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Wendy’s Calories Menu (Updated 2024)

Wendy’s calorie menu is diverse and goes from high-calorie giant burgers for more than 1200 calories to wraps and sandwiches under 500 calories. 

It is up to what you choose, and you won’t even notice when those mouth-watering burgers make you cross 1000 calories straight!

However, among the famous Pretzel Baconator and Nacho Cheeseburger, you will also find low-calorie options like Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Bacon Double Stack, and Jr. Cheeseburgers.

Wendy’s calories are comparatively more balanced for sandwiches and wraps. The Grilled chicken wrap gives only 420 calories, and the Crispy Chicken sandwich renders just 330 calories. 

On a healthier note, you have nutritious salads like the Parmesan Ceasar Salad, Apple Pecan Salad, Taco Salad, and Cobb Salad, all ranging from 500 to 700 calories.

Wendys Hamburgers Calories

Wendy’s Hamburgers Calories

Loaded Nacho CheeseburgerSingle710
Pretzel Baconator®1050
Dave’s Single590
Son of Baconator®630
Big Bacon Classic®Single910
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger370
Bacon Double Stack440
Jr. Cheeseburger290
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe340
Jr. Hamburger250
Double Stack™410

Wendy’s Chicken & Nuggets Calories

Loaded Nacho Chicken670
Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich690
Spicy Chicken Nuggets4 pcs190
6 pcs280
10 pcs470
Classic Chicken Sandwich490
Spicy Chicken Sandwich490
Asiago Ranch Classic Chicken Club620
Grilled Chicken Wrap420
Crispy Chicken BLT420
Spicy Asiago Ranch Club620
Crispy Chicken Sandwich330
Crispy Chicken Nuggets4 pcs180
6 pcs270
10 pcs450
Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich520

Wendy’s Salads

Cobb Salad670
Parmesan Caesar Salad530
Taco Salad690
Apple Pecan Salad540

Wendy’s Fries & Sides

Queso Fries390
French Friescut210
Chili Cheese Fries520
Baconator Fries460
Cheese Fries470
Plain Baked Potato270
Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato310
Chili & Cheese Baked Potato500
Bacon Cheese Baked Potato440
Apple Bites35
Cheese Baked Potato450
Spicy Chicken Nuggets4 pcs190
6 pcs280
Crispy Chicken Nuggets4 pcs180
6 pcs270

Wendy’s Kids Meal Calories

Kids’ 4 PC. Spicy Nuggets190
Kids’ 4PC Nuggets240-620
Kids’ Cheeseburger320-640
Kids’ Hamburger300-620

Healthy Breakfast Options At Wendy’s 

If you’re looking for healthy breakfast options at Wendy’s, you can go with the breakfast combos, which offer optimal calories. Or else you can select croissants, sandwiches, or cookies individually from the menu. 

Considering Wendy’s calories, some of the most-healthy breakfast options include the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant Combo, which gives only 570 calories and consists of a crispy, flaky croissant with potato wedges and a drink.

Similarly, you can use other breakfast combos like Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit Combo for only 500 calories.

If you want to have an even lighter one, then go for the Bacon, Egg, and Swiss Croissant combo that comes with egg, smokey bacon, and Swiss cheese for only 430 calories.

Besides combos, you can always have the English muffins, which are an excellent low-calorie breakfast option at Wendy’s. 

Wendy’s Most Nutritious Items 

While most people think Wendy’s high-calorie burgers make it unhealthy, you’ll be surprised to see some nutritious and healthy items on the menu. 

Here are Wendy’s most nutritious items:

01. Jr. Cheeseburger

Wendy’s Jr. cheeseburger is the healthiest item among all the burgers. With just 290 calories, it is a cheesy beef treat that perfectly controls your food cravings.

02. Jr. Hamburger

Jr. hamburger is also a lighter addition to the burger options at Wendy’s. This little beefy treat comes topped with veggies in just 250 calories.

03. Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe

This is another one with low calories and high nutrients. Wendy’s Jr. cheeseburger deluxe is all about veggies and beef with cheese and pickles, all placed on a soft bun.

04. Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap

The juicy grilled chicken ranch wrap with cheddar cheese and romaine lettuce is another healthy option with just 420 calories.

04. Salads

When it comes to healthy eating, salads are your best friend, and so are salads at Wendy’s. The freshly prepared Parmesan Caesar salad, Cobb salad, and apple pecan salads are the top most nutritious items on Wendy’s menu

06. Oatmeal Bars

Wendy’s oatmeal bars are healthy and wholesome treats with just 280 calories per serving. The whole oats, cranberries, and blueberries make these a perfect low-calorie dessert option.

Wendy’s Least Nutritious Items 

With just one look at Wendy’s calorie menu, you’ll be able to find the calorie giants that can be the least nutritious for you. 

Here are some of the least nutritious items at Wendy’s

01. Loaded Nacho Tripple Cheeseburger

Loaded nacho triple cheeseburger, as the name suggests, contains three beef patties that are layered with cheese in between and on the top.

So, do not let the veggies fool you, as this one is truly a calorie giant that gives you 1280 calories in one go. 

02. Pretzel Baconator

Wendy’s Pretzel Baconator has two layers of beef with six strips of smoked bacon drizzled with mayo and cheese.

This one might look like a high-protein option with all that meat. But 1050 calories, sounds like a bad idea. 

Imagine having half of your daily calories in one sitting. Now that’s not so healthy, is it?

07. Big Bacon Classic Triple

Another one with 1220 calories comes from three layers of beef, bacon, and a lot of cheese. These are surely not healthy even when you are having hunger pangs. 

Wendy’s Menu Keto Friendly Options 

Wendy’s menu can serve as a great option for people on a keto diet. Some of the keto-friendly options include the Big Bacon Classic, which gives 29g of protein and only 5g of carbs if you remove the bun.

Moreover, Dave’s single without ketchup and bun also gives 29g protein and 2-3g net carbs. The same goes for the grilled chicken sandwich, which gives 34g of protein.

Vegan Items At Wendy’s Menu 

Unfortunately, vegan options are limited at Wendy’s. You can go for the Taco salad or other freshly made salads with some customization.

Or, you can have the seasoned potatoes, fries, and apple bites. You can also make other vegan options by making changes, such as removing the sauces, cheese, and meat.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Has The Least Amount of Calories At Wendy’s?

The 4 pc. Spicy Chicken Nuggets at Wendy’s have the least calories. Other low-calorie options include crispy chicken sandwiches and Jr. Hamburger.

How Many Calories in A 4 Piece Wendy’s?

The 4 piece spicy nuggets at Wendy’s give only 190 calories. This is the lowest calorie option on the entire menu.

How Many Calories Are in a Wendy’s Frosty?

Wendy’s Frosty comes in 4 different servings of Jr. classic, classic, medium, and large that give 190, 310, 390, and 500 calories, respectively.

How Many Calories in Wendy’s Chili?

Wendy’s chili comes in small and large servings that give 240 and 340 calories per serving.

How Many Calories Are in Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets?

Chicken nuggets also come in different serving sizes at Wendy’s. The 4-piece serving gives 180 calories, and the 6-piece and 10-piece servings give 270 & 450 calories.

What Has The Most Calories At Wendy’s?

The loaded Nacho Tripple Cheeseburger has the highest calories, with 1280 kcal in one serving.

Is Wendy’s Burger Healthy?

Yes, some options like Jr. hamburger, Jr bacon cheeseburger, Jr. cheeseburger, and Jr. Cheeseburger deluxe are healthy burgers at Wendy’s

What is The Unhealthiest Food From Wendys?

The loaded Nacho Tripple Cheeseburger is the unhealthiest option as it gives the highest number of calories per serving.

Final Thoughts 

Wendy’s is a popular fast-food chain that has exciting items on the menu. However, when you look closer at the calories, you’ll find some very high-calorie items that can be bad if consumed regularly.

On a positive note, there are many healthy alternatives at Wendy’s that can help you with unwanted cravings and satisfy your taste buds without any extra pounds.

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