Bob Evans Gift Card Balance Facilities in 2024

Bob Evans gift cards act as pre-loaded payment methods. You can easily redeem the cash contained in these cards for food and beverages at Bob Evans Restaurants.

These gift cards come with several benefits that the foodies can enjoy. But, having no expiration date overpowers all other benefits. Yes, they have no expiration date and can be used for a lifetime.

Having known that you must be thinking about purchasing a Bob Evans gift card. You can easily buy a gift card at your local Bob Evans Restaurant.

However, there are also other methods, both online and offline, to purchase this gift card. You can find a detailed discussion of these methods in this article.

But before moving on to that, you must know that you can load $10 – $250 in a Bob Evans gift card. Moreover, the cost of buying a gift card depends upon the type of card you’re buying.

Where Can I Buy a Bob Evans Gift Card

Where Can I Buy a Bob Evans Gift Card?

You can buy a Bob Evans gift card from Bob Evan Restaurants, both in-store and online. You simply have to visit their website and go to the Gift Cards tab.

From here you can buy a gift card, reload, and even check your Bob Evans gift card balance. Besides Bob Evans’ original website, there are also a few other options to buy a gift card from.

01. Bob Evans Gift Card Walmart

Simply go to the Walmart website and type “Bob Evans gift card” in the search box. An e-gift card of Bob Evans will appear on the screen.

You can go for $15, $25, or $50, based on your needs. The ecard will be delivered to you digitally via email.

02. Bob Evans Gift Card Target

Target also offers digital delivery for Bob Evans e-gift card. Go to the “Gift Card” tab on their website and select an ecard ranging from $15-$50.

03. Bob Evans Card Amazon

Visit the Amazon website and search for “Bob Evans gift card” in the search box.

Select an amount between $15-$250, and fill in the necessary information, such as your email address and name. They will make an email delivery of your card.  

04. Bob Evans Gift Card CVS

CVS did use to sell e-gift cards for famous brands, such as Subway and Panera. But, they only sell their own CVS e-gift cards now.

How To Use Bob Evans Gift Card Online?

Following is a short, helpful how-to guide for the online use of your Bob Evans gift card

1. Visit The Website

Go to the official website of Bob Evans Restaurant.

2. Order Online

Click the tab “Order Online”. The delicious menu of Bob Evans will appear on your screen.

3. Add To Cart

Now, select your meal, based on what taste you’re craving for. Add your favorite food to the cart, and tap the checkout button.

4. Select The Payment Method

Once you proceed to checkout, you’ll be asked to choose a payment method. Here select the option named “Gift Card”.

5. Enter The Details of Your Gift Card

This step is the most important and requires your undivided attention. Here you’ll be asked to enter the card number of your Bob Evans gift card. Once you do this, enter the card’s PIN code.

6. Hit Submit

Hit submit now and your food will be delivered to your doorstep.

How To Check Balance on Bob Evans Gift Card?

There are several ways to check Bob Evans gift card balance, as described below:

Via The Website

You can perform a quick balance check on the official website of Bob Evans restaurant.

  • Go to the website’s homepage and click “Menu & Locations”.
  • Now open the tab “Gift Cards” and proceed to the tab “Check Your Balance”
  • Provide the website with your card number and PIN code
  • Hit “Get Card History”. Your card balance will appear on your screen.

Via Phone

You can also dial 1-888-892-3813 and politely inquire about the available representative about your gift card balance. You’ll be asked to give your card number or any other required details.


You can also take your Bob Evans gift card to your nearby Bob Evan Restaurant and ask the cashier to check your balance.

The cashier will ask you to provide him with your gift card number. Or, he can also scan your card and tell you your available balance.

Via Receipt

Certainly, you’re given receipts after every purchase through your gift card. The receipt also has the remaining amount of the card mentioned on it.

How To Use Bob Evans Gift Card on App?

As great as the Bob Evans app may be, sadly it doesn’t let you use your Bob Evans gift card on it. There’s no way you can add the gift card on the Bob Evans app.

Still, you can make an online purchase via your gift card on the official website of Bob Evans restaurant.

However, an app called gyft, does accept payment via Bob Evans gift card. Follow the steps mentioned below to use Bob Evans’s gift card on gyft.

Upload Bob Evan Gift Card on Gyft

First, you have to upload your gift card on gyft.

  • Open the app, you’ll see the “Upload” button at the bottom of the app.
  • Tap it, and search for Bob Evans restaurant.
  • Add the restaurant once it appears.
  • Now, enter your Bob Evans gift card credentials, and tap “Save Card”. Your card will be added.

Make a Purchase

You can now make an in-store purchase using your Bob Evans gift card on this app.

How To Send Someone Bob Evans Gift Card?

First, you need to buy a Bob Evans e-gift card. You can buy that through Walmart, Target, or Amazon, based on your choice.

The e-gift cards are digitally delivered to you via email delivery. Once you receive Bob Evans’s e-gift card, you can easily send it to your family and friends.

E Gift Card How To Use

You can use e-gift cards for making online purchases. You just need to fill your cart with all the items that you want to buy.

Now, when you proceed to checkout, just select gift card under the payment method section. And, enter your e-gift card number and PIN code, and proceed further.


The Bob Evans gift card never expires and it doesn’t cost you any maintenance fee as well. Moreover, it’s flexible, as you can use it for online orders, carryout, and dine-in.

You can gift an ecard to your loved ones. Furthermore, these gift cards are easily redeemable, and the balance can be checked easily.

What To Do if Stolen/Damage?

Thankfully, you can get a replacement if your Bob Evans gift card gets stolen, lost, or damaged. But, you need proof of purchase for that.

The proof can be any receipt for making a purchase using your gift card. So, it’s advised to keep those receipts saved in a box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Check The Balance on My Bob Evans Gift Card?

You can easily check your Bob Evans gift card balance on the official site of Bob Evans. Just navigate to the website’s home page.
Go to the “Menu and Locations” bar, then go to “Gift Cards”, and then proceed to “Check Balance”.

What is Bob Evans Gift Card Balance Phone Number?

Dial 1-888-892-3813 on your phone. You can ask about your gift card balance once the available representative responds.

How Long Are Bob Evans Gift Cards Good For?

Fortunately, Bob Evans gift cards have no expiration date. Buy yourself a gift card and use it for a lifetime.
The gift card doesn’t even cost you any maintenance fee, and it can also be replaced if lost or stolen.

Can I Use a Gift Card For Bob Evans Online?

Yes, you can. You can make an online purchase or order online food through your gift card on the website of Bob Evans. You have to select “Gift Card” as your payment method and enter the card credentials.

How Do I Redeem My Bob Evans Gift Card?

You can easily redeem it on the Bob Evans website while making an online purchase.
You can also redeem ecard of Bob Evans at the store if you take a print of the entire Bob Evans e-gift card email and present it to the cashier.

Can I Check Bob Evans Gift Card Balance At Store?

Yes, you can ask the cashier to track your gift card balance. He usually scans your card and discloses the remaining amount on your card.

How To Activate Bob Evans Gift Card?

You don’t need to activate it. It’s already activated when you buy them.
Still, if you encounter any problem while using it, you can ask for help on the official site of Bob Evans.

Final Thoughts

Bob Evans is a well-known food chain across the USA. With the launch of their gift cards, they have made making purchases easier in this digital world of ours.

Their gift card can easily be redeemed for food and beverages. Moreover, it’s flexible, can’t be expired, and has no maintenance fee.

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