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Panera Bread Delivery and Partnered With Doordash & Uber Eats

Panera Bread Delivery service – always ready to bring their delicious food items to your doorstep whenever you are hungry. The delivery fee is just $1! Also available on any day of the week.

Panera Bread Delivery also provides catering services. The minimum amount you have to order for delivery is $8-$10.

Panera Bread rules for its tasty sandwiches! And you can order them anywhere using the mobile app. You can also order from their online store. Usually, the delivery fee is $1.

But on special occasions, Panera Bread delivery service offers free deliveries too. You can also place your orders two weeks before.

Panera Bread delivery service may not be available at all places. Delivery fees may also increase in certain locations.

Panera Bread is also available on DoorDash and Uber Eats. Another popular food delivery platform, GrubHub, is partnered with Panera Bread.

Now, let’s know more about the Panera Bread delivery service.

Panera Bread Delivery Doordash
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Does Panera Work With DoorDash?

Well, Panera Bread delivery service may not be available in all locations. So you need to check the availability first.

Place your address on the online site of Panera Bread and find out if their own delivery service is possible in your area.

If the delivery service isn’t available, you can order using DoorDash. Panera works with DoorDash.

However, Uber Eats is another food delivery service platform where you can order Panera Bread meals. GrubHub is also available. So choose the one you prefer.

Does Panera Have Free Shipping?

The Panera Bread delivery service typically takes a dollar for every delivery. Panera doesn’t offer any promised free shipping.

In some areas, free shipping services are provided. But only for a limited time. You should use their locator to see if the service is available near you.

However, if you make an order that’s $15 or more and use a promo code, you can get free shipping as a discount at Panera.

Usually, the delivery fee is $1 at Panera Bread. But Panera claims that the fees can also change in specific locations or additional tax for delivery can be added too.

So it would be best if you check the website or their mobile app for exact information.

Panera Bread Delivery Uber Eats

In any case, if you don’t find Panera Bread delivery services near your location or find comfort in using Uber Eats, then follow these simple steps to order your Panera Bread meals through Uber Eats.

01. Sign Up

  • Install the Uber Eats app.
  • Sign up with your phone number or email.

02. Add Your Location

  • Add your exact delivery location so Uber Eats recommendations will be closer to your address.

Find Your Nearest Panera Bread Location

  • Click on the search bar at the top of your screen. Select restaurant.
  • Search for Panera Bread restaurant locations. It will show your nearest Panera Bread location.

03. Add Foods To The Cart

  • Select your foods.
  • There are customization options for your order. Choose your preferred one.
  • Now click “Add it to order”.
  • Go to “Cart” on the top of your screen and you will notice the section “check out”.

04. Finish Checkout and Place order

  • Finish checking out. You will need to add your payment details and delivery address.
  • Click “Place Order”.

Panera Bread Delivery DoorDash

DoorDash is fast and hassle-free! Panera Bread is also available on DoorDash. And to order on DoorDash, follow these key steps-

01. Sign up

  • Sign up and enter your delivery address.

02. Find You Store

  • Click “Delivery”.
  • Search your nearest Panera store using the search bar. The DoorDash website will show you the nearest Panera Bread location.

03. Select Menu

  • Once you find your Panera location, click on it. A menu will appear showing all the food items available.
  • Select your meal.
  • Customize it and click “Add to Order”.

04. Go To Checkout and Place An Order

  • Once you are done selecting your meal. Go to cart.
  • Click “Checkout”.
  • Give the account details, shipping address, and payment details.
  • Recheck your order.
  • Click “Place Order”. 

Panera Bread App Delivery: Does Panera Bread App Do Delivery?

Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub are available, but you can also use The Panera Bread App for delivery.

The Panera Delivery App is the most authentic way to order your Panera foods. The chain’s own delivery service. You may get discounts and gift cards too.

So have your Panera sandwiches anywhere you want using the mobile app! Just install and sign up and you can see the whole menu available at your nearest Panera Bread location.

Select your meals and pay. Add your delivery address and done. You can also order for rapid pickup.

How Much is Panera Bread Delivery?

You will only have to pay $1 to Panera Bread Delivery service as a delivery fee. A year back, Panera Bread Delivery service used to offer zero fees.

But now they will charge a dollar as a delivery fee. However, you can download the Panera Bread app to stay updated with any free delivery offers.

How To Find Panera Bread Delivery Promo Code?

Panera Bread offers coupons and promo codes. And how do you find them? – Become a Panera rewards member.

You can also join the unlimited sip club. And if you are looking for a Panera Bread delivery offer, then the offer is “0$ delivery fee!”.

When you make a purchase of $15 or more and use the promo code ‘ZERODELFEE,’ you get free delivery. This means your minimum order must be $15 without any additional cost or tax.

And you get a max discount of $1 on your delivery. However, this offer is only available for Panera Bread delivery purchases. You will find the Panera Bread Delivery promo code on the Panera Bread App.

What is Panera Bread Delivery Radius?

8-minute radius – Panera set this delivery radius so they can deliver food to their customers on time.

Although the Panera bread delivery radius is 8 minutes, in certain locations, this delivery location can change. So check the Panera app.

Final Thoughts

Panera Bread is one of the restaurants in the USA that serves the healthiest meals.

So, if it has become one of your favorite places for a nice meal, then join the Panera Bread app to order your meals online. And Panera Bread delivery will efficiently deliver your food.

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