Cracker Barrel Gift Card Balance Check & Usage in 2024

Cracker Barrel gift cards, or gift cards in general, are useful to have. You can buy them at multiple places such as Target or Walmart.

You can even buy them online at Amazon.com or at the Cracker Barrel website itself.

Physical gift cards or E-gift cards, Cracker Barrel has all the goods and these gift cards can be used on them all, whether at the Old Country Store or their restaurant!

You can buy $25, $50, $75, or $100 Cracker Barrel gift cards on their website. Other places like Kroger, Sam’s Club, Walmart, or Target usually keep only $25 Cracker Barrel Gift Cards.

These gift cards are perfect to buy for yourself or a loved one. You can even purchase an online E-Gift Card for yourself or someone special!

Something Cracker Barrel prides itself in is that these Gift Cards never expire. You can use it tomorrow or after 10 years and it’ll still be valid without paying a single extra fee!

Cracker Barrel Gift Card Balance Check

Where Can I Buy a Cracker Barrel Gift Card?

There are quite a few places you can visit if you’re on the lookout for Cracker Barrel gift cards.

01. Cracker Barrel Gift Card Walmart

In-store, you can purchase Cracker Barrel Gift Cards from the Gift Card stand at Walmart.

If you wish to purchase it online, just go to Walmart’s original website and in the search box, type “Cracker Barrel Gift Card”.

You will be presented with the gift cards available such as the $15, and $25 ones.

Click on the one you wish to purchase and select one of the three options, Shipping, Pickup, or Delivery.

There are also eGift Cards available on the website that you can email to yourself or a loved one. Just add to your Cart and purchase away!

02. Cracker Barrel Gift Card Target

Target also has a Gift Card stand in-store where you can choose and buy your Cracker Barrel Gift Cards.

Online, Target shows they have Cracker Barrel Gift Cards, available for email delivery at various prices.

Just add the card and the amount you wish to purchase to your cart and order away!

03. Cracker Barrel Gift Card Amazon

Amazon.Com also has a variety of gift cards available online. Just go to the gift cards category and search for the Cracker Barrel Gift Cards.

Select the amount you wish to purchase and add it to the Cart. Proceed to checkout and confirm your order!

04. Cracker Barrel Gift Card CVS

Look for the card rack at your local CVS and find the Cracker Barrel Gift Card.

If you can not find your desired Gift Card, you can always order it online at the CVS website where it will be delivered via email.

How To Use Cracker Barrel Gift Card Online?

Using Cracker Barrel Gift Cards online is not an option yet introduced to the Cracker Barrel website.

You can use your Cracker Barrel Gift Cards to make purchases at the Cracker Barrel store, the restaurant, and even the Cracker Barrel Gift Shop.

How To Check Balance on Cracker Barrel Gift Card?

Whether you have a physical Gift card or an eGift card, it is quite simple to check the remaining balance on it.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can check your balance on your Cracker Barrel gift card.

Step 1: Open The Cracker Barrel Website and Click “Check Gift Card Balance”

Go to the original Cracker Barrel Website and on the top right corner, there will be a little tab labeled “Gift Cards”.

Click the tab. On the page that opened, scroll down to see a button that says “Check Gift Card Balance” and that will lead you to another page.

Step 2: Insert Information

Input the information from your gift card onto the page. You will need the Gift Card Number and the PIN.

After putting in the card information, click “Check Balance” and you’re all done!

Your card balance will show on the screen, indicating how much money you have remaining on the gift card. To check the card balance in-store:

Step 3: Give The Cashier The Gift Card

Ask the on the cash counter to check the balance on your gift card once you hand it to them and they will tell you how much amount remains.

How To Use Cracker Barrel Gift Card on App?

The Cracker Barrel App only accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay as a method of payment. Online purchases on the website and the App can not be made with the Cracker Barrel Gift Card.

How To Send Someone Cracker Barrel Gift Card?

You can send someone an online Gift Card, or an eGift Card through the websites of Walmart, Target, Amazon, or CVS.

You can also send eGift Cards through the Cracker Barrel Website or the App.

All you need to do is select the gift card and the amount you wish to send and then input their email address.

Click checkout and go to payment where you will insert your payment information and place the order.

01. eGift Card How To Use

When you receive a digital Cracker Barrel Gift card or an eGift Card, to use it, all you need to do is present the card number and the PIN to the cashier at the time of making a purchase in-store.

The cashier will then run the card number through their system where your payment will be made with the remaining balance on the eGift Card.

02. Benefits

Having a Cracker Barrel Gift Card safe in your wallet gives you the advantage of being able to use the money on the card for purchases.

The card never expires nor is any additional fee charged when unused. You can keep it for years and even collect more than one at a time!

03. What To Do If Stolen/Damage?

If you have the original receipt, any proof of purchase, and the card number, you may be able to get a replacement Cracker Barrel Gift card.

For this reason, it is always best to keep the original receipts of the purchased gift card with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Check The Balance on My Gift Card?

You can ask the cashier at Cracker Barrel to check the remaining balance on your gift card, or you can input your card information on the Cracker Barrel website where you can check your card balance.

Where Can I Buy a Cracker Barrel Gift Card?

You can buy a Cracker Barrel Gift Card at Amazon, CVS, Target, or Walmart.

How Long Are Cracker Barrel Gift Cards Good For?

Cracker Barrel gift cards never expire and are thus, valid for life.

Can Cracker Barrel Gift Cards Be Used in The Store?

Yes, Cracker Barrel Gift cards can be used in the store.

How To Use a Gift Card on Cracker Barrel Website?

Cracker Barrel does not accept gift cards for online purchases at the moment.

How To Use Gift Card on Cracker Barrel App?

Cracker Barrel does not accept gift cards as a method of payment on their App as of yet.

Where is The Pin on a Cracker Barrel Gift Card?

At the back of the Cracker Barrel gift card, there is a scratch-off sticker where you will find the PIN.

What If My Cracker Barrel Gift Card Doesn’t Have a PIN?

If your Cracker Barrel gift card doesn’t come with a PIN, you should contact +1-866-604-1011 where they will guide you with what the next step will be.

Final Thoughts

Having Cracker Barrel gift cards on hand when shopping at Cracker Barrel whether at their Old Country Store or their Gift Shop or Restaurant is always a good idea.

Cracker Barrel Gift Cards are also the perfect gift idea for anyone, a loved one, or a friend for any occasion.

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