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Does Costco Accept Apple Pay?

A regular member at Costco but want to know does Costco accept Apple Pay or not. Yes – Costco accepts Apple Pay.

Not only Apple Pay! But Costco also accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay in its warehouse locations.

Paying your Costco bill in Costco warehouse locations is super easy with Apple Pay. You can also pay from an Apple watch with a few taps.

However, note – Apple Pay is not accepted at Costco gas stations. Same goes with any other digital payments.

Apple Pay isn’t only a convenient option but also a need for Apple users and it’s good news that Costco accepts Apple Pay in their warehouse locations. However, the service isn’t available for their gas stations.

Does Costco Take Apple Pay?
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Does Costco Accept Apple Pay in Store?

The digital payment option is available in Costco’s warehouse locations. So yes, Costco accepts Apple Pay in-store.

However, you can also pay with Samsung Pay or Google Pay. ATM cards, debit, Costco shop cards, and cash payments are also available! Visa cards and MasterCard are available for Costco pharmacies.

But! If you are a regular Apple Pay user and prefer paying with Apple Pay, then yes. You can use Apple Pay in Costco stores.

Do note! Costco does not accept any digital payment such as Apple Pay in their Gas stations and online.

Does Costco Accept Apple Pay For Gas?

Well, Costco only accepts digital payments in their warehouses. You can use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and also Google Pay in their stores. But not in their gas locations!

Costco doesn’t accept Apple Pay for gas. But! Costco anywhere visa cards by Citi can be used. Also Costco shop cards, credit cards, and ATM cards too. 

How To Use Apple Pay at Costco?

Costco runs one of the busiest and largest warehouse clubs. They have a variety of products, groceries, electronics, and more!

Costco also offers bulk purchasing. And probably has reasonable prices compared to other retailers.

So if you are a regular customer of Costco and want to know Does Costco Accept Apple Pay. Yes, they do.

Now we know that Costco accepts Apple Pay. And Apple Pay users should use it while making a purchase at Costco because it’s comparably convenient.

Just a few simple steps and done. You can use your iPhone or Apple watch. Check out how to use Apple Pay with your iPhone at Costco with this simple process –

01. Download and Set Up Apple Pay on Your Phone

02. Make Transactions At Costco Warehouse

  1. Recheck that the Costco warehouse location accepts Apple Pay.
  2. Go to the cashier to make payments and let him know you want to use Apple Pay.
  3. Once the cashier allows you to use the card reader, hold your iPhone near the card reader. Press the touch ID sensor or look at the screen to confirm the payments.
  4. You will see a confirmation message or hear a beep on your mobile and know you are done with payments. 

Apple Pay At Costco Using Apple Watch

People who carry an Apple Watch, if you are wondering can I use an Apple Watch to pay the Costco warehouse bills? Then yes. You can pay the bills using the Apple Watch too!

Follow the steps to make a purchase at Costco using an Apple Watch –

  • Set up your Apple watch and make sure your watch has an Apple Pay set up. To set the app and make transactions, you have to add a credit or debit card.
  • Go to the cash counter and ask the cashier if they accept Apple Pay or not. If they do, the cashier will allow you the card reader.
  • Hold your Apple watch near the card reader. Make sure the display of your Apple watch is facing the card reader. Now double-click it to activate the Apple Watch.
  • Once the payment process is done, you will get a vibration or payment successful message.
  • Lastly, receive the receipt.

Different Payment Methods At Costco

Costco warehouses accept – Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. However, there are also other payment options! You can use an ATM card.

All Visa is also available. Costco shop cards, cash, traveler’s checks, Costco anywhere cards, EBT cards, and personal and business cards from current Costco members.

MasterCard is only available for pharmacies and aid departments. However, you can also use it on Costco.com online.

As in Gas stations, visa cards, ATMs, Costco anywhere visa, and shop cards can be used.

How To Pay With Apple Pay on The Costco App?

The Costco app does not support paying with Apple Pay. However, the warehouse locations accept Apple Pay.

But if you leave your membership card at home, The Costco app will allow you to easily enter and checkout.

But many customers prefer using the cards since the Costco app doesn’t serve that much convenience!

Does Costco Accept Apple Pay Mastercard?

Costco will allow Apple Pay. But Sadly – You can only use it if your Apple Pay is connected to Debit cards.

A MasterCard in Apple Pay can’t be used in Costco stores. So Costco does not accept Apple Pay MasterCard in warehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco Take Apple Pay?

Warehouse locations of Costco accept Apple Pay. But the gas locations do not.

Can I Pay With My Phone At Costco?

Digital payments are accepted at Costco stores. So yes you can use your phone to pay at Costco.
Use digital payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung App, and Costco app.

What Form of Payment Does Costco Take?

Most payments are accepted at Costco stores. Like digital payments, Shop cards, ATM cards, and more.

Does Costco Online Accept PayPal?

You can’t pay Costco bills through PayPal. It’s because Costco online and Costco stores don’t accept PayPal.

Final Thoughts

Costco payments are flexible. Digital Payments are accepted like Apple Pay. You can pay with your iPhone or any Apple device you want!

However, you can also use ATM cards, visa cards, and many more options! Sadly Apple Pay isn’t available in Gas Stations.

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