Is KFC Open on Christmas Day? (December 2023)

If you are thinking about the crispy chicken from KFC this Christmas then you might be thinking, is KFC open on Christmas Day?

Well, it depends on where you live. In the US and UK, KFC will be closed on Christmas Day. KFC has become a culture in the US.

The deep-fried and crunchy chicken is a ritual for many people.

If you want to indulge in a bucket this Christmas, you may have to explore other options. And don’t worry, KFC will open again on 26th December.

Can I Order KFC on Christmas Day?

Can I Order KFC on Christmas Day?

KFC decided to keep its branches closed this Christmas.

Their staff also deserve to enjoy the festive season with their family and close ones, so on Christmas Day, KFC will close down and use the day to rest.

Consequently, you won’t be able to order anything or get it delivered. 

Is KFC Open on Christmas Day?

KFC has become an American staple. Many people may wonder, “Is KFC open on Christmas Day?”

Unfortunately, KFC has decided to close on Christmas Day, leaving many people feeling disappointed.

But there are other options that you can choose from. You can swing past a McDonald’s and order some crispy chicken. Or you can have a look at Burger King and Starbucks.

And if you are still missing KFC’s crunch factor, don’t worry. KFC will be open on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.

KFC Christmas Hours

KFC Christmas Hours

KFC’s normal opening times are from 10:00 am until late into the evening. And Christmas Eve’s opening hours won’t be any different.

KFC can be the perfect warm-up to this festive weekend. KFC will also resume normal hours on 26th December too, so you can go and get your street-wise meal or box of chicken.

The perfect option if you don’t feel like cooking or creating more dishes after a busy Christmas Day!  

Important Links of KFC

Official Website www.kfc.com
Contact Number1-800-CALL-KFC.

There are other ways to contact KFC which you can explore here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does KFC Work on Christmas Day?

Nope, KFC does not work on Christmas Day. Rather they have decided to close down.

Who Has KFC at Christmas?

People in Japan enjoy KFC during Christmas. It has become a tradition to have KFC at Christmas in Japan.
During this time, KFC orders increase dramatically as everyone rushes to order a bucket of chicken.

Why Do Japanese Like KFC at Christmas?

When KFC released a “Kentucky for Christmas” marketing campaign, it caught people’s attention in Japan.
Ever since then, Japan has celebrated Christmas by ordering a bucket of crispy chicken.

Is KFC Open on Christmas Eve UK?

Yes, KFC is open on Christmas Eve in the UK. On Christmas Eve, KFC will be open for regular hours.

Where is it Tradition To Have KFC on Christmas Day?

In Japan having food from KFC has become a tradition on Christmas Day.

Is KFC Open on Christmas Day in New Zealand?

There will be some KFC stores open in New Zealand on Christmas Day. You can find the full list here.

Final Thoughts

In most places, KFC will be closed on Christmas Day. If you are in America or the UK, you may have to take a break from your KFC rituals and traditions.

But these opening hours don’t apply internationally. You have to look into other food chains if you are craving KFC chicken this Christmas.

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