Costco Vs Sam’s Club Pizza

The long Costco Vs Sam’s Club Pizza debate is now coming to an end, as in this article, both Costco and Sam’s Pizza will be compared, bit by bit, crust by crust.

Immediately jumping in, Costco offers more, for a better price. Their pizza is 18 inches big while Sam’s is a mere 16-inch pizza.

Costco’s Pizza costs $9.95 while Sam’s Pizza costs $8.98. These are the details before getting into the tastes.

When it comes to pizza, you want it cheesier and tastier of course. Through a series of reviews and tastings, we have made a decision.

In terms of cheesiness, fluffiness of the crust, and reduced greasiness, Costco takes the win. Sam’s Pizza though not horrendous, is much more on the greasier and chewy crust side.

Which is Better Sam’s Club Or Costco?

Which is Better Sam’s Club Or Costco?

When talking about the cafe, straight off the bat, Costco is significantly better. From placing an order at the food court to the taste of the food, it has always been a more enjoyable experience as compared to Sam’s Club.

When discussing the wholesale retail stores overall, most say Sam’s Club is overall better. The membership fee for Costco is a tad bit more than that of Sam’s which may be a con for most.

The prices for items at Sam’s are also slightly lower than those at Costco. Though the two aren’t much different, these minor differences are what make the personal decision on what store is better than the other.

How Many People Can a Sam’s Club Pizza Feed?

A Sam’s Club Pizza is 16 inches big and has 6 slices in total. Sam’s Club has a variety of toppings, unlike Costco which only offers plain cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza.

A Sam’s Club pizza can feed about 5 to 6 people but you can always change the size of slices you want, making it 6 slices to 12 slices instead, so it can feed more people.

Sam’s Club has a few more options in Pizza than Costco. Sam’s Club has plain cheese pizza, pepperoni Pizza, Four Meat Pizza, and Deluxe Pizza.

How Many People Can a Sam’s Club Pizza Feed?

Costco Pizza Vs Sam’s Club Pizza

Costco PizzaSam’s Club Pizza
18 Inches in size16 Inches in size
Comes in just two flavors (Plain and Pepperoni)Costs $8.98 for the whole pizza
Comes in 4 flavors (Deluxe, Four Meat, Plain, and Pepperoni)Has a thin/crispy crust
Feeds 6 to 10 peopleFeeds 5 to 6 people
Has a fluffier crustHas a more thin/crispy crust

Costco Vs Sam’s Club Pizza

Pizza Menu and Variety

In terms of Pizza menu and variety, Sam’s Club offers more types of pizza on their menu and has a variety of toppings as well.

Costco offers only plain cheese or pepperoni pizza, while Sam’s Club offers 4 different varieties of pizza on their menu.

These include the Deluxe, Plain Cheese, Pepperoni, and the Four Meat Pizza.

The Sam’s Club deluxe pizza has onions, mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, and Italian sausage. The Sam’s Club Four meat pizza has pepperoni, Ham, Italian sausage, and bacon on it.

Taste And Flavor Profile

Taste-wise, most customers like Costco Pizza better but they do complain about the lack of topping options.

Costco Pizza has proven to be less greasy, the crust is lighter and fluffier, and the cheese is cheesier than that of Sam’s Club pizza. Sam’s Club pizza is also said to be much more chewier and lacks structure.

Pricing Structure

Price-wise, without a doubt, Costco takes the win. Costco 18″ pepperoni pizza is $9.95 and Sam’s Club 16″ pepperoni pizza is $8.98. So when compared, Costco offers more for a better price than Sam’s Club.

Costco also offers $1.99 a slice, which is bigger than the paper plates they serve the slice on and Sam’s Club single pizza slice costs $1.89.

Quality of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients isn’t too far off. Sam’s Club Pizza is cheesier but most say that the quality of cheese used at Costco is significantly better because Costco uses a mixture of three cheeses(Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Provolone).

Sam’s Club does offer a variety of toppings and various types of meat on their four-meat pizza which is quite the upgrade from Costco’s plain cheese or their pepperoni pizza.

The dough used by Costco is better than that used at Sam’s Club because Sam’s Club Pizza dough is chewy and not as fluffy as that of Costco’s.

Pizza Size and Portions

Costco Pizza is a hefty 18-inch pizza while Sam’s Club pizza is just 16 inches in total. This means Costco offers a whole 20% extra pizza at a better price.

A Sam’s Club pizza can feed probably 5 persons or maybe even 6 persons in total while Costco Pizza can feed a whole 6-10 people, depending on how you get your pizza cut.

There are 12 slices in an 18-inch Costco Pizza and 6 slices in a 16-inch Sam’s Club Pizza.

Is Costco Pizza Tasty?

Though neither Costco’s nor Sam’s Club Pizza can be compared to Papa John’s or Domino’s, that doesn’t mean the two cafe’s pizzas are horrible. Yes, Costco Pizza is tasty.

Costco pizza dough is sweet fluffy and light whereas Sam’s Club dough is more on the thinner, crispier side.

Costco may not use the best cheese out there but the mozzarella cheese used isn’t of bad quality. The cheese pull is always pretty fantastic if you ask us!

Does Sam’s Club Or Costco Make More Money?

When speaking factually, the total annual revenue Costco made in the year 2023 amounts to $242.3B, while Sam’s annual revenue for the year 2023 amounts to $84.3B.

This shows the vast difference between the two in the same year and proves to us that Costco, indeed, makes more money than Sam’s Club regardless of the fact that a Costco membership is $10 more than that of Sam’s Club.

The reason could be the variety at Costco, the prices at Costco, or simply the convenience of having more branches in various locations for easy access, Costco has proven to make almost 3 times more annual revenue than Sam’s Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costco Pizza The Same As Sam’s Club?

No, Costco Pizza is not the same as Sam’s Club Pizza. There is a noticeable difference between the sizes, tastes, and texture of the two.

Is Costco Or Sams Club Better?

Until now, Costco Pizza has been voted better than Sam’s Club Pizza.

How Big Are Sam’s Club Pizzas?

Sam’s Club Pizza is 16″ or 16 inches big.

Why is Costco Pizza So Good?

The secret to the taste of Costco Pizza is their combination of cheeses.
Costco uses Provolone, Mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese whereas Sam’s Club uses only Mozzarella Cheese.

Does Sam’s Club Make Fresh Pizza?

Yes, Sam’s Club makes fresh pizza every day though it may not always taste like it due to the texture of their dough and crust.

What is in Costco Pizza?

Costco Pizza is made up of fresh dough they have delivered from NYC every day, tomato sauce that is perfectly seasoned, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Provolone cheese, and any toppings you like that are available.

Final Thoughts

Costco pizza lives up to the hype and should be tried if you ever visit the wholesale store.

One major promise Costco has lived up to is that they will never change their prices. Their price for their pizza has remained at $9.95 since 1989.

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