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Popular 6 Wendy’s Salads Menu With Prices (Updated 2024)

Salads are great to have as main dishes or sides, which is why Wendy’s has lots of them. Wendy’s salads are very popular around the US.

Prepared freshly in the restaurant itself, Wendy’s menu consists of a variety of salads. There are mainly 3 types of salads where the flavors are different, namely, chicken-based, fruit-based, and taco-based.

Interestingly, they have 11 variations of these salads, all in all. The Apple Pecan Salad, Taco Salad, and Parmesan Caesar Salad are quite popular among other salad items.

The fruit-based one is the Apple Pecan Salad with grilled chicken, blue cheese, roasted pecans, and fruits like dried cranberries, and apple slices.

With creamy Caesar dressing, the Parmesan Caesar Salad is a classic one with grilled chicken, Italian cheeses, and crunchy Parmesan croutons mixed.

With chili, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and tortilla chips, the Taco Salad is made in southwestern style in all Wendy’s outlets.

Wendy's Salads Menu

Wendy’s Salads Menu

There are many popular items on the salad menu that have people hooked to their varieties. Below you’ll find a list of the most popular salad items of Wendy’s.

1. Parmesan Caesar Salad

This is a classic on Wendy’s salad menu. Dressed in creamy Caesar, Parmesan Caesar salad features fresh romaine lettuce, with grilled chicken, Italian cheeses, and crunchy Parmesan croutons. It’s incredibly delicious and very healthy.

2. Taco Salad

Made in southwestern-style, Taco salad is made with fresh lettuce, chili, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and tortilla chips. It comes with a crunchy texture which gives it a unique flavor.

3. Apple Pecan Salad

Known as a fruit-based salad, this popular salad item is made with fresh lettuce.

The delicious combo of  blue cheese, roasted pecans, dried cranberries, and apple slices with a dominant protein ingredient of grilled chicken really grows on you.

It’s addictive and very popular due to its sweet and fulfilling flavor combo.

4. Southwest Avocado Salad

With the constants of grilled chicken and fresh lettuce, a mix of avocado, black beans, corn is accented with tortilla strips.

Packed with the healthiest ingredients, this salad is quite popular among the crowd for its southwestern flavor.

5. Jalapeno Popper Salad

With a delicious pop of spice in its flavor, Jalapeno Popper Salad features a base of Wendy’s signature blend of lettuce, also known as spring mix.

Dressed in creamy jalapeño popper dressing, you’ll get a delicious surprise of spicy & crispy chicken breast complemented by diced tomatoes, shredded pepper jack cheese, slices of applewood smoked bacon, and jalapeños.

6. Summer Strawberry Salad

With chicken grilled to perfection, fresh lettuce and slices of fresh strawberry is added to the mix.

In addition to the given items, blueberries and feta cheese are mixed, making it a seasonal favorite for the customers. The flavor of the salad comes out as sweet with a tinge of refreshment.

To top it all with cherry, you can personalize your orders to your liking as each comes in different flavors, along with ingredients that are unique to each palate.

How Big Are Wendy's Salads?

How Big Are Wendy’s Salads?

Wendy’s salads are available in both half and full sizes. They are usually entrée-sized, meaning they’re served in large bowls which fill you up just perfectly.

Customers have the freedom to choose bowl sizes according to their appetite and preference. You can pair up a half size salad bowl with other heavier items, as they’re lighter options which can go with heavier items.

As a result, you can enjoy a fulfilling meal with your favorite flavors and quality. Moreover, Wendy’s is committed to giving you the full experience of delicious dining matching your dietary requirements with their flavorful salad selection.

 Wendy’s Salad Menu Prices

Salad NamePrice
Parmesan Caesar$6.49
Apple Pecan$6.99
Southwest Avocado$6.99
Spicy Buffalo Chicken$6.99
BBQ Ranch Chicken$6.99
Grilled Chicken Caesar$6.99
Power Mediterranean Chicken$6.99
Summer Strawberry$6.99
Jalapeno Popper$6.99
Garden Side$1.99

Wendy’s Salads Calories

The calories of Wendy’s salads are between 200 to 720 calories, but it actually depends on the type and size of the salad. Half size Taco salad contains 440 calories while the full-sized has about 660.

The full-sized Parmesan Caesar Salad has 720 calories, whereas the half size Apple Pecan salad consists of 550 calories, and its full-size one with all the toppings has around 640 calories.

Service Review of Wendy’s

There are many reviews of Wendy’s salads. Wendy’s is committed to its daily menu offerings of freshly made salad using top-notch ingredients.

Customers comment that the salads are made in the restaurant everyday, maintaining the same high-quality taste and flavor.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Wendy’s salads is the freshness and the consistent quality of the meals.

Though every pros has its cons, some patrons of Wendy’s expressed concerns about the hygiene and cleanliness of some of Wendy’s locations.

Moreover, there were also complaints about the food quality dropping in some locations.

The restaurant’s service is commonly praised as fast and efficient, along with the staffs who are deemed as helpful and cordial.

But for potential patrons, the concerns raised towards hygiene and the dropping food quality are considerably important.

Addressing these issues of the patrons will help Wendy’s maintain its reputation and enhance its popularity in addition to providing a positive dining experience for all customers.

Wendy’s Order Options

There are many convenient options for you to order from Wendy’s, like  in-store, drive-thru, home delivery, and curbside pickup.

You can even order from Wendy’s app, of which the link is given below. There are also third-party delivery services available such as UberEATS and DoorDash.

It’s pretty easy to place your orders and you can simply customize your orders as you see fit.

Order OptionsYes/Available/No/Not Available
Drive throughYes
Home deliveryYes
Curbside pickupYes

Important Links of Wendy’s

The following links will make it more convenient for you to place your orders.

Online Orderhttps://order.wendys.com/
Phone Apphttps://www.wendys.com/app

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Salads Do They Have At Wendy’s?

Prepared freshly in the restaurant itself, Wendy’s menu consists of 11 varieties of salads.
There are mainly 3 types of salads, namely, chicken based, fruit-based and taco-based which are Parmesan Caesar salad, Taco salad and Apple Pecan salad respectively.

How Much is The Caesar Salad At Wendy’s?

The Parmesan Caesar Salad at Wendy’s costs $6.49.

Is The Apple Pecan Salad From Wendy’s Healthy?

The Apple Pecan Salad from Wendy’s is a very healthy choice as it is fruit-based.
The delicious combo of blue cheese, roasted pecans, dried cranberries, and apple slices with a dominant protein ingredient of grilled chicken is very good for your body.

What Happened To Wendy’s Southwest Avocado Salad?

Wendy’s menu still has the Southwest Avocado Salad available.

How Many Calories in Wendy’s Salads?

The calories of Wendy’s salads depend on type and size and usually range from 200 to 720.

Is Wendy’s Summer Salad Healthy?

Yes. Made with fresh lettuce, grilled chicken, strawberries, blueberries, and feta cheese, the summer salad is as healthy as it can get.

Final Thoughts

Wendy’s is a very popular place for summer salads with many options for customization.

With their popular salads of Parmesan Caesar, Taco and Apple Pecan, our recommended one is the fruit-based one.

Apple Pecan Salad packs dried fruits along with freshness that will hit just the right spot for you. The flavors will have you craving more.

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