Subway Catering Menu With Prices 2024

If you are still deciding where to order a delicious, fresh, and affordable catering menu, the simple answer is Subway.

Subway offers a diversity of taste-bud heavens for any food craving and is the perfect option for any small or big gathering or event.

You can order catering food and even customize it at Subway, and you can have all of their mouth-watering signature subs or wraps available at reasonable prices.

You can order anything from their Flavor Craver platter, the Classic (Non Beef) Platter, the Meatless Platter with a combo of Veggie Delite, Veggie Deluxe, and Veggie Patty, or the Fresh Fit Platter, all containing 15 four-inch subs, able to serve 5-9 pax.

You can also build your platter and customize it with up to 5 different types of Subs.

Check out this article on Subway’s catering menu, which reflects what it offers and at what price, plus some additional information you might want to know. Let’s get started!

Subway Catering Menu Prices

Subway Catering Menu Prices

Subway’s catering menu can fit anyone’s pocket, and for most events and gatherings, some of the popular catering items are;

1. The Flavor Craver Platters can be from $75.00 (sub-platter) to $84.00 (wrap-platter).

2. The Classic Platter, which is from $69.00 to $75.00

3. The Meatless Platter is from $69.00 to $75.00.

4. The Fresh Fit Platter is from $72.00 to $82.00.

5. The Customized Platter is available for $79.00 to $86.00, each serving 5-9 pax.

6. The cookie Platter is for $45.00.

Signature Subway Wrap Platters

It feeds about 8-12 people

Signature Savory Wrap Platter250-410$49.99
Signature Classic Wrap Platter210-410$49.99

Subway Catering Platters

It feeds about 5-9 people

Flavor Craver Platter5-93600 $39.99
Classic Combo Platter5-93610 $39.99
Customize Your Own Platter2790-3670$39.99
Subway Fresh Fit Platter2790 $39.99

Subway Platters

Toppings Platter$12.49
Meat & Cheese Platter10-124670 $43.99

Giant Subs

Giant Sub3-foot10-12$50.99

Subway To Go!™

Subway To Go! Meal520-1530$6.99

Subway Salad Bowls

It feeds about 5-9 people

Flavor Craver Salad$30.99
Fresh Fit Salad$28.99

Subway Desserts

Cookie Platter3 dozen$18.00
Cookies by the Dozen 2400-2760$6.49

Subway Catering Menu Calories

Subway’s catering menu offers items on low and high-calorie counts. It all depends on what you want to order, so here is a list of the items with the least to most calories.

Please note that we put these ranges because it depends on what kind of bread and toppings you choose for that catering menu.

  1. The Veggie Delite Sandwich ranges from 230 to 460 calories.
  2. The Turkey Breast Sandwich can go from 290 to 580 calories
  3. The Black Forest Ham Sandwich starts from 290 to 580 calories.
  4. The Subway Club Sandwich begins at roughly 310 to 620 calories.
  5. The Cold Cut Combo Sandwich ranges from 360 to 720 calories.
  6. The Italian B.M.T. Sandwich ranges from around 410 to 820 calories.
  7. The Tuna Sandwich ranges from 420 to 840 calories.
  8. The Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt Sandwich can have 570 to 1140 calories.

Subway Catering Popular Choices

The popular Subway catering items are available as subs or wraps and include some of the customers’ most desired toppings and sauces.

Here are their most ordered, tasty catering choices;

01. The Flavor Craver Platter

It comes with Italian B.M.T Chicken Ham, Roasted Beef, Bulgogi Chicken, and Tuna. Each platter comes with a 15-four-inch sub and is a serving for 5-9 pax.

02. The Classic Platter (Non Beef)

It comes with a Chicken Poloni, Tuna, Turkey, Veggie Delite, and Egg Mayo, and each platter, regardless if it comes in a Sub sandwich or a wrap, contains 15- to four-inch servings, enough for 5-9 pax.

03. The Meatless Platter

This platter comes with a perfect combo of Veggie Delite, Veggie Deluxe, and Veggie Patty subs. It contains a 15-four-inch sub, able to serve 5-9 pax.

04. The Fresh Fit Platter

It comes with Chicken Ham, Egg Mayo, Roasted Beef, Turkey, and Veggie Deluxe and contains a 15-four-inch sub that can serve 5-9 pax.

05. The Customized Platter

Customers can make a customized order and build their Subway platter with up to 5 different types of Subs from their menu. All of those Platters will contain a 15-inch sub and can serve 5-9 pax.

Other than these popular catering choices, everyone can also make a catering order for Subway lunch boxes for a small or large group, such as the Veggie Delite, Egg Mayo, Chicken Ham, Tuna Lunch Box, Cold Cut Trio, Chicken Teriyaki, Roasted Chicken Breast, Meatball Marinara Melt, Chunky Beef Steak, Veggie Patty, Chicken Bacon Ranch, etc.

Subway also offers desserts, and you can order their popular Cookie Platters, which contain 36 pieces of assorted flavors, such as chocolate chip, white chocolate, macadamia nut, or oatmeal raisin.

For a complete catering order, you can also ask for drinks to be catered from Subway and have anything from water, coke, iced tea, coffee, etc.

How is Subway Large Platter Priced?

Subway’s Large Platter serving is usually priced between $40 and $60.

However, those prices can vary depending on factors like location, the ingredients individuals choose, and whether there are any current promotions.

The large Subway platter typically includes several of Subway’s signature sandwiches or wraps, cut into convenient portions suitable for different events and gatherings.

We advise you to get the most accurate pricing information at the specific Subway you want to place your order.

Sometimes, even though you can get the pricing for their large platters from their official website, Subway may offer some discounts or special deals that aren’t listed on the site.

Those discounts will influence the price of the large platters, so we always advise you to call them directly.

Subway Catering Ordering Methods

Subway has several catering options to offer to its customers.

You can order catering through the official Subway website or mobile app or call them and order your catering directly at the desired location.

Another method for catering at Subway is ordering in person at Subway restaurants.

Which Payment Methods Do Subway Accept?

Subway accepts several payment methods. You can always pay, most traditionally, in cash, but you can also pay with your credit card (the accepted ones are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or debit card).

Subway also allows customers to pay with their mobile devices and use contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Note: Not all Subway locations allow contactless payment methods, so you had better ask them to be sure.

Does Subway Deliver?

Typically, Subway does not deliver its food offerings or have delivery service from its stores.

However, some Subway locations cooperate with third-party delivery companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub, and you can order your favorite Subway food from them.

It depends on the subway location, so you had better check with the specific subway for their delivery options to get the most accurate information.

In-StoreYes, available
Drive ThruYes, available
Home DeliveryYes, available
Curbside PickupYes, available

Ways To Reach Subway

Online Orderwww.subway.com
Phone Appswww.subway.com/en-us/downloadapp

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Subs Does a Subway Platter Have?

Typically, a Subway platter has 15 individual 6-inch subs. The platters are a perfect option because they offer a variety of flavors and can suit different preferences and dietary restrictions.

Do You Have To Pre Order Subway Platter?

Subway recommends that its customers pre-order their platters, especially for large gatherings and events.
This allows Subway to accommodate specific requests, ensure freshness, and provide the desired quantity of platters.

How Much Does a 6ft Walmart Sub Feed?

The 6-foot Walmart sub that Subway offers can typically feed around 20 to 25 people.

What Goes on a Classic Platter Subway?

A classic Subway platter typically includes a variety of their signature sandwiches, such as the Cold Cut Combo, the Black Forest Ham, the Turkey Breast, the Italian B.M.T., the Veggie Delite, etc.

Final Thoughts

No matter your preferences, Subway will always be one of the best choices for delicious, fresh, catered food for your event, regardless of the occasion.

Subway has staple food offerings unlike any other brand, and if you haven’t made your order yet, now is the time to do so.

If you haven’t decided yet, we advise you to start with their signature Sub Platters, piled high with various tempting flavors.

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