Is Taco Bell Open on Christmas Day? (December 2023)

Any Taco Bell fan looking to make their Christmas Day extra indulgent with a festive Crunchwrap or their favorite Taco Bell burrito may need to rethink their plans.

Taco Bell tends to close its doors on Christmas day like most fast-food chains.

While this is disappointing news for Taco Bell lovers, it does give Taco Bell employees a chance to enjoy their own holiday fun.

The break allows Taco Bell employees to come back refreshed and well-rested to serve everyone’s favorite Mexican-inspired fast food.

But in the meantime, those looking to enjoy Taco Bell on Christmas day should make a backup plan. 

Is Taco Bell Open On Christmas Day UK?

Is Taco Bell Open on Christmas Day UK?

Taco Bell is closed on Christmas Day in the UK. There may be one or two Taco Bell restaurants in the UK that stay open on Christmas day for those craving fast food.

However, most restaurants will shut their doors on Christmas Eve until 26th December or later. 

Is Taco Bell Open on Christmas Day? 

Taco Bell’s Christmas Day opening hours depend on the actual location of the Taco Bell.

Some branches stay open to cater to those who don’t celebrate Christmas or are craving a Crunchwrap. Others chose to close shop entirely.

Check Taco Bell’s local Christmas Day opening hours to evade displeasure before making any Christmas plans. 

Taco Bell may not be open to serving comfort food on Christmas Day, but Taco Bell’s menu features holiday items to enjoy. Such as: 

  • Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries
  • Rolled Chicken Tacos
  • Double Berry Freeze

For those still wanting to indulge in the celebration with their own festive feast, there are sure to be other Mexican restaurants that keep their doors open on Christmas Day.

Or have a go at homemade tacos, they are not as tricky as they seem. Or there are likely to be other fast-food restaurants that still serve on Christmas day. 

Taco Bell Christmas Hours

Taco Bell Christmas Hours

Taco Bell’s Christmas hours will be different from location to location. However, each Taco Bell will likely go off of a standard company policy.

As per Taco Bell’s official website, their locations will not be operating on Christmas Day. However individual locations may still be open around Christmas.

Some Taco Bells may stay open late into Christmas Eve for those wanting to start their festive feast a little early.

Others may be shut on Christmas Eve but open bright and early on the 26th of December. Keep an eye out for any local Taco Bell announcements for specific location Christmas hours. 

Taco Bell Christmas Eve Hours Near Me

It is hard to say what the Christmas Eve hours for an individual Taco Bell will be as each restaurant will have its own seasonal schedule.

Therefore, it is best to contact any local Taco Bell restaurants directly to find out their specific Christmas Eve hours. 

Important Links of Taco Bell 

Official Websitewww.tacobell.com
Contact Number1-800-822-6235

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Final Thoughts 

To avoid unhappiness this Christmas, take a look at any local Taco Bell’s Christmas opening hours to properly enjoy the seasonal delights that the popular fast-food chain has to offer.

Make sure to have a backup plan in case you start to crave a Yuletide Quesadilla on Christmas day.

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