Does KFC Take Google Pay?

Giving into that KFC craving is a treat not only for the taste buds but is simpler than ever since the digitalization of money.

One of the most popular and widely used methods of paying nowadays is Google Pay. There are very few fast food chains or stores that do not accept Google Pay.

KFC has also adopted Google Pay as one of its preferred payment methods along with other contactless methods. KFC has not shed away from embracing modern payment technologies.

Their whole aim is to ensure that their customer’s experience is as hassle-free and seamless as possible, especially when it comes to the more complicated bills.

Other payment methods that KFC has adopted include a whole range of digital wallets like Google Pay.

Whether you prefer to pay with your smartphone or any other digital payment method, you can be sure that KFC makes every transaction as enjoyable and satisfying as the first bite of your favorite chicken treat.

Can You Pay With Google Pay At KFC?

You can easily use the Google Pay app to pay for any meal at the vast majority of KFC restaurants.

In fact, using Google Pay may be the easiest payment method to use when you just want to get your food as quickly as possible and enjoy that fried chicken goodness.

Does KFC Take Google Pay? 

Google Pay can be used as a valid and effective method of payment in pretty much every KFC restaurant.

There are even a few benefits to using Google Pay as a payment method compared to more traditional methods:

Contactless – Being a contactless payment method means that Google Pay is much more hygienic than cash.

Convenience – What could be more convenient than pulling out your smart device and having technology figure out the rest?

Another benefit of using Google Pay is just how simple it is to use. If you are new to Google Pay then follow these easy steps:

  1. Install – Go onto the app store or Google Play Store and download the Google Pay app.
  2. Set Up -Take some time setting up Google Pay on your device with the right payment information.
  3. Order – Decide which KFC food you would like to order.
  4. Choose Google Pay – When prompted by the cashier for payment, tell them you would like to use Google Pay.
  5. Authenticate – You may need to use your fingerprint on your smart device or your PIN number to authenticate the payment before it is complete.
How To Use Google Pay At KFC

How To Use Google Pay At KFC?

Using Google Pay at KFC is as easy as using it anywhere else. Here is how:

  1. Set Up – Download the Google Pay app onto your smart device. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app.
  2. Turn On NFC – The NFC feature (aka near field communications feature) needs to be turned on for Google Pay to work at KFC.
  3. Make An Order – Order whatever you want at your local KFC.
  4. Choose Payment Method – When prompted, inform the cashier that you want to pay with Google Pay.
  5. Unlock Device – To enable Google Pay, you will first need to unlock your smart device.
  6. Pay – Open the Google Pay app and then select your payment method. Hold your smart device near the payment terminal to pay.
  7. Authenticate – You may need to input your card’s PIN into the payment terminal or supply Google Pay with your fingerprint to authenticate the payment.
  8. Confirmation – Once everything has been authenticated, the payment terminal and your smart device will let you know.

How To Pay At KFC Using Google Pay on Android Watch?

Paying at KFC using Google Pay on your Android watch is just as easy as using the app on any other device:

  1. Set Up – You will need to download the Google Pay app on your smartphone and Android watch to set up the app.
  2. Select Payment – Once downloaded, follow the in-app instructions to connect a payment method.
  3. Connect – Use the app to sync both your Android watch and your smartphone’s Google Pay.
  4. Choose Google Pay – When you have ordered your food and need to pay, be sure to select the Google Pay option.
  5. Tap The Terminal – Open up the app and select your payment method. Then tap your watch on the payment terminal.
  6. Authenticate – Use your Android watch unlock pattern or your card’s PIN to authenticate the payment if prompted.
  7. Confirmation – Wait for both your Android watch and the payment terminal to tell you that your payment has been completed.

Does KFC Accept Google Wallet?  

Google Wallet is a digital wallet app that is similar to Google Pay. It is more advanced and can store not only payment cards but also loyalty cards, tickets, and gift cards.

If a KFC outlet accepts Google Pay, it should also accept Google Wallet as a valid payment option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KFC Take Phone Pay?

KFC will accept a whole range of payment methods, even those that are done via a smartphone.
This includes Phone Pay. The aim is to make all payment transactions at any KFC store swift and efficient.

Does KFC Accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, KFC does not accept PayPal in their stores. It is one of the few payment methods that the restaurant doesn’t accept.
However, this could change in the future as digital payments become more accessible.

Does KFC Take Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a widely accepted payment method at KFC outlets.
You can use Samsung Pay to make payments at most KFC stores without any hassle.

What Stores Accept Google Pay?

As far as contactless, smart payment methods go, Google Pay is one of the most widely used in stores.
Rarely will a store accepting contactless payments not accept Google Pay. 

Is it Safe To Use Gpay?

Google Pay (or GPay) uses advanced security measures such as encryption and tokenization.
This safeguards information makes Google Pay safe to use, limiting the risk of fraud or theft.

What is The Limit of GPay?

There is no explicit limit to Google Pay or GPay.
The limit is determined by the policies of the payment service (what the store uses to accept payments) and the user’s bank.
Users can find out the personal limit of their Google Pay by checking their bank account information. 

Final Thoughts

KFC has understood the importance of adapting to digitalized payment methods in light of this new digital age.

The fast food chain’s acceptance of Google Pay only helps to make the customer’s dining and paying experience that much easier, ensuring that enjoying the world-famous fried chicken is not only delicious but hassle-free.

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