13 Arby’s Sauces List & Ingredients (Updated 2024)

Arby’s Sauces includes Arby’s Classic Sauce, Horsey’s fiery kick, Ranch’s creamy comfort, Jalapeño’s tangy tango, Buffalo’s fiery frenzy, Bronco Berry’s sweet surprise, Three Pepper’s scorching inferno and more, we will cover whole Arby’s Sauces list in this article.

Going heavy on meat, Arby’s sauces are a proprietary need for all the fast food they offer. Not only that, but their range is vast! Arby’s sauces deliver to all sorts of palates and platters. 

Starting from the classic tomato sauce with Arby’s touch in it to a unique innovation of Horsey sauce, from a tongue-burning three pepper sauce to a tongue-cooling Tzatziki sauce- Arby’s sauces and dips are the go-to grabs for picky-eaters as well as gourmands. 

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What Sauces Does Arby’s Have? 

Arby’s dipping sauces are a condimental muse everyone is undoubtedly hyped about.

Besides the original tangy tomato sauce, Arby’s offers a good variation of dips that you can pair easily with their food.

From the exotic Bronco Berry sauce, the kicky Horsey sauce, the fresh Tzatziki sauce to the weird-combo-but-works tangy Barbecue sauce, the traditional Dijon Honey Mustard (with Arby’s twist in it)- Arby’s goes all out to offer the best indulgence to its customers.

Arby’s Sauces Ingredients

In this section, we’ll be discussing the flavor profile of the different sauces that Arby’s has to offer to pair with its world-class roasted beef sandwiches.

This quick guide will give you a brief of Arby’s sauces as well, as you might get your next order set in mind!

Name of SauceFlavor ProfilePairing With Roasted-Beef Sandwich
Arby’s SauceClassic pairing complements roast beef without overpoweringCreates the perfect balance between pungent and sweetness for bold-flavor lovers, another classic pair for roast beef sandwiches, potato cakes, and fries
Horsey SauceCreamy, silky texture with horseradish, mayonnaise, sugar and vinegarBlends in smoothly with the roasted beef sandwich, which also another good dip
Jalapeño RanchA velvety sauce with ranch and bits of heat from jalapeño, as the name suggestsA kick of spice is prominent over here. All that freshness will cancel out the oil from chicken wings. Pairs great with veggies too
Buffalo sauceEnough notes of cayenne paper with tangy vinegarPerfect dip for tenders, or chicken wings. Top favorite for spicy lovers.
Honey MustardZesty mustard with honeyProvides a mustardy bite for a twist on the sandwich
Classic RanchThe traditional blend of buttermilk and herbBourbon-infused smoky BBQ
Bronco BerryA unique mix of red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce (and this is the one everyone tries to DIY!)Works best with jalapeno poppers, but might not be an optimal pairing with the sandwich
Three pepper sauceThe tanginess will add a twist to the roast beefPerfect for those who can take in as much spice as they want, but look out! This sauce can overpower your favorite sandwich from Arby’s
Parmesan Peppercorn RanchPeppercorns mixed with the classic ranchBits of cucumber, mixed with yogurt, garlic, and dill is thrown in to add some flavor
Red Ranch sauceClassic ranch blended in with the tanginess of tomatoesAdds in-depth flavor to the sandwich, yet another great savory dip sauce for fries and nuggets
Smokehouse Bourbon BBQ SauceAnother top-lister in the spice competition with jalapenos, habaneros, and cayenne peppersThis Arby’s sauce provides a smoky depth to the sandwich
Tzatziki SauceBits of cucumber, mixed with yogurt, garlic, and dill are thrown in to add some flavorIf your roasted beef sandwich is loaded, this sauce will help to refresh the flavors a bit
Creamy garlic sauceA classic blend of garlic, horseradish and herbsYou can’t go wrong with this one! Perfect pairing for almost everything.

It depends on your location if these sauces are up for grabs. But we can help you name those sauces for which you have to second-guess their availability.

The Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch Sauce, Red Ranch Sauce, Spicy Buffalo Sauce, and Diablo Sauce- these are some of Arby’s sauces that you might only sometimes find in the restaurant.

If you still haven’t got your perfect pair that’s optimal for your roasted beef, Arby’s is always open to new ideas to introduce a condiment that matches your palate. 

Arby’s has put its name up for coming up with limited-time sauces that pay an ode to different occasions.

If you’ve been a loyal customer of Arby’s, the name Jalapeño Ranch with Bacon might ring a few bells as it was available in the Western US for quite some time and remained a customer favorite for the very little time it was offered.

The Holiday Roast Beef Sauce, with all those hints of holidays, such as rosemary and thyme, is available in some locations.

This is an addition that’s been going on for a while, especially when the holidays are just right around the corner. Do keep an eye on your nearest Arby’s to get exact details.

You can find variations in their dips on regional scales as well. Arby’s offered a Cajun Mayo sauce in the Gulf Coast region for a southern kick.

As of current information, Chipotle Mayo is still available in the Southeast US.

And that’s some in-depth investigation of today’s palate-stealing hero, Arby’s sauces! (We went through all the records, past and present)

Arby's Dipping Sauces

Arby’s Dipping Sauces 

The ‘dipping potential’ of the wide range of sauces that Arby’s offers lies in the numbers of their consistency.

For dipping, you need a sauce that’s either not too thick or too thin but rather perfect enough to smother your food in it.

Hence, the preferred consistency of the dipping sauces needs to be ‘creamy.’

Based on the above criteria (and Arby’s menu), the classic dipping sauces in Arby’s will be the Arby’s sauce and the Horsey sauce. Anything with ranch has its own fame as the perfect dip.

Also, don’t forget the Arby’s honey mustard sauce. For those who want to add spice everywhere, the buffalo sauce dip will do the job. 

Does Arby’s Sauce Have Mayo? 

The Horsey sauce in Arby’s adores the invigorating horseradish as Horsey, and that’s incorporated with mayonnaise to create this zesty flavor.

This combo will work up your palate for rich foods like juicy sandwiches and burgers. This zestyness can also be a perfect dip for some hot fries! 

The Horsey sauce with mayo not only adds intense flavors to regular fast foods but also offers an incredibly fresh taste to regular food.

What Company Makes Arbys Sauce?

Arby’s sauces achieved its reputation as a uniquely formed condiment founded by Forrest (1964).

Now, with the flow of time, the sandwich shop Arby’s has a growing maneuver with more than 3000 shops in several countries.

As of recent updates from 2022, the sole retailer of Arby’s sauce is claimed by Lancaster Colony Corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dipping Sauces Does Arby’s Have?

Arby’s has a variety of dipping sauces. Some popular ones are Arby’s Classic, Horsey, Ranch, and the Bronco Berry- these condiments go with everything and have the perfect texture to pair with your food.

Is Arby’s Sauce Good on Burgers?

Definitely, some of their sauces are formulated specially for burgers. 
For classic pairings, choose any of these: Arby’s Classic, Ranch or Horsey.
But if you’re willing to go bold, why don’t you try the fiery three-pepper sauce, the Smokehouse Bourbon BBQ, or the Classic Buffalo Sauce?

What is Arby’s Horsey Sauce?

Arby’s Horsey sauce is liked by all for its creamy, zesty, and unique blend of flavors.
It works magic on the palate, with the main heroes being horseradish and mayonnaise. 

Does Arby’s Beef and Cheddar Have Sauce?

Yes, Arby’s Beef and Cheddar sandwich sauce comes with the red ranch sauce.
This blend of tomatoes and the herbs from ranch elevates the flavor of the sandwich.

Is Arby’s Sauce Vegan?

Arby’s menu is loaded with meat- but that doesn’t cater less to the vegans!
The top five vegan options for vegan sauces in Arby’s will be the Red Ranch sauce, the Bronco Berry sauce, the Marinara sauce, the BBQ dip, and last but not least, the Arby’s classic. 
Also, their menu is quite detailed, so you can check anytime to fully satisfy your vegan palate.

Is Arbys Buffalo Sauce Spicy?

Not too spicy.
Made with cayenne pepper and vinegar, the Buffalo sauce delivers a subtle heat that is just right to combine with your mozzarella sticks or chicken tenders.
If you’re looking for something spicy ‘spicy,’ go for the three-pepper sauce.

What Sauces Does Arby’s Have

Final Thoughts 

From tangy classics to daring twists, Arby’s sauces will leave your tastebuds wanting for more!

Bronco berries meet fiery chilies, whereas smoky BBQ joins cool tzatziki – keep exploring different combinations to find your zing in Arby’s! 

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