Restaurant Tip Chart: How Much Should You Pay as Tips?

Nowadays, tipping in a restaurant is a very organic phenomenon. And, to boost this phenomenon in the right direction, the restaurant tipping chart has come into the picture.

A restaurant tipping chart is a great way to offer clarity to the customers about the standard tipping percentage.

This will help the customers make a more informed decision on tipping the service provider in addition to the total bill amount.

The tipping percentage for the service provider varies according to different factors.

Let’s explore the tipping standards in restaurants and how you can make an informed decision before tipping.  

Tip Chart

How Much Tip Should I Give?

Tipping an apt percentage amount is quite a tricky task. But, this can be easily accomplished if you have an interactive tip calculator or mobile app at your disposal.

In these interactive applications, you just need to provide a few simple details like bill amount, tip percentage, and number of people and the application will give you the exact amount to tip.

You can use applications or mobile apps like,, tip n split, and much more to make tipping easy.

Restaurant Tip Chart Guide

A restaurant tip chart is one of the most amazing tools that will act as a blessing in disguise to help the customers calculate the apt tip amount as per the total bill amount.

There are various factors that customers can consider while tipping the service provider.

Some of the crucial factors that come into the picture while deciding the tip for the service provider include the quality of service, effectiveness, and efficiency.

If the food ordered is served on time by taking care of all the requirements set by the customers then customers tend to be happy and decide a generous tipping amount for the server.

In addition to that, how the staff behaves and communicates with the customer also plays a pivotal role in deciding the tipping amount. All the services in the restaurant don’t get the same tip amount.

For instance, a bartender will get $1-$2 per drink but a full-service server stands a chance of receiving 15-20% of the total bill amount.

Moreover, some restaurants have tip pooling in the picture. Tip pooling is the criteria in which the tip amount is equally divided between all the employees. This method of tipping can lead to some serious issues in the workplace.

It can lead to less motivated employees and will also fascinate some seasoned employees rather than long-term relations. This can be hazardous for the restaurant in the long run.

Restaurant Servers 1

Standard Tipping Chart

RoleStandard Tipping Chart
Restaurant ServersStandard: 15-20% of the total bill Excellent Service: 20% or more
Bartenders$1-$2 per drink ordered
Online orders or takeaways$1-$5 (optional)
DeliveryStandard: 20% of the total bill
Quick service10% (optional)

What is Normal Tipping in The USA?

Normal tipping standards in the USA are 15-20% based on the quality of the service offered to the customer.

People must understand the true essence behind the tipping practice in the USA. Most of the staff working in the restaurant don’t receive fair minimum wages.

Therefore, the concept of tipping is very popular in America because it offers an opportunity for workers to receive a sustainable amount from their salary to live their livelihood.

Is 10 Tips Good For Restaurants?

Ten percent is not considered a good tip for the restaurant as it doesn’t suffice the needs of the serving staff.

Anything below 15-20% puts the server in a dilemma regarding where they did something wrong to not receive a standard amount of tip.

Therefore, any amount below 15-20% is not considered a good tip for the restaurant.

Who Should We Tip?

It is very important to understand to whom to tip in the restaurant. The direct answer is that you need to identify the person who offered you direct service like the server or the bartender.

You can directly give a tip to them to showcase the feeling of gratitude and that you liked their service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 15% Tip Good At a Restaurant?

If you have encountered an average service experience then 15% is a good tip amount that you can offer for the service.

How Much Should I Tip For a $50 Meal?

You can offer a 15% tip for a $50 meal which will come out to be $7.50.

What is a Good Tip For a $30 Meal?

For a $30 meal, you can offer a tip of $4.50 which is 15% of the bill amount.

How Much Should You Tip on a $200 Bill?

To generously tip on a bill of $200, you can offer a tip of $30 to the server.

Is it OK To Not Tip At a Restaurant?

If you don’t tip a restaurant then it is your personal choice and there is no law regulating it. But, not tipping is considered as bad etiquette or rude at a restaurant.

What Happens If I Don’t Tip?

If you don’t tip at a restaurant then the waiter can seek you for your review regarding his service if it’s not as per your expectations.

Final Thoughts

A restaurant tip chart is a great way to understand the standard tipping percentage being followed in the industry.

It also allows the customers to enjoy their meals to the fullest without worrying whether they are meeting the standard tipping criteria or not.

Therefore, staying acquainted with the restaurant tip chart can do wonders for your dining experience.

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