Popular 8 KFC Sauces To Enjoy Your Meal

Have you tried any of KFC’s sauces? They have a lot of yummy dipping sauces, and guess what? They are just as good as their chicken.

KFC has eight sauces. You can add these sauces to most meals. It all depends on what you want. If you like something sweet, drizzle Honey BBQ Sauce onto your chicken.

Do you like heat? Try their Smokey BBQ flavor. KFC has classics like ketchup and their signature sauce as well.

Dipping sauces from KFC are diverse and can suit all taste buds. They have a unique flavor profile, which we will explore in the upcoming sections.

Does KFC Have Buffalo Sauce?

KFC has a Buffalo sauce on its menu. It is a smooth, mayonnaise-based sauce with a multitude of flavors. You get to taste cayenne pepper and fresh ingredients like parsley while trying this sauce.

Buffaki sauce has quickly won the hearts of many chicken lovers and is available on KFC’s finger-lickin’ sauce lineup.

KFC Sauces List
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Does KFC Have A Signature Sauce?

Yes, KFC has a signature sauce. KFC found the perfect recipe for their signature sauce after trying and testing it more than 50 times.

You can pair this sauce with anything. Think nuggets, fries, or fried buffalo wings. What is a meal without a yummy sauce? What is a meal without KFC’s signature sauce? There are also other amazing sauces that you can try.  

Amazing KFC Sauces List

KFC has eight sauces for you to choose from, so you can find your perfect match.

KFC’s sauces and KFC’s dipping sauces range from classics like ketchup to spicy sauces and sweet flavors. Here is KFC’s list of mouth-watering sauces:

KFC Sauce

Their signature sauce is unique. It comes with a smokey, sweet, and bold flavor. This sauce goes best with KFC’s signature dish – fried chicken. The creaminess from the sauce and the crunch from the chicken are the perfect combo!

Classic Ranch

This is a creamy sauce with some bold spices and flavors of onion, buttermilk, garlic, and parsley.

This sauce typically goes well with their new fill-up box, which includes fried chicken, chips, and four dipping sauces.

Honey BBQ

This sauce is sweet and smokey. You can now have KFC’s fried chicken with a unique flavor. The Honey BBQ sauce pairs well with chicken pieces or even a family-sized bucket of chicken.

Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard is a classic combo of sweet and savory, consisting of tangy mayonnaise with strong notes of honey. Honey Mustard isn’t just for salads and has become a trendy choice for KFC regulars.

Hot Sauce

Turn up the heat with KFC’s hot sauce. Red pepper and vinegar give this sauce its steamy flavor.

This sauce is a perfect addition to any boxed or family meal, or combo. Simply add a drizzle on top or use it as a dipping sauce.

Buffalo Ranch

If you combine two classics, you get an awesome flavor like the Buffalo Ranch sauce.

This sauce has buttermilk along with herbs and spices to make a unique yet familiar sauce. You can add it to your favorite chicken pieces.

Honey Sauce

There are no frills here. The pure and warm taste of honey can give an unexpected pop to your chicken pieces. Add it to any fried chicken meal, and relish the contrasting flavors.


The ultimate dipping sauce. This versatile and traditional sauce goes well with sandwiches, nuggets, combos, chicken pieces, and, of course, fries.

Which Sauce is Best in KFC?

While everyone has different taste buds, popular sauces include the Honey Mustard Sauce and Honey Barbeque Sauce.

Honey Barbeque is a bold and smoky flavor to add to chicken. Honey Mustard is popular because of its competing flavors of sweet and savory.

These sauces are versatile and brimming with flavor. They can be added to just about anything.

What Are The KFC Dipping Sauces?

KFC Dipping sauces are sauces that you can dip your chicken and fries in. Traditionally sauces like Ketchup and mayo are seen as dipping sauces. Whereas hot sauces are often drizzled onto our food.

However, there are multiple ways to use delicious sauces. You can use them as a dipping sauce or drizzle them onto your meal. Either way, they are finger-lickin’ good.

What Does KFC BBQ Sauce Taste Like?

KFC Honey Barbeque sauce is delicious. It has a lot of different elements that make it flavorful.

It has a creamy texture and tangy taste. It also has subtle notes of the smokey smell of a barbeque.

Who Makes KFC Sauce?

While KFC doesn’t disclose the exact recipe, their signature sauce is likely a partnership. KFC sauces are supplied by McCormick & Company.

But KFC might have tweaked the recipe and added their own secret ingredients for that finger-lickin’ good.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sauces Does KFC Have?

KFC has eight sauces which include a KFC sauce, Buffalo Ranch, Honey Sauce, Ketchup, Classic Ranch, Honey, Ketchup, and Hot Sauce.

Is KFC Sauce Chick Fil A Sauce?

No, these two restaurants do not have the same sauces. They may have a similar flavor profile, but they are different. Chick-fil-A has a wider selection of sauces with slightly different variations. 

What Sauces Are on KFC Tenders Dipping Feast?

You can choose from a range of sauces like their barbeque sauce and KFC’s hot sauce. Your sauce selection may vary depending on your location.

What is KFC Honey Sauce?

KFC’s honey sauce is simply honey. This understated and sweet sauce can be added to any meal.

Does KFC Have Cheese Sauce?

Yes, KFC does have a signature cheese sauce. This sauce is not part of KFC’s dipping sauces though. KFC’s cheese sauce is used in certain meals.

What is The Pink Sauce At KFC?

KFC doesn’t have a pink sauce. There was a video that went viral of someone pouring her own pink sauce onto KFC chicken. Most of KFC’s dipping sauces are cream, orange, yellow, or red.

Are Sauces Free in KFC?

At most KFCs, you will have to pay extra for sauces unless they are included in your meal. They usually range between one and two dollars.

Final Thoughts

What is crunchy chicken without sauce? KFC knows that customers love sauce, and have their unique dipping sauces that can complement any meal.

KFC’s sauces can be added to boxed meals, chicken, tenders, chips, and more.

Next time you are at KFC, try one of their signature sauces or one of their crowd-pleasers, the Honey Barbeque, and amplify your meal.

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