Is Burger King Open on Christmas Day? (December 2023)

Every day, millions of people visit Burger King because of its whopping burgers, great quality, and affordable prices.

But, can you visit this popular fast-food chain on Christmas Day? The answer is that it depends on your nearest branch.

But most probably their service will remain closed on Christmas day so that the staff gets to celebrate with their families.

We recommend checking into your local Burger King store to know more about their Christmas timings.

But there are also a lot of other reasons to visit Burger King this December, which includes its cozy Christmas menu and other items.

Does Burger King Have a Christmas Menu?

Does Burger King Have a Christmas Menu?

According to Burger King, “Tis the cheeson to be merry.” Nothing makes people happier than cheese and deals, which is why they are offering a delicious deal for every day of December.

You can go on their website to find their daily deals. You can also open up their full calendar of deals so you can plan your visit accordingly.

On Christmas day, you can get 50 Bonus Crowns. And you may even be able to visit them in-store.

Is Burger King Open on Christmas Day?

Have you wondered if Burger King opens on Christmas Day? As mentioned above, they might be closed on Christmas Day this year.

If you are wondering, then check your nearest branch’s opening times. On Christmas day, Burger King’s times will vary depending on your location.

Some will have normal hours, some branch’s hours may differ, and some may close on this special day.  Every franchise is different so it is best to phone ahead.

Burger King also has some Christmas items that you can browse. Think of yourself next to a fire, covered in some of the coziest merchandise, or with the ultimate Christmas.

They have daily deals for the entire month of December. You have to visit the local Burger King store to know more about the offers.

Some popular items from their menu include:

  • Cheesy Tots
  • Classic Melt & Bacon Melt
  • NEW Shroom n’ Swiss Melt
  • Whooper
  • Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries
Burger King Christmas Hours

Burger King Christmas Hours

Burger King will remain open for most of December with daily deals to get you in the festive mood.

Most Burger King’s will be open on Christmas Eve but their hours may vary on Christmas Day.

If you want to check, have a look at their contact details or social media, which you can find below.

Important Links of Burger King

Official Websitewww.bk.com/
Contact Supportwww.bk.com/support

Find Burger King on Social Media

Is Burger King Open on Christmas Day?

Final Thoughts

Visit your nearest Burger King this December to get some great deals. You can also have a look at their cozy merchandise that will make Christmas extra special.

Burger King wants to make this December a comforting one. They remind us that there is plenty to celebrate this ‘cheeson’ and it is also the ‘cheeson’ to give back.

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