Burger King Value Menu in 2024

Finding quality fast food items with affordable prices is tough. Thank God! We found plenty of options available in the Burger King Value menu.

Now if you are wondering which are the cheapest food items you can find on a BK menu. Then you are going to find a bacon cheeseburger, value fries, value fountain drink, and a crispy chicken Jr.

Each item is for only $1. There’s also a BK $5 meal where you will be getting 2 Whoppers or 2 Chicken Wraps for just $5.

Burger King doesn’t offer too many dollar menu options. But if you notice you will find plenty of cheap options already available at affordable prices on their menu.

Well, Burger King made its name for its flame-grilled beef burger. But BK isn’t only famous for its whoppers since it also serves fries, breakfast items, salads, sides, sweets, beverages, and combo meals.

And the best part is you will find many of the food items at affordable prices. So stay with us if you want to know more about the Burger King Value Menu.

Burger King 5 Dollar Meal

Burger King 5 Dollar Meal

Burger King offers many food items at affordable prices and the 5 Dollar meal can be accepted as one of them.

You will get two Jr. Whoppers or Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps for $5.

However, if you take any additional topping with it, you will have to pay extra. The offer is also time-limited and only available in the US.

Exploring Burger King Value Menu

Burger King offers items like a Chicken Jr. Sandwich, value Fries, a value Fountain Drink, and a Cheeseburger for only $1.

Since affordable price is a great attraction for bulk customers, these menu items are the most popular items at Burger King.

If you are okay with spending a bit more money, you will find more options available in the BK menu.

You will find items like onion rings, chicken nuggets, a rodeo crispy chicken burger, and a bacon cheeseburger deluxe within the price range of $1.50-$2.00.

Popular Items Burger King’s Value Menu

Burger King isn’t only popular for its tasty food items but for its reasonable prices also. You will find many food items that come at cheap prices.

Cheeseburgers, onion rings, French fries, hash browns, sundae pies and more. In case you are wondering about the price range of BK Value Menu items, here it is.

Crispy Chicken Jr. Sandwich

The crispy chicken sandwich isn’t only famous for its cheap price.

With the crispy fried chicken patty, lettuce, mayo, and a freshly toasted bun combination, the burger tastes heavenly, Of course. It is also one of BK’s popular value meals that comes for only $1.


The BK Cheeseburger is the most tasty flame-grilled beef burger that comes only at $1.

The simple layer of American cheese, freshly cut pickles, mustard, and ketchup with a sesame seed bun makes the Cheeseburger the best affordable meal. 

French Fries

The crispy golden-colored value-sized French fries can be added to your meal for $1. 

A Small Value Fountain Drink

A small value-sized fountain drink of your choice will cost you $1.

Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries (Value size)

The Ghost pepper chicken fries can be considered a value menu item since its price is only around $1.

Onion Rings

Although the onion ring price isn’t exactly $1, we still think it is an affordable menu item.

Hash Browns

The BK small-sized crispy Hash Browns are also available on the menu for a much more affordable price.

2 For $5 Meal

The 2 for $5 meal is a time-limited offer. You can order a package of two Whoppers or Chicken Wraps for $5. This means you can have one Whopper for $2.50, a more reasonable price.

Burger King Dollar Menu

Burger King Dollar Menu contains food items that are priced at $1. Burger King opened this offer so they can attract a bulk amount of customers who are seeking affordable prices.

Do note that the Dollar menu offer is time-limited and only available in the US. And in the Burger King Dollar Menu, you can get each item like a chicken Jr sandwich, bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a small fountain drink for only $1. 

Service Review of Burger King

Burger King Staff tries to give their maximum effort in serving. The diverse menu is also a plus. However, the food quality and the service may fluctuate in various locations.

Since Burger King has various types of combo deals, there’s no doubt that it will rule in the fast food market.  

From the view point of a customer, we would say Burger King is good at delivering combo meals at reasonable prices. Its food quality and taste is also one of the best.

The dollar menu Burger King has offered is also a good option for customers who are into affordable prices.

As for drawbacks, there are many other fast food chains offering cheaper prices than Burger King.

So to attract more customers, Burger King should offer more Value options and increase their food quality.

Burger King Order Options

There are various options to order at Burger King. You can order from the BK app or the official website. There are also home delivery options available through DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Important Links of Burger King

Order your food or find out more about Burger King.

Order Onlinewww.bk.com/store-locator/service-mode

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The $1 Items At Burger King?

A chicken Jr. Whopper sandwich, a bacon cheeseburger, value fries, and a value fountain drink.

Did Burger King Get Rid of The Value Menu?

No. Burger King does not have a value menu. But You will find food items at a cheap price. They also offer a few items for a dollar. 

How Much Does it Cost Burger King To Make A Whopper?

The money BK uses to make a Whopper is around 2.00 dollars.

Does Burger King Have Two Whopper Meals For $10?

No. Burger King Doesn’t offer the whopper meals for $10 anymore. Burger King had a homecoming meal for a limited time.
The combo was made with two Whopper Jr. Sandwiches with fries, onion rings, and two milkshakes.

How Big is The Burger King Value Drink?

The Burger King Value drink is 16 oz.

What is The Burger King Meal?

The Burger King meal is a combination of various food items. There will be one main food item with a side dish.

Final Thoughts

The Burger King Value Menu will serve you a variety of quality food items.

A cheeseburger with a one-dollar fountain drink can become a great combo meal if you are seeking tasty food items at a cheap price.

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