13 Best Sub Places in The USA (Updated January 2024)

As a staple of American cuisine, subs, or submarine sandwiches, are famous worldwide.

A kind of popular meal or snack that is suitable for people with various preferences, such as vegetarians, meat lovers, and people with specific allergies. A sub is always the way to go!

Do you feel like having a healthy plant-based snack? Have a sub! You’re in a hurry and need something quick to grab on the way to work?

Try a sub! It doesn’t matter if you’re a meat lover or vegan, you’ll find exactly what you need.

Only the best sub places can hit the satisfaction button in your stomach, so do not make the mistake of going to a low-quality sub place for your first sub.

There is such a diverse array of sub-places available, that you’re bound to be stunned!

Now, subs can be a hit or miss, depending on where you decide to go for lunch. There have been cases of restaurants providing stale bread subs with old lettuce.

That is not a mistake you want to make. Let’s get to know more about the best subspaces to fulfill that sandwich craving!

What is The Most Eaten Sandwich

What is The Most Eaten Sandwich?

Statistics show that sandwiches of various types are eaten around the world. From grilled cheese to Turkey and Tuna subs, everyone has a favorite kind of sandwich.

The most eaten sandwich (other than your average grilled cheese) is the sub.

With endless possibilities, subs, or submarine sandwiches, are the most eaten sandwiches and will remain the most eaten sandwiches for a long, long time.

Best Sub Places

Starting, we will be listing the top 13 best sub places, known for their subs specifically, and ranked through surveys and statistics.

Each sub-place will then be described as to why it was given the ranking it has.

01. Panera Bread

Starting healthy, Panera Bread is a very famous sub restaurant, offering many other food items as well.

What gives them a good ranking is the freshness of their ingredients, especially their freshly baked bread.

Though, this is not the place you would go to for a less-healthy, meaty, saucy sub.

02. Jersey Mike’s

Now, this is where you would go for a juicy, meaty, not-so-healthy sub sandwich. With its presence in around 2,000 locations, Jersey Mike’s submarine sandwiches are very popular.

They have options for spice lovers as well as mild spice and no-spice lovers. What more could you possibly ask for?

03. Potbelly

Potbelly is where you can find quality, variety, and taste. Their signature oven-toasted submarine sandwiches are bestsellers for a reason.

They offer 21 individual sandwiches on their menu to choose from!

04. Which Wich

This sandwich chain is known for its “fresh and crunchy” ingredients.

Which Wich has been deemed “much better in taste and quality than Subway” and is the more preferred make-your-own-sub sandwich shop.

Another aspect of this food chain that makes it unique is its idea of having its customers fill out a form checking the boxes of all the veggies they want added, etc.

05. Publix Deli

Known as one of the best deli to offer sandwiches, Publix Deli is located in the Publix Supermarket.

Though only existing in 7 US states, Publix Deli is still visited popularly for their “pub subs”.

06. Firehouse subs

There are regular sub sandwiches, and there are gourmet sub sandwiches. The latter isn’t found in every casual sub shop but is guaranteed to be found at Firehouse Subs.

With options of hot or cold sandwiches, you can choose whatever you prefer by customizing your sub to your liking.

07. Au Bon Pain

The name’s pretty fancy, eh? What is even fancier is their menu range with their Tuna Fish Salad Sandwich liked most by those who try it!

Au Bon Pain offers one of the best fresh breads and croissants out there, never compromising on their quality and freshness.

08. Jimmy John’s

With fun and unique sandwich names, this sub-chain is constantly expanding by opening more branches in different locations around the US.

People just can’t seem to get enough! One other thing Jimmy John’s is famous for is their very reasonable prices.

09. Schlotzsky’s

Known for having bread even fresher than Panera’s, Schlotzsky’s and their signature sauce have their customers longing for more!

Their history starts strong as they had just one sandwich on their menu when they first opened!

Their famous sandwich “The Original” is still very famous although they have expanded their menu now.

10. Pret A Manger

The scent of freshly baked bread coming from Pret A Manger early in the morning is enough to have you dreamily floating towards the restaurant.

They offer a variety of breakfast sandwiches, their most famous one being the “egg salad and avocado breakfast baguette”!

11. Arby’s

Offering a wide range of sandwiches, Arby’s is a must-try when visiting the US. A classic on their menu is their “Classic Roast Beef Sandwich”, labeled as their bestselling sandwich!

12. Blimpie

Ranging from hot subs to cold subs and even offering paninis, Blimpie offers a Jersey Mike-inspired menu that has helped them gain popularity!

13. Subway

Everyone has heard the infamous name “Subway” at least once in their life.

With a build-your-own sub sandwich display, many people go to Subway for their regular sub craving over and over again!

The prices are known to be astonishingly low, which may have you wondering if their ingredients are really all that fresh after all.

Is Subway or McDonald’s Healthier?

Subway offers more vegetables and the option to add light dressing to your sub, whilst McDonald’s is known to be more on the “greasy” or oily side.

The number of calories between the two is not all that different, they’re the same, but if you look at the two individually, Subway shows more protein content and less sugar than McDonald’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Most Popular Sub?

Turkey and Tuna Sub is known to be the most popular sub in the non-vegetarian category.

What is The Biggest Sub Chain?

Subway is the biggest sub-chain. With around 33,749 restaurants worldwide, Subway has the highest US system-wide sales.

What is The Most Popular Sub Place in America?

Subway remains at the first but a close second in the US is Panera Bread, with over 2000 locations in the US and Canada alone.

Is Jersey Mike’s Better Than Subway?

Jersey Mike has fresher ingredients than Subway according to online surveys.
Also, it is better with the quantity of meat and cheeses in their subs. Their bread is also known to be fresher and of better quality.

How Big Are Jersey Mike Subs?

Jersey Mike’s has an option of sub-size. Their sizes range from their Mini (5 inches), their Regular (7 inches), and their Giant (14 to 15 inches).

What Are The 5 Most Popular Sandwiches?

The 5 most popular sandwiches are Egg Sandwiches, Seafood Sandwiches, Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and Roast Beef Sandwiches.

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