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Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay? YES, They Take

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, convenience is key, especially when it comes to satisfying those chicken cravings.

Wondering if Popeyes, the beloved haven for crispy chicken enthusiasts, accepts Apple Pay? Well, you need not worry anymore, Popeyes does Apple Pay as of 2019.

The company realized the convenience of Apple Pay for iOS users who prefer not to carry around a wallet.

Introducing Apple Pay has made things easier for iOS users and has also sped up the payment process significantly. This keeps queues short.

Introducing Apple Pay not only allows you to pay from your iPhone, but it also gives you the option of paying through your Apple Watch, with just a quick tap motion.

Apple Pay is not only known for the ease it brings in one’s day-to-day transactions, but it is also known for being very secure as your financial information has an extra security layer protecting it.

Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay in Drive Thru

Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay in Drive Thru?

Many have the question of whether Popeyes takes Apple Pay in their Drive-thru. The simple answer to that is yes, Popeyes accepts payments via Apple Pay in their Drive Thru.

The company understands the necessity of fast payment methods and solved the issue by introducing Apple Pay in 2019.

The employees simply bring out their payment reader and have the customer tap their device, whether it is an iPhone or an Apple Watch straight from their car.

There is no need to exit your vehicle at all. This has significantly improved the waiting time in Popeyes drive-thru’s as you must know, Popeyes is quite popular.

Instead of long lines at the Drive-thru, a quick scan for payment has notably sped things up.

Why Should You Use Apple Pay At Popeyes?

There are many reasons to use Apple Pay at Popeyes. Primarily, it is used for swift and easy transactions. The quicker you complete your payment, the less time those behind you in line will have to wait.

Another reason to use Apple Pay at Popeyes is security reasons. Carrying around a debit or credit card or even cash is always risky.

You never know when you’ll lose your wallet either accidentally or misplace your credit card/debit card. Apple Pay comes with great security measures for its users and ensures safety.

Your card number is not shared with anyone, not even the person scanning your transaction, and no information is stored on anyone else’s device, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Lastly, not having to carry around a wallet for cash or credit/debit cards is one less thing needed to walk around with.

It’s easier to just whip out your phone or your wrist if using an Apple Watch, and tap away!

How To Use Apple Pay At Popeyes

How To Use Apple Pay At Popeyes?

Set up your Apple Pay account on your phone before attempting to use Apple Pay. Once your account is created and verified, here are the steps on how to use Apple Pay at Popeyes!

Step 1

Once you have unlocked your iPhone, hold your iPhone right in front of the payment reader at the counter. Both devices do not need to touch whatsoever.

Step 2

You will hear a “ding” alert or sound from your iPhone, alerting you about the successful payment you have made.

A small green box will appear on the payment reader as well, letting you know your payment went through.

Step 3

A small pop-up notification will appear on your iPhone. You will then click “Done”, confirming the purchase you have made. You’re all done! In a matter of seconds, you’ll be free to enjoy your meal!

Popeyes Apple Pay Using Apple Watch

  Just as you would with an iPhone, you can use Apple Pay using your Apple Watch as well! It is as simple as three steps:

Step 1

Firstly, unlock your Apple Watch and then scan it over the payment reader. Remember, both devices do not have to physically touch one another.

Step 2

Once the words “Done” appear on the screen of your Apple watch, it shows that the payment or transaction has followed through and your meal has been paid for!

It will appear on the screen of the payment reader as well.

Step 3

Click “OK” and your payment has cleared and you can now enjoy your meal.

How To Pay With Apple Pay on The Popeyes App?

As you must know, Popeyes has its own App too! You can order your meal for delivery through their app as well, for ease.

To make the process even easier, Popeyes has introduced Apple Pay in their App as well.

All you need to do is change your method of payment to “Apple Pay” and fill in the required information such as contact details and the address the meal is to be delivered.

You will then be asked to confirm your payment and recheck the items you wish to place an order of.

Once that is done, all you’re left with is a scanner you need to activate by either using Face ID or Touch ID. Transaction will be made and the order will be placed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Popeyes Chicken Have An App?

Yes, Popeyes does have an app. It is specifically made for the ease of placing an online order so you do not have to wait in line for an unnecessary amount of time.

Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Wendy’s does accept Apple Pay. Wendy’s offers payments through Apple Pay, both online and in the restaurant.
Apple Pay payments are offered in Wendy’s drive-thru as well.

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted for both online deliveries and in-store orders at Sonic, as well as in their Drive Thru.

Does KFC Take Apple Pay?

Yes, KFC does accept Apple Pay for online orders, in-store orders, and in their drive-thru as well.

What Restaurants Take Apple Pay?

Some famous restaurants that accept Apple Pay are, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, Chili’s, Applebee’s, Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild Wing, and even Outback Steakhouse.
There are several other restaurants, both fast food and high-end fancy restaurants, that offer Apple Pay as a form of payment.

Final Thoughts

Paying through Apple Pay is no doubt a very convenient and quicker form of payment, much more accessible to a majority of customers.

Popeyes has taken the perfect step in gaining sales and reducing the need to wait in queues, by introducing Apple Pay transactions.

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