Bob Evans Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

It all started when the owner, Bob Evans, started serving his hot, authentic American cuisine with high-quality ingredients.

Now, 70 years later, his food chain restaurant is available in eighteen US states and keeps satisfying various customer’s food preferences, including classic breakfast meals.

There are around 34 breakfast types on the Bob Evans, and there are options for those who want something lighter and those with big appetites.

Some of the most popular items are their sirloin steak with fresh eggs from the farm, the toothsome country biscuits, blue ribbon bacon, the buttermilk breakfast sandwich, and many others.

But it’s just a small portion of their breakfast servings, and there are other options like the caramel apple, always coming fresh and straight from the farm.

Read on to find out everything about Bob Evans’s breakfast menu!

Bob Evans Breakfast Prices

Bob Evans Breakfast Prices

The breakfast menu prices at Bob Evans are accommodated to suit all customers, regardless of their budget.

The highest-priced breakfast item there is a meal from the family-size breakfast options, and it is Brunch for a Bunch Bundle, priced at $79.19.

Other high-priced breakfast items following that one is the Homestead Family Breakfast at $52.79, the Farmer’s Choice Family Breakfast priced at $47.49, the Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich Bundle, and the Shine Family Breakfast, both available for $39.59.

The lowest-priced breakfast meal at Bob Evans is probably the Shredded Hash Browns or the Golden Brown Home fries, available for only $14.29.

Some of the other low-priced breakfast meals are the Cinna-Biscuits for $4.69, the Blue Ribbon Bacon for $5.79, the Sausage Links, the Hardwood Smoked Bacon, the Sausage Patties, the Hickory Smoked Ham, all for $4.79, the Sausage Gravy and Biscuits for $7.69, etc.

Bob Evans Family-Size Breakfast

Farmer’s Choice61080 $47.49
Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich Bundle (Sausage Biscuit or Bacon Biscuit)6$39.59
Rise & Shine6730 $39.59
Homestead Family Breakfast6960 $52.79
Sausage Gravy and Biscuits61100 $15.39
Brunch For A Bunch Bundle8$79.19
Golden Brown Home Fries6270 $14.29
Shredded Hash Browns6180$14.29
Sausage Patties640 $14.29
Sausage Links570 $14.29
Hickory-Smoked Ham410$14.29
Hardwood-Smoked Bacon580 $14.29

Bob Evans Breakfast Combos

The Original Farmer’s Choice1070 $12.49
Farmhand Biscuit Sandwich Platter1290$14.79
Banana Berry Farmer1270 $14.59
Double Meat Farmer’s Choice1170 $15.29
Homestead Farmer930 $13.59
Rise & Shine870 $11.29
The Everything Breakfast1130 $14.09
The Whole Hog1800 $15.79
Country-Fried Steak and Farm-Fresh Eggs1310 $13.19
The Big Egg Breakfast690 $12.59
Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich  (Sausage Biscuit or Bacon Biscuit)530 $9.89
Steak Tips & Eggs470 $15.69
Blue Ribbon Bacon390 $5.79
Country Biscuit690 $8.69
Sausage Gravy and Biscuits (Cup)770 $7.69
Cinna-Biscuits700 $4.69
Hardwood-Smoked Bacon190 $4.79
Sausage Links320 $4.79
Sausage Patties320 $4.79
Chicken Sausage180 $4.79
Shredded Hash Browns220 $3.29
Hickory-Smoked Ham100 $4.79
Golden Brown Home Fries250 $3.29

Bob Evans Breakfast Calories

All customers at Bob Evans are informed about the nutrition details for the breakfast items they serve.

Most breakfast servings at Bob Evans are big portions, some of which might be over 1000 calories. However, there are also breakfast options with lower calorie counts.

The breakfast items that come as the highest calorie meals are family-sized meals such as the Big Farm Breakfast with meats, hashbrowns, pancakes, and eggs, which is 1480 calories.

Also, the Farmer’s Choice Breakfast ranges from 1100 to 1460 calories, and the Country Biscuit Breakfast ranges from 870 to 1290 calories.

On the other hand, are the low-calorie breakfast items like Egg Beaters or egg whites at only 70 calories, the fruit cup with 80 calories, and Oatmeal with 270 calories.

Popular Items From Bob Evans Breakfast

Since Bob Evans was first launched, their food was recognized as comforting, making it the choice of numerous homestyle cravings. The same goes for their breakfast servings.

If you are wondering what are the most wanted breakfast items at Bob Evans, here is an overview:

The Rise and Shine Breakfast

It is the classic Bob Evans breakfast and remains the No.1 most-wanted breakfast meal.

This serving comes with two eggs and a meat of your choice (the Bob Evans sausage or bacon), and it is served with home fries and two tasty biscuits.

The Farmer’s Choice

This breakfast offering is especially popular for six people and has everything a customer may want. It comprises scrambled eggs, sausage links, home fries, and hotcakes.

The Big Egg Breakfast

Another mouthwatering breakfast dish at Bob Evans that you may like is premium beef smothered with delicious country gravy.

Also, it comes with two cracked eggs (you can choose how you want them made) and golden hash browns or home fries on the side. But that’s not all because it comes with fresh and delightful biscuits.

 The Belgian Waffle Breakfast

The Belgian waffle at Bob Evans is unique because it is made of sweet cream batter. You can customize it and add flavors, like a scoop of blueberry or other seasonal toppings.

The Crepes (The Blueberry and The Seasonal Crepes)

The crepes at Bob Evans come as a pair, so you can devour two of them filled with vanilla cream cheese and choose a fruit topping.

The Breakfast Sampler

This serving is part of the Bob Evans senior breakfast menu items, and it offers two eggs prepared as you like them, which you can pair with two breakfast meats, such as the sausage links and the smoked bacon.

Also, it comes with either hash browns or home fries and a toast.

The Sausage Gravy With Biscuits

This breakfast meal is one of the most requested breakfast items at Bob Evans. It is a serving of savory sausage gravy with freshly baked biscuits.

The Everything Breakfast

The name of this breakfast tells you everything; it has everything you may want to try, featuring three scrambled eggs, sausage links, hickory-smoked ham, and smoked bacon with tomatoes, cheddar chees and a bit of hollandaise sauce, all together with a stack of golden hash browns. Also, it comes with a side of biscuit.

Does Bob Evans Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Bob Evans does not serve their breakfast menu all day. There are specific hours when they serve it.

The typical hours are from 7:00 am to 11:00 am from Monday to Friday.

Saturdays breakfast is usually served from 7:00 am to 12:00 and 7:00 am to 11:00 am on Sundays. However, these hours can differ in some Bob Evans locations.

How To Order Bob Evans Breakfast Menu?

Customers have several options to order items from the breakfast menu at Bob Evans.

First, you can always order your favorite breakfast meal in-store by visiting the Bob Evans restaurant.

In addition, those who want to dine out can order their breakfast takeout directly from the restaurant. Second, you can use online ordering and visit their official page.

And third, you can use the Bob Evans mobile app (App and Google Play Store) and order breakfast from your phone.

Bob Evans Payment & Delivery Methods

Bob Evans allows you to pay in cash, with a credit/debit card, via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, or even pay with their gift cards.

Note: Remember that the contactless payment method and paying with the Bob Evans Gift Card might not be an option at all Bob Evans locations.

In-Store PaymentYes, it is available
Drive ThruYes, it is available
Home DeliveryYes, it is available

The delivery options at Bob Evans are direct pickup from the restaurant (you can call and order from the restaurant or place an online order).

There are also curbside pickup options, direct delivery services, and third-party delivery options.

Important Links of Bob Evans

Order Onlinewww.bobevans.com/order  
Phone Appswww.bobevans.com/app  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Are in Bob Evans Everything Breakfast?

The breakfast serving at Bob Evan’s contains around 1500 calories.

Where To Buy Bob Evans Breakfast Mix?

You can purchase Bob Evans breakfast mix in their store, or you can

What Time Does Bob Evans Serve Breakfast Until?

Same as in Starbucks, the breakfast menu at Bob Evans is available all day so you can order yours any time between 7 am and 9 pm.

How To Cook Bob Evans Breakfast Sausage Links?

You can cook Bob Evans’s breakfast sausage links on slow or medium heat and wait until all the water evaporates (around 6 minutes).
Then, flip the links until they turn brown (another 6-8 minutes).

What Are Bob Evans Breakfast Bowls?

The Bob Evans breakfast bowls are meals meant to be nourishing yet filling.
They are rich in vitamins and contain a blend of sweet potatoes, different kinds of vegetables, and, often, spinach.

How Many Calories in Bob Evans Breakfast Burritos?

The burrito meal at Bob Evans contains 350 calories.

Final Thoughts

Bob Evans offers many breakfast options and can satisfy almost everyone’s tastes and cravings.

Sometimes, it is difficult to choose and pick a breakfast meal since there are so many variations.

There are breakfast meals for those who want a low-calorie option and items for those with a bigger appetite.

The prices of their breakfast items are quite reasonable for the portions they serve.

The best part is that customers are well-informed about these items’ nutritional and calorie details.

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