Popular 26 Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces List With Ingredients

Buffalo wild wings sauces are a rich amalgamation of spicy flavours with a smooth texture.

These dipping sauces give an enhanced flavour to the wings and will give a new dimension of taste to your taste buds.

There is a vast variety of options in the buffalo sauces that you can taste and see which one suits best your needs.

Some of the most common buffalo wild wing sauces include hot BBQ, original sauce, hot sauce, Nashville hot, and much more.

If you are someone who has yet to try these lip-smacking sauces then you have just landed on the right page.

Let’s dive into the amazing flavours of buffalo wild wings sauces and how you can grab them to enhance your taste of wings.

New Buffalo Wild Wing Sauces

New Buffalo Wild Wing Sauces

Buffalo wild wing sauces have gained huge popularity among people for acting as a great side dip for wings.

The calories for each serving of the buffalo wild wing sauce will vary according to its flavours. No doubt, there is a large variety of buffalo wild wings sauces available.

But, the urge of the customers to have a new and enhanced taste keeps on motivating the makers to add something new to their menu.

Blazin Knockout is one such flavour that has been added to the category of buffalo wild wing sauces.

This sauce is made with nine different types of hot peppers that give a mesmerizing flavour to the wings.

Chipotle BBQ Dry Rub$0.60
Buffalo Dry Rub$0.60
Salt And Vinegar Dry Rub$0.60
Desert Heat Dry Rub$0.60
Lemon Pepper Dry Rub$0.60
Chipotle BBQ Dry Rub$0.60
Hot BBQ70$0.60
Bulleit Bourbon BBQ160 $0.60
Wild100 $0.60
Blazin’ Knockout100 $0.60
Hot90 $0.60
Mango Habanero150 $0.60
Nashville Hot80 $0.60
Original Buffalo220 $0.60
Jammin’ Jalapeno180 $0.60
Thai Curry290 $0.60
Asian Zing170 $0.60
Caribbean Jerk150 $0.60
Spicy Garlic90 $0.60
Orange Chicken120 $0.60
Honey BBQ140 $0.60
Medium60 $0.60
Mild100 $0.60
Parmesan Garlic260 $0.60
Teriyaki130 $0.60
Lemon Pepper360 $0.60
Sweet BBQ100 $0.60

How Hot is Buffalo Wild Wings Hottest Sauce?

Blazin Knockout is the spiciest buffalo sauce that you can ever taste. It is so hot that a challenge is being run at the Buffalo Wild Wings outlet to see if anyone can resist the spice of this sauce.

If you can crush 10 wings with the blazin’ knockout sauce in 5 minutes without taking any drinks then you will not only get 1000 reward points but also your name on the bar TVs.

Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces

There are overall 26 buffalo wild wing sauces that you can taste and see which one best suits your needs.

01. Bulleit Bourbon BBQ

It is a non-alcoholic BBQ sauce that has flavours of Bulleit Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey. This is available only for a limited time on the menu.

02. Hot BBQ

This is a classic flavour to enjoy with the wings and is a perfect blend of smokey sweet BBQ with spicy heat.

This sauce keeps on getting out of stock and it is currently available to relish your taste buds.

03. Blazin Knockout

If you want to try the spiciest sauce available on the menu, this is the sauce for you. It comprises nine different hot peppers that will take the spice to the next level.

04. Original Buffalo

It is an authentic flavoured buffalo sauce that is prepared in-house with a buttery blend of spices and hot sauces.

05. Wild

It is a general buffalo sauce with intensified heat flavours.

06. Mango Habanero

It is a unique kind of sauce that comprises habanero heat with a tint of sweetness.

07. Hot

This is a classic hot buffalo sauce that will make your wings taste better.

08. Nashville Hot

This is a low-calorie sauce with spicy chilli pepper and a hint of smoke.

09. Thai Curry

It is a limited-time sauce that is made with curry flavours in a spicy and savoury taste.

10. Jammin Jalapeno

This is also a limited-time sauce that has the apt proportion of tequila, lime, and jalapeno.

11. Caribbean Jerk

This sauce is a true blend of island spices and peppers that gives it a unique taste to relish.

12. Asian Zing

It is an authentic sauce that is made with chilli pepper, soy, and ginger.

13. Orange Chicken

This is a uniquely flavoured sauce with great flavours of orange, soy, and mild chilli pepper.

14. Spicy Garlic

Spicy garlic is a true example of great buffalo sauce with the flavours of garlic. Garlic gives a supreme taste to the sauce.

15. Medium

Everyone is not comfortable with the high heat of buffalo sauces. To compensate for this, you can taste the medium sauce that comfortable heat to cherish the wings.

16. Honey BBQ

If you are a fan of sweet and spice then honey BBQ is the thing for you. It comes with a sweet taste with a gentle heat.

17. Parmesan Garlic

This is a truly flavorful buffalo sauce that consists of parmesan garlic with Italian herbs. It gives a hint of all the best tastes required for enjoying the wings.

18. Mild

To give mild flavours for wild buffalo sauce, this is just the apt flavour for your needs.

19. Lemon Pepper

This buffalo wild sauce has the properties of buttery lemon and pepper flavours.

20. Teriyaki

It is a limited-time sauce that comes with bold and savoury flavours.

21. Sweet BBQ

This sauce complements your needs if you want rich and sweet flavours for buffalo wild sauce.

22. Desert Heat Dry Rub

It is a spicy sauce that has flavours of fiery pepper and a touch of smoke to make your day.

23. Buffalo Dry Rub

This is one of the most classic flavours of buffalo wild sauces that comes with a classic heat and a buttery finish.

24. Chipotle BBQ Dry Rub

It is a great sauce that has the flavours of BBQ with the fire-roasted pepper.

25. Lemon Pepper Dry Rub

If you are someone who likes citrus flavours then this is just the perfect blend. It comprises citrus zest with black pepper to enhance the taste.

26. Salt & Vinegar Dry Rub

It is a perfect dry rub that has salt and vinegar to add a good taste to the wings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buffalo Wild Wings Most Popular Wing Sauce?

The medium flavour is the most popular buffalo wild wing sauce as it is not too sweet and not too spicy to digest.

What is in Buffalo Wild Wings Hot Sauce?

Buffalo Wild Wings hot sauce comes with the major heat in the sauce mix.

Is Mild Sauce From Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Sauce?

Yes, mild sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings is also a buffalo sauce. It has all the required flavours and has low heat so people can feel comfortable with this heat.

Who Makes Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces?

Buffalo Wild Wing sauces have their origin in New York and its bottled version is being manufactured by Wilsey Inc. of Atlanta.

Where To Buy Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces?

Buffalo wild wing sauces can be bought from the market in bottled packing. Also, you can order them online from their official website.

What Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces Are Gluten Free?

There are various gluten-free buffalo wild wing sauce options available that include honey BBQ, hot, salt & vinegar seasoning, sweet BBQ, and others.

Final Thoughts

Buffalo wild wing sauces are a great side to enhance the taste of wings.

If you are yet to try one of them then we assume you got the idea as you come across all the major varieties of buffalo wild wing sauces.

So, grab some of the buffalo wild-wing sauces and make the most out of it.

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