Walmart Hours 2024: What Time Does Walmart Open and Close? 

Forgot to buy weekly supplies and wondering what time does Walmart open? No worries because Walmart typically opens at 6 am and closes at 11 pm.

So, you can visit the store or order from their website or app. However, a few locations have different hours than the usual 6 am-11 pm. These handful of Walmart stores operate from 7 am to 10 pm. 

Walmart’s hours are the same on Saturday and Sunday. It’s between 6 am-11 pm or 7 am-10 pm in some locations. The company also stays open during holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. 

If you want to make purchases then you’ll need to do it on Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas. It’s the same during Thanksgiving; you must do the shopping before or after the holiday. 

What Are Walmart Open Hours in Various States For The Year 2024? 

It’s a new year once again and 2024 is here. Many things have changed but will Walmart’s hours change? According to the company’s official store locator, the hours are still the same.

You can shop at Walmart between 6 am-11 pm. Here is an example of Walmart hours in selected states across the country.

It’s to be noted that as mentioned earlier, a few stores open at 7 am and close at 10 pm. So, when you plan to shop, check the store locator on Walmart’s official site.

StatesWalmart Hours
Texas6 am – 11 pm
Alabama6am – 11 pm
Oklahoma6 am – 11 pm
Florida6 am – 11 pm
Kentucky6am – 11 pm
Tennessee6 am – 11 pm
California6 am – 11 pm
Nebraska6 am – 11 pm
West Virginia6 am – 11 pm
Indiana6 am – 11 pm

What Time Does Walmart Open?

Walmart usually opens at 6 am. We also did intensive research and learned that some locations open at 7 am.

Halifax and Methuen MA, Boca Raton FL, Dallas TX, and Chicago IL are some cities where you’ll find some Walmart stores opening at 7 am.

Since timings vary from one store to another and from one city to another, it’ll be a good idea to take the help of the store locator on Walmart’s official site.

We’ve provided step-by-step instructions in a section below so you can follow those and find out the opening hours of a Walmart store in your area.

What Time Does Walmart Close? 

After a thorough research, we learned that most Walmart stores close at 11 pm. But some specific places have different closing hours even though they open at 6 am or 7 am.

For example, a Walmart location in Halifax MA opens at 7 am and closes at 9:30 pm. Another spot in Methuen MA opens at 6 am and closes at 10 pm.

Boca Raton in Florida, Dallas in Texas, and Chicago in Illinois are some cities where a number of Walmart locations close at 10 pm. 

Walmart Weekly Hours

The following table shows the weekly operating hours of Walmart. 


Walmart Holiday Hours 

Walmart stays open during most holidays except on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

However, while closing hours are the same for other holidays, it can vary slightly on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. But it’s not uniform in all the places. 

New Year’s Eve6am-11pm
Memorial Day6am-11pm
Labor Day6am-11pm
Good Friday6am-11pm
4th of July6am-11pm
Easter6 am-11pm
Christmas eve6 am-6 pm
Black Friday6 am–11 pm
Christmas DayClosed
New Years6am-11pm

What Time Does Walmart Open Today?

Walmart’s typical opening hour is 6 am. But if you happen to be in Dallas Texas or Boca Raton, Florida, you’ll find some locations that open at 7 am. However, the close time for these places is 10 pm. 

So, if you happen to shop at spots where opening hour is 7 am, remember that they close at 10 pm and you might want to shop there before closing hours.

What Time Does Walmart Open Near Me? 

So, you learned that Walmart usually opens at 6 am in most places and 7 am in a few locations.

But if you’re wondering about Walmart hours near you then you should check the store locator on the company’s official website.

What Time Does Walmart Open in The Morning? 

Walmart opens at 6 am in the majority of its locations across the country. But there are some spots where the store opens at 7 am. Examples are locations in Boca Raton, Florida, and Dallas, Texas. 

There are a few more spots where the opening hour for Walmart is 7 am. So, when planning to shop at Walmart, you should first check at the store locator and see when a nearby store opens.

Discover Walmart Hours and Locations Using Mobile Apps Or Online 

Walmart has around 4,622 stores in the US. If you aren’t sure what time the company opens and closes in your area, you can find it out fast via online or its mobile app.

You can find out the hours by following a few simple steps as described below.

  • Step 1: Visit the Walmart official site and go to the store-finder section.
  • Step 2: Type in your area/ZIP code in the given box.
  • Step 3: Press on “Find a Store”
  • Step 4: The map will display the location of the nearby stores on the right-hand side.
  • Step 5: On the left-hand side, the page will display the address, hours, and distance of the nearest store. 
  • Step 6: Click on “Store details” to find out the opening and closing hours.
  • Step 7: Walmart offers several services so you see till when each service stays open.

How To Order Walmart Using Walmart App?

While it’s fun to shop in person at Walmart, you may not always have the time.

But you don’t have to worry too much because you can order with the Walmart app too. You can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Download and set up the Walmart app if you haven’t done it.
  • Step 2: Choose a delivery or pickup time. You can also opt for “Shipping” if you don’t need the goods immediately.
  • Step 3: Enter an item you need and search.
  • Step 4: Add all your available items to the cart.
  • Step 5: Review your items and select “Continue to checkout”
  • Step 6: if you opt for shipping then choose an address or add a new one.
  • Step 6: If you choose a time for pickup, checkout by that time to reserve your spot and place your orders.
  • Step 7: Next, select a convenient payment method, order and pay. 

If you select a pickup, one of the store’s employees will bring the items curbside or you can visit the store to pick it up yourself.

If you opt for delivery, they will bring the package on the reserved time. For shipping, Walmart will deliver the items via UPS or FedEx.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walmart Open Christmas Day 2023 USA?

No Walmart doesn’t open on Christmas Day and it didn’t in 2023 either.
But it’s open on Christmas Eve so you can make purchases on that day.

What Time Does Walmart Open on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is another holiday that Walmart remain closed.

What Time Does Black Friday Start At Walmart?

Business is as usual on Black Friday and it starts at 6 am. 

What Time Does Walmart Open Day After Christmas Near Me?

Walmart is closed on Christmas Day but the day after on 26Th, it opens as usual at 6 am in most areas and 7 am in few places.

What Time Does Walmart Open Up?

6 am is the typical starting time for Walmart in majority of places but it’s 7 am in select places.

What Time Does Walmart Open on Sunday?

If you need some items on Sunday, Walmart opens as usual at 6 am in most locations and 7 am in some spots.
So, check out with the store finder and see when it opens in your area.

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