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How To Check Target Gift Card Balance?

You can check your Target gift card balance through their official website. On the site, scroll down, and you’ll find a “check now” option under Your Target Gift Card balance.

Then, just put in your card details, and you’ll have your card balance. Target gift cards are a great way to do all the shopping while staying within the budget.

You can get Target gift cards online from their website; Target also offers order pickup, same-day delivery, and free 2-day delivery for all the items.

Besides, you can get Target gift cards on Kroger, PayPal and Walgreens. So, without any delay, get your card.

How To Check Target Gift Card Balance
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Where Can I Buy a Target Gift Card? 

You can purchase a Target gift card from Target’s online website or app. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a Target gift card from Walmart or Amazon, but you can find these gift cards at other retailers like Kroger, PayPal, and eGifter. 

Here’s a short guide on how you can buy Target gift cards from other retailers.

01. Target Gift Card Kroger

Get a Target gift card at Kroger by visiting Kroger.com. Then go for the “buy gift card” option on the menu. Then, select Target from the brand categories. Choose the card you want to buy.

You can buy gift cards or physical gift cards for $10 to $500. Select your card range, fill out the details and then proceed with your order.

02. Target Gift Card PayPal

Although PayPal is an e-commerce company that mainly provides payment facilities. But surprisingly, you can buy Target gift cards from the PayPal shop.

Just navigate to PayPal’s official website, scroll down to the footer and select “shop” from the links. 

You’ll find Target gift cards worth $10 to $100, and shop them instantly from PayPal’s website only by adding the necessary information to complete the order process.

03. Target Gift Card eGifter

Like Kroger and PayPal, you can buy Target gift cards for $10 to $100 at eGifter. Visit their website, search for target gift cards, add your choice to the cart, and confirm the order.

How To Check Balance on Target Gift Card?

Here’s how you can check your Target gift card’s balance from a website or by phone.

From Website

01. Open Website 

Navigate to Target’s official website (www.target.com).

02. Access Account

Access your account, then select gift cards.

03. Check Balance

Review your account balance.

If you haven’t saved the gift cards on your account, you can check the account balance from here. Just input the card number and access code.

From Phone

Alternatively, you can check the gift card balance by calling 1-800-544-2943.

How To Check Target Gift Card Balance?
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How To Use Target Gift Card Online? 

Target gift cards can be used at Target stores, cafes, and CVS pharmacies. Along with this, you can also use them at Starbucks inside Target stores.

Here’s a small guide to help you know how to use Target gift cards online:

01. Open Website

Navigate to Target.com and access your account.

02. Open Checkout

Go to checkout and select “ready to checkout.”

03. Add Gift card

Go to the gift cards section and add the gift card you want to be applied to your order.

04. Shop & Checkout

After applying the gift card, shop your items, and the gift card will be used on your purchase. Moreover, up to 10 gift cards can be used on a single order.

If you have not already saved your cards on your Target account, then navigate to the wallet tab on the website and add the gift cards you want to use.

How To Use Target Gift Card on The App? 

Using a Target gift card on the app is even more simple. Just follow these steps:

01. Open App

Open the Target app on your mobile phone. Add items to the cart

02. Open Cart

Open the cart and proceed to checkout

03. Select a Gift card

From the gift card section, select a gift card to apply to your order.

Additionally, you can save a Target gift card in your account and apply it to your in-store order just by scanning the bar codes using the Target app.

How To Send Someone a Target Gift Card? 

You can send a Target gift card to someone by email, mail, or mobile text. Visit Target.com or the app, select the gift card you want to send, and then choose the delivery methods.  

For email, mail or text, enter the required information of the person you want to send the card. Then proceed to checkout.

01. E Gift Card How To Use 

Target eGift card can be used by viewing the eGift card on your mobile. Once you view it, a bar code appears, this bar code can be scanned at checkout on target stores. 

On the app or website, the eGift card can be saved to the account and applied to checkout, just like the physical cards.

02. Benefits 

Target gift cards lead to exciting discounts while shopping. These gift cards never expire, so you can use them whenever you want to.

Furthermore, gift cards are a great way to give someone a present instead of struggling to select something. And they come in a flexible price range, so you can easily decide your gift limits.

03. What To Do if Stolen/Damaged 

If your gift card is damaged, you can request a new one by calling 1-800-544-2943. You will need to present the original receipt for this.

Or else, if your card is stolen or lost, you can have it replaced by calling the support team. It will be replaced with the same amount of balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Check My Target Gift Card Balance Online?

You can check your Target gift card balance here only by entering your card number and access number.

How Do I Check Balance on a Target Gift Card?

If you have saved the gift cards to your account, then access your Target account, select gift cards, and check your balance. 

If the card is not saved, check your gift card balance here.

Can I Scan a Target Gift Card on My Phone?

Yes, for this, you only need to open the target app, then navigate to the wallet tab and select a gift card.
When you choose one, the bar code appears, and you can scan it.

How Long Do Target Gift Cards Expire?

Target gift cards never expire; you can use them for a lifetime, and they’ll have the same value.

How To Use Target Gift Card Online?

Use your target gift card online by accessing your account and then by adding one of your saved gift cards at checkout. The selected cards will be applied to your order. 

Where is Target Gift Card Number?

Target gift card numbers can be disclosed by scratching the silver strip found at the back of the gift card. Here, you’ll find the card number and access number.

Where Can I Buy a Target Gift Card?

Target gift cards can be purchased in-store at Target.com or Target app. 

They are also available at other retailers like Kroger and CVS pharmacies. 

How To Redeem Target Gift Card?

Redeem the gift cards by applying them to your cart during checkout. You can apply up to 10 cards on one order.

Final Thoughts 

Target gift cards are a convenient way to shop for various products in Target stores. The best part is they come without an expiration date.

Moreover, these are a festive gift option, especially on occasions and events when Target stores offer massive discounts. 

In conclusion, you can use these gift cards in many ways to shop, save and make someone’s day.

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