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Does Pizza Hut Take Apple Pay?

Are you curious about “Does Pizza Hut Take Apple Pay”? So, Yes! Pizza Hut now takes Apple Pay on not only all of its in-store orders but also on online orders.

All those Pizza Hut locations that take Apple Pay, actually bring greater convenience for their customers along with a delightful experience.

The Pizza Hut branches that don’t take Apple Pay are very few as most of them accept it.

Not only on the in-store orders, but Pizza Hut also supports customers to use Apple Pay on online orders, app orders, drive-thru orders, and all delivery orders.

It removes the need to carry cash or cards with you all the time. Instead, you can conveniently and easily make a secure payment via Apple Pay without sharing your financial information e.g. credit or debit card details.

So, take benefit of this opportunity and feel free to use Apple Pay on your next orders at Pizza Hut.

Does Pizza Hut Take Apple Pay in Store

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Does Pizza Hut Take Apple Pay in Store?

For all those who have a query, if Pizza Hut is compatible with Apple Pay in their store, Yes, they do.

Pizza Hut takes Apple Pay in-store as it is one of the most convenient, secure, and faster payment methods for customers.

In most of the Pizza Hut locations, you can buy their pizzas or anything else from their menu by using Apple Pay as a payment method.

Whenever you go to any Pizza Hut Store, must ask the salesperson at the counter if this location accepts Apple Pay or not.

This is important because there are a few branches that still don’t accept it but the majority do. So, proceed with the Apple Pay payment if your chosen location takes it.

Does Pizza Hut Accept Apple Pay?

The answer to this much-asked question is, “Yes”! Pizza Hut accepts Apple Pay to bring more ease for its customers at a large number of its stores.

Only a few Pizza Hut stores at specific locations may not accept this mode of digital wallet payments but others do accept it.

All Pizza Hut stores that take Apply Pay, and you can use any of your Apple devices for payment such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, etc.

Along with allowing you to use different devices, Pizza Hut gives you more convenience by accepting Apple Pay in stores, drive-thru, and also in the app.

The payment process using Apple Pay is the simplest, easiest, and fastest. While placing an online order from the app, you only need to click on Apple Pay as a payment method and that’s it.

While ordering in-store, bring your device near the contactless reader at the payment counter and verify the Apple Pay payment.

What Are The Benefits of Using Apple Pay At Pizza Hut

How To Pay Using Apple Pay At Pizza Hut?

Do you want to learn how to make payments using Apple Pay for your Pizza Hut order? If yes, let’s follow the steps below.

Step 1: Activate Apple Pay on Your Device

Before you start using Apple Pay at Pizza Hut or any other store, activate Apple Pay on your Apple-supported device.

Download the Wallet App from the App Store and add your card there by clicking on the “+” button. Follow the instructions and verify your card.

Step 2: Visit The Nearest Pizza Hut Location For Order

Visit your nearest Pizza Hut location and place your order at the counter. Ask the salesman if they are taking Apple Pay payments. If yes, ask him to proceed with Apply Pay.

Step 3: Make Payment

Bring and hold your card on the card reader and authenticate your payment via Face ID or Touch ID.

Step 4: Get The Receipt

If the payment is successful, you will get the receipt and they will start preparing your order.

Step 5: Sit Back And Enjoy Your Order

Sit back and wait for a few minutes. The Pizza Hut team will prepare your order within minutes to serve you instantly. Enjoy it hot and cherish the moments.

What Payment Method Does Pizza Hut Online Use?

For placing orders online at Pizza Hut, there are lots of options that you can use for payment. For example, suppose that you are placing an order at Pizza Hut online or by using their app.

So, the available payment options that you will see include Credit Card Payment, Debit Card Payment, JCB, Electron, and Apple Pay.

You can also use any Visa Card or MasterCard to make payments at Pizza Hut online.

However, these payment options may be different based on your location or the location of the Pizza Hut store from where you are ordering. 

Popular Pizza Places That Accept Apple Pay

Not only Pizza Hut but there are a number of other popular pizza places that agree to take Apple Pay. For example, they include the following.

  • Papa John’s
  • Domino’s
  • CiCi’s Pizza
  • Jason’s Deli
  • Panera Bread
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Dunkin’ Donuts

Just like these, many other pizza places accept Apple Pay. However, many of them only take Apple Pay in stores but not on online orders.

How To Get a Promo For Pizza Hut Using Apple Pay?

You can create your Pizza Hut Rewards Account to enjoy discounts and promos.

Whenever you make an order or a certain account at Pizza Hut and if you use Apple Pay, you get a $5 promo coupon with a limited redemption duration.

For example, you can redeem and claim this promo if you place your next order within four days to get $5 off.

Can I Buy Pizza With Apple Pay?

Yes, you can buy a Pizza with Apple Pay. Fortunately, so many restaurants now offer Apple Pay, especially when you order in-store.

Many of them also take Apple Pay on online orders just like Pizza Hut. Not just pizzas, you can buy anything from their menus if they are taking Apple Pay payments.

What Are The Benefits of Using Apple Pay At Pizza Hut?

At Pizza Hut, there are lots of benefits of using Apple Pay:

  • It is one of the safest payment modes for customers. Their credit card or debit card number or other financial details will not be shared with any merchant or POS location while using Apple Pay.
  • It is the most convenient and fastest payment method. Customers can complete the payment for their orders within seconds using Apply Pay instead of waiting in long queues during rush hours.
  • Moreover, Apply Pay supports contactless payments. Customers don’t need to carry cash with them all the time for paying to the merchants at Pizza Hut Stores. Instead, Apple Pay allows them to enjoy cash-free payments through digital devices.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to go to Pizza Hut for your next meal, enjoy making payments through Apple Pay.

Set up your Apple Pay account on your device today and get rid of carrying cash with you all the time.

Without a doubt, Apple Pay is the best mode of payment which is the easiest, safest, and quickest.

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