Wendy’s Dollar Menu With Prices & Calories 2024

Wendy’s is considered one of the better hamburger drive-thru franchises. In addition, they have a big Dollar Meal menu. New items are often added to the menu. 

If you are on a tight budget, a Dollar Menu meal is the perfect meal choice for you. There are many meal and drink options such as the Crispy Chicken Salad Sandwich with the value natural cut fries.

You can add a tea or soda for another dollar for your beverage.  There are thirteen different items and six different meals to be found on the Dollar menu.

All Wendy’s carry the Value Meals and when new changes or additions are made to the Value Meal options, the marketing team will do an advertisement roll-out and the website will list those items.

This Value meal option is one of the most popular features to be found at any fast food restaurant.

Wendys Dollar Menu Popular Items

Wendy’s Dollar Menu Prices

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich $0.99
  • 4 Pc Regular Chicken Nuggets $0.99
  • Value Natural Cut Fries $0.99
  • Value Soft Drink $0.99
  • Small Frosty $0.99
  • Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe $1.59
  • 6 Pc Regular Chicken Nuggets $1.59
  • Caesar or Garden Salad $1.69
  • Jr Bacon Cheeseburger $1.99
  • Chicken Go Wrap spicy or grilled $1.99
  • Small Chili $1.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$0.99  
4 Pc Regular Chicken Nuggets$0.99  
Value Natural Cut Fries$0.99  
Value Soft Drink$0.99  
Small Frosty$0.99  
Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe$1.59  
6 Pc Regular Chicken Nuggets$1.59  
Caesar or Garden Salad$1.69  
Jr Bacon Cheeseburger$1.99  
Chicken Go Wrap spicy or grilled$1.99  
Small Chili$1.99

Wendy’s Dollar Menu Popular Items

All of the delicious items on the Wendy’s Dollar Menu are very popular. No matter what you want, there will be something on the menu that can satisfy your hunger.

Check out your local Wendy’s and pick up one of the customer’s favorite three choices. You can’t go wrong with any of them, however, three choices from the large menu are the most popular.

They are: the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, the Crispy Chicken sandwich, and the Spicy Chicken Go wrap.

01. The Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

Everyone loves a good juicy burger, and you can’t ever go wrong with Wendy’s bacon. Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, a popular item on their Dollar Menu, is a yummy and budget-friendly choice.

This burger has a juicy beef patty, crisp bacon strips, melted cheese, lettuce, and a tomato slice. The bun is warm and the burger is delicious.

02. The Crispy Chicken Sandwich

For those times you don’t want a burger, but still want a sandwich, consider the popular Wendy’s Dollar Value Crispy Chicken sandwich.

It has a crispy, golden-brown chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise sitting in a soft bun, this sandwich is amazing. The chicken is seasoned perfectly for a delightful meal.

03. The Spicy Chicken Go Wrap

Wraps have become very popular lately and Wendy’s serves one of the best in town. Not only do they serve one of the best, but they have included it on their Dollar Value menu.

This wrap features a seasoned and crispy chicken tender, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and a spicy sauce. All of this is wrapped in a flour tortilla.

When you bite into the fresh wrap and taste the perfectly seasoned chicken, you will be very happy.

What is Wendy’s $5 Special?

For only $5, Wendy’s customers can get a sandwich(pick one from the Double Stack, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Junior Bacon Cheeseburger), 4 piece Chicken Nuggets, Hot & Crispy Jr. Fries, and a small soft drink of choice(Coke products or Dr. Pepper). The Five Dollar Special is a delicious and cost-friendly option. 

Wendy’s Dollar Menu Calories

For those of you watching your calories, you will be pleased with the low-calorie options offered on the Dollar Menu. A Frosty only has 170 calories with the regular Coke having 130 calories.

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich (Plain) is around 320 calories. You can see how low these meals and beverages are. You can add Value fries to any of the options and they are only 192 calories.

So depending upon which items you pick, you could have a full meal for around 600 calories. Watching your calories and your budget is easy with the Wendy’s Dollar menu.

Service Review of Wendy’s

Wendy’s gets five stars out of five stars for the review. The areas to be considered are price, quality of product, and customer service.

With the Value menu options such as the One Dollar or the Biggie, Wendy’s is perfect for when you are on a tight budget.

Whether income is slow or you are saving for a vacation, you can still get a tasty, affordable meal such as chili and fries.

The quality and variety of their products are amazing. Their diverse menu means that there is a choice for everyone, even the pickiest eater in your group. The customer service is terrific.

You have smiling employees and a variety of delivery methods, such as curbside pick-up for your food. Yes, Wendy’s scores five stars!

Wendy’s Order Options

Not all drive-thru fast food operations have the variety of delivery choices that Wendy’s offers.

They have several different methods to suit you when you want a Smoothie and fries. They even do home delivery! The methods are:

In StoreYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

Important Links of Wendy’s

It is nice to have the various Wendy’s links available to you, they are:

Order Onlineorder.wendys.com
Phone Appswww.wendys.com/wendys-app

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wendy’s Dollar Menu?

Wendy’s Dollar Menu offers a selection of affordable items, each costing one dollar. It includes various options like burgers, chicken nuggets, and more, providing customers with budget-friendly choices.

What is Wendy’s $5 Meal Called?

Wendy’s $5 meal includes a 4-piece chicken nugget, small fries, a small drink, and a choice of a junior bacon cheeseburger or another small sandwich.

What Comes in The $5 Biggie Bag?

The $5 Biggie Bag at Wendy’s includes a bacon double stack, a 4-piece chicken nugget, small fries, and a small drink, providing a satisfying and economical meal.

Did Wendy’s Get Rid of The 4 For 4?

It is exactly what it says: four items for four dollars. Check the website or your local Wendy’s for the latest items offered.

What Comes in The $6 Biggie Bag At Wendy’s?

The $6 Biggie Bag includes a bacon double stack, a 10-piece chicken nugget, small fries, and a small drink, offering a meal at an affordable price.

What is Wendy’s $3 Breakfast Consist of?

Wendy’s $3 breakfast options vary, but common items include breakfast sandwiches like the honey butter chicken biscuit or the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. Always check the current menu for the latest breakfast items.

Final Thoughts

Wendy’s restaurants are all over the world. They are known for their delicious food, affordable prices, and amazing service.

So, go ahead and order you a yummy Dollar Value Meal today. Enjoy it.

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