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IHOP Dinner & Lunch Menu With Prices 2024

IHOP specializes in breakfast foods but you can get lunch and dinner items as well.

With over 1682 stores operating in the US, IHOP offers a huge variety of items on its menu.

You can opt for burgers and sandwiches, pancakes, biscuits, soups, salads, eggs, desserts, and beverages.

You can choose platters, entrees, family feasts, combos, burrito bowls, and much more.

There are no separate menus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu as you can order any item at any time depending on availability.

IHOP offers delivery, in-store, and pickup services so you can decide how you wish to enjoy your meal.

IHOP Dinner Menu

IHOP Lunch and Dinner Prices

The prices of items on the IHOP lunch and dinner menu vary from place to place and from item to item. Some dishes cost around just $6 while others cost around $15.99.

There are also several items between the two. The table shows the rate of popular items on the IHOP lunch and dinner menu.

IHOP 55+ Menu

2 x 2 x 2540-750$6.99
Breakfast Sampler660-710$8.99
Thick ‘N Fluffy French Toast590-700$7.29
Rise ‘N Shine610-1000$7.99
Fresh Berry Salad (Crispy or Grilled)650-810$10.99
New Pot Roast370$10.99
Crispy Shrimp780$8.99
All-Natural Roasted Turkey240$7.99
Crispy Fish840$8.99

IHOP Entrees

New Pot Roast360$13.99
New Country Fried Steak800-820$12.99
Atlantic Salmon250$15.99
T-Bone Steak Dinner290$16.99
Sirloin Steak Tips510$14.99
Sirloin Salisbury Steak680$13.99
All- Natural Roasted Turkey310$12.99

IHOP Sides

Hickory Smoked Bacon Strips2 pcs100$2.69
4 pcs200$3.99
New Buttermilk Biscuit810$3.29
Slice of Ham120$3.99
Pork Sausage Links2 pcs210$2.69
4 pcs420$3.99
New Impossible Sausage Patties From Plants240$3.99
Turkey Bacon Strips2 pcs60$2.69
4 pcs120$3.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit50$3.99
Two Eggs60-220$1.99
Onion Rings570$3.99
French Fries320$2.99
Sharp Cheddar Mac & Cheese350$2.99

IHOP Burgers & Chicken Sandwiches 

The Classic

Impossible Burger Patty$11.48
Grilled Chicken630$9.99
Crispy Chicken750$9.99

The Classic With Bacon 

Impossible Burger Patty$14.08
Grilled Chicken730$12.59
Crispy Chicken850$12.59

Bourbon Bacon Jam

Impossible Burger Patty$15.89
Grilled Chicken870$12.99
Crispy Chicken980$12.99

Big Brunch 

Impossible Burger Patty$14.48
Grilled Chicken770$12.99
Crispy Chicken890$12.99

Cowboy BBQ 

Impossible Burger Patty$15.98
Grilled Chicken920$12.99
Crispy Chicken1030$12.99

Jalapeno Kick 

Impossible Burger Patty$14.48
Grilled Chicken1110$12.99
Crispy Chicken1220$12.99

IHOP Platters

Crispy Fish and Fries1000$11.99
Crispy Shrimp and Fries980$11.99
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Strips and Fries1050-1060$9.99
New Nashville Crispy Chicken and Fries1050-1060$9.99
Boneless BBQ Chicken Strips and Fries1300-1310$9.99

IHOP Dinner For Two $10

IHOP offers a special menu for 55+ customers. All items come at discounted rates, usually under $10. If you’re 55 and above, you can claim the offer on breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

Some restaurants may also offer buy one, get one free deal on 55+ menu. However, the official site doesn’t mention it so check with your local IHOP and see if they offer that.

You can also opt for other offers such as deals starting at $6 from 3:00 pm onwards. There’s also a “kids free meal” from 4:00 pm where children under 12 can enjoy certain items on the menu for free.

What is Available in IHOP Dinner Specials?

There are plenty of items on the IHOP menu. While there aren’t separate menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are special items that you can have for each meal time.

Here are some IHOP dinner specials:

Entrees (With Two Compulsory Sides)

  • New Country Fried Steak – 800-820 calories
  • New Pot Roast – 360 calories
  • T-Bone Steak Dinner – 290 calories
  • All- Natural Roasted Turkey – 310 calories
  • Sirloin Salisbury Steak – 680 calories
  • Atlantic Salmon – 250 calories
  • Sirloin Steak Tips – 510 calories

Sides For Entrees (With Calories)

  • French Fries – 320
  • Onion Rings – 570
  • 2 Buttermilk Pancakes – 320
  • Yellow and Green Beans – 100
  • Steamed Fresh Broccoli- 90
  • Side Salad – 140
  • Rice Medley – 240
  • Sharp Cheddar Mac & Cheese – 350
  • Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes – 240

Sides (Regular)

  • Slice of Ham – 120
  • Pork Sausage Links – 210/420
  • Hickory Smoked Bacon Strips – 100/200
  • New Buttermilk Biscuit – 810
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit – 50
  • Turkey Bacon Strips – 60/120
  • New Impossible Sausage Patties from Plants (2) – 240
  • Hash Browns – 220
  • Buttered Toast – 170/350
  • Buttered English Muffin – 180
  • Crispy Breakfast Potatoes – 280
  • 2 Eggs – 60/220

You have to choose two sides for any order. The third side and beverage are optional.

What is Available in IHOP Lunch Specials?

While you can have any item for lunch, you also have some special food typically eaten at lunch. Here are the items you can choose from the IHOP lunch menu.

Burgers & Chicken Sandwiches (With Calories)

  • The Classic (630-780)
  • The Classic with Bacon (730-880)
  • Bourbon Bacon Jam (870-1020)
  • Big Brunch (770-920)
  • Cowboy BBQ (920-1070)
  • Jalapeno Kick (1110-1260)

You have to choose a side with any burger or sandwich order.

Platters (With Calories)

  • Crispy Shrimp & Fries (980)
  • Crispy Fish & Fries (1000)
  • Fisherman’s Platter (1100)
  • Boneless BBQ Crispy Chicken Strips & Fries (1200-1310)
  • New Nashville Chicken Strips & Fries (1050-1060)
IHOP Lunch Menu
Photo Credit: Flickr.com, CC

IHOP Lunch and Dinner Menu Popular Items

IHOP has a huge number of items on its menu. But as with any restaurant or fast-food brand, not all are popular. People have different preferences and they like some dishes more than others.

Some popular IHOP items include The Classic, The Classic with Bacon, Boneless BBQ Crispy Chicken Strips & Fries, Atlantic Salmon, Fisherman’s Platter, Sirloin Steak Tips, Original Short Stack Buttermilk Pancakes.

1. The Classic

It’s one of the most favored items on the IHOP menu. The Classic burger contains lettuce, tomato, American cheese, red onion, pickles, and IHOP sauce jammed between a regular bun.

You can customize it and add grilled chicken, steak burger, impossible burger party, or crispy chicken.

2. The Classic with Bacon

If you want a heavier option, The Classic with Bacon is a superb choice. it’s also delicious, filling with fresh crunchy veggies.

Nestled between two buns are hickory-smoked bacon, pickles, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, IHOP sauce, and red onion.

3. Atlantic Salmon

Anyone looking for a light but healthy and flavorful meal can have Atlantic Salmon. The filet is perfectly grilled and you can enjoy it with two sides of your choice.

4. Fisherman’s Platter

Do you want some crunchy, light, and tasty items all on one plate? Fisherman’s Platter is also a popular choice at IHOP.

The dish contains “2 crisp battered fish and 5 crispy shrimp with French Fries, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and a lemon wedge”.

5. Boneless BBQ Crispy Chicken Strips & Fries

It’s also tasty and the right item for lunch or dinner if you want it heavy.

Boneless BBQ Crispy Chicken Strips & Fries is made of all-natural chicken and mixed with tangy BBQ sauce. It’s serviced with fries and a sauce of your choice.

6. Sirloin Steak Tips

If you want a little twist for dinner, Sirloin Steak Tips is a lovely option. It’s a combo of “tender sirloin steak tips sauteed with grilled mushrooms & onions”.

7. Original Buttermilk Short Stack Pancakes

Pancakes are a common breakfast feature in millions of households. So, it’s no wonder that the IHOP’s Original Buttermilk Short Stack Pancakes are so popular.

This is what made IHOP a renowned brand. It has three pancakes with a scoop of whipped butter. You can add a syrup of your choice.

Service Reviews of IHOP

IHOP has around 1682 locations in all fifty states across the US and all are franchised owned.

So, while they have some spectacular dishes, not all are exceptionally good. But they’re reasonably priced and they also offer deals frequently.

But what is delicious in one restaurant may not be in another store as a separate franchisee operates each location. It’s the same with IHOP service.

Some places are excellent while others are sloppy. Here are some pros and cons about IHOP food and service.


  • IHOP serves all its menu items throughout the day. So, you can enjoy whatever you prefer any time till they close shop.
  • IHOP’s prices are reasonable and they have a varied menu so there’s something for everyone.
  • The breakfast restaurant chain also launches exclusive deals and offers regularly.
  • They also provide all the nutrition and allergen information with transparency.
  • Service is generally good and customers are happy most of the time.


  • IHOP shares kitchen space and utensils to make all their items so they don’t guarantee any food to be allergen-free or gluten-free.
  • Some locations may offer sloppy service and this mars their reputation.
  • The quality of food may not be the same in all locations.

IHOP Order Options

IHOP offers different Pickup and delivery options as you can see in the table below. However, they don’t have drive-thru facilities.

In StoreAvailable
Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Important Links of IHOP

Order Onlinewww.ihop.com/en
Phone AppsAndroid iOS

Final Thoughts

When you consider the IHOP dinner menu, you have a broad option because they don’t have a specific dinner menu.

You can order combo meals, platters, or whatever pleases you at the moment. IHOP also has specials of the day so feel free to browse on their site and order anything.

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