Does Subway Open on Christmas Day? (December 2023)

What better way to sink into the Christmas comfort experience than a footlong sandwich prepared by someone else?

What better place to find said sandwich than at a Subway? Well, that craving may need to be satisfied elsewhere on Christmas Day. 

Subway tends to follow a pattern of keeping its doors open for hungry customers throughout the holiday season.

But the fast-food chain does shut shop on Christmas day to let staff enjoy their festivities.

This not only lets hardworking staff get some much-needed rest after a busy holiday season. It also lets staff return to work ready to make the best sandwiches ever. 

Does Subway Open on Christmas Day Near Me?

Every local Subway store will have its opening hours when it comes to the Christmas season.

However, all Subway stores observe the holiday itself, closing on Christmas Day. To find out a certain Subway’s seasonal opening hours, get in contact with the restaurant itself. 

Does Subway Open on Christmas Day? 

As a company-wide policy, Subway does not open on Christmas Day.

Like any fast-food restaurant chain, Subway gets super busy around Christmas time as more and more people allow themselves to give in to their cravings.

It is easy to see how staff can get tired out working the holiday season. That is why Subway shuts on Christmas day, to give staff the break that they deserve to enjoy Christmas. 

The chain does remain open through the rest of the holiday season though. That leaves plenty of time to enjoy Subway’s exclusively festive menu items, such as:

  • Pigs In Blanket Snack Pot
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding Cookie.
  • V.I. Brie SubMelt

Some of these items (e.g., the SubMelt) are new to Subway’s festive menu.

The limited-edition sticky toffee pudding cookie, however, is back by popular demand. Make sure to enjoy them while they are still available. 

Subway Christmas Hours

Subway Christmas Hours

Local Subway restaurants are run as their stores.

While there are company policies that every store follows, such as being shut on Christmas day, they mostly decide their opening schedule.

As such, contact any local Subways or check their social media to find out specific Subway Christmas hours. 

Important Links of Subway

Official Websitewww.subway.com/en-US

Find Subway on Social Media 


Final Thoughts 

For anyone wanting to satisfy that fresh sandwich craving this Christmas or anyone wanting to get their fill of Subway’s exclusive festive foods, make sure to check out any local Subway store’s opening hours to avoid disappointment.

Also, make note of Subway’s policy to shut on Christmas day and change plans accordingly. 

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