Take Apple Pay? YES

Let’s clear up your thoughts once and for all: the popular American steakhouse chain, Texas Roadhouse, does take the contactless payment method Apple Pay, and you can pay with it for your much-craved grilled steak.

This option allows all Texas Roadhouse fans to pay for their meal quickly, safely, easily, and conveniently.

Additionally, more and more people are choosing Apple Pay because we live in a time when people are concerned about the safety of their payments.

This article will explore whether Texas Steakhouse takes Apple Pay as a payment method, how to do it, and more. Keep reading if you want to know more about the topic!

Interesting Note You Didn’t Know: Texas Roadhouse customers who pay using Apple Pay are much appreciated because a small portion of that payment goes towards fighting AIDS in Africa.

What Form of Payment Does Texas Roadhouse Accept

What Form of Payment Does Texas Roadhouse Accept?

Texas Roadhouse accepts several payment options. These payment options include paying with cash or credit and sometimes debit cards.

All the popular credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). In addition, they accept Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment forms, and you can pay with them using the Texas Roadhouse app.

Also important is that Texas Roadhouse allows you to pay for your meal with their gift cards. You can buy those cards online or in-store.

Remember that some Texas Roadhouses may have slightly different payment policies, so it’s best to check with that particular location you want to visit.


Does Texas Roadhouse Accept Apple Pay For Instacart?

The short answer is no, it doesn’t. Texas Roadhouse does not accept Apple Pay for Instacart.

Texas Roadhouse is a restaurant service and does not offer delivery or grocery service platforms like Instacart.

However, Texas Roadhouse might partner with Instacart and take Apple Pay as a payment option.

How To Use Apple Pay At Texas Roadhouse?

Important Note: Always check if the Texas Roadhouse at your location accepts Apple Pay; not all accept it, and their payment policies may vary.

If they accept, Texas Roadhouse fans can use this payment form to buy their meal in just a few simple steps.

Also, for those new to using Apple Pay, you must first activate it on your iPhone. Here are the steps to do so;

  1. On your iPhone, open the Wallet app.
  2. Press/Tap the plus sign to add a card.
  3. Scan your card and follow the instructions as prompted.

You will see the blue checkmark sign if the activation was successful.

Here are the steps to pay with your activated Apple Pay at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

Step 1

Place your credit or debit card information in Apple Pay, which can also be done in the Wallet app.

Step 2

Make your order and let the server at Texas Roadhouse know that you intend to pay with Apple Pay.

Step 3

Launch the Wallet app and choose the card you want to use for your payment.

Step 4

Place your phone over the card reader your server will show you at the checkout.

Step 5

Your phone will prompt you to authorize that payment through Touch ID or Face ID.

Step 6

Authorize the payment by confirming it, and you will be notified that the payment was completed/successful.

Using Apple Pay At Texas Roadhouse With Apple Watch

You can pay for your Texas Roadhouse purchase using your Apple Watch.

If you are a first-time user using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, to clear your confusion, here are all the steps you should take to make a successful payment with it at Texas Roadhouse.

Reminder: Before placing your order, check with your server whether Texas Roadhouse restaurant accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

Before we start with the steps, ensure you have added your card data to the Wallet app on your iPhone.

Step 1

Make your order and inform your server that you want to make payment with Apple Pay.

Step 2

On your Apple Watch, double-press the side button (this will activate the Apple Pay option on your watch).

Step 3

Once Apple Pay appears on your watch screen, choose the card you want to pay with.

Step 4

Place your Apple Watch over or close the contactless card reader at checkout.

Step 5

Wait till the contactless reader detects your Apple Watch (it should notify you by vibrating and beeping that there has been a successful payment).

How To Pay With Apple Pay on The Texas Roadhouse App?

Loyal Texas Roadhouse customers usually have the brand’s app and can pay for their meals with Apple Pay.

Once you’ve placed your order on the app, go to your card at checkout to pay > Select the Apple Pay payment option and follow the instructions as prompted (you should be prompted with your Face ID or enter your passcode).

If the payment is successful, you will be notified about it.

Does Texas Roadhouse Drive Thru accept Apple Pay?

Texas Roadhouse does not have actual drive-thrus; however, they have a car-side pick-up service for online ordering, which is the curbside to-go service.

The curbside go-to service offers customers take-out and to-go orders, so if you don’t want to wait long at Texas Roadhouse and get a meal there, this is probably one of the best options for picking up your meal.

And yes, the car-side pick-up service at Texas Roadhouse accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

You can order through the Texas Roadhouse app, where you can see Apple Pay as an accepted payment option.

What Are The Benefits of Using Apple Pay At Texas Roadhouse?

There are many benefits and advantages of using Apple Pay at Texas Roadhouse. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • There is no need of carrying credit/debit cards or cash. Apple Pay (compatible with iPhones only) allows customers to pay easily by tapping on their iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • The payment is safe and secured –  With Apple Pay, payments and card details are private.
  • The payment option is very user-friendly. There is no need to worry about whether your credit card is working or even spending time counting your cash; you only pay with the Apple Pay app.
  • You can get rewards. Those using Apple Pay might get rewards or points, redeem them later, and purchase some of their products.

Final Thoughts

You can be sure that Texas Roadhouse uses Apple Pay as a payment method.

Even though most, if not all, Texas Roadhouse restaurants accept Apple Pay, it is always a good idea to double-check and ask for sure if they admit it or not; some specific Texas Roadhouse locations might not accept it.

Once you’ve decided what to eat, tell your server that you want to pay with Apple Pay and proceed with the abovementioned steps.

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