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How Much Are Costco Party Platters in 2024?

Costco is the place to go if you’re hosting a large party or even a small one, no matter what the occasion. With a variety of platters to choose from, Costco is a favorite for many. There are 5 different Platters you can order from.

There’s the Chicken and Swiss Rollers platter, the Costco Shrimp Platter, the Costco Meat and Cheese Platter, the Prawn Platter, and the Croissant Sandwich Platter, there are also Dessert Trays to choose from, and items like the Wings Platter.

As for how many wings are in the Costco Party Wings, there are 15 chicken wings (full-sized) alongside a Chicken Alfredo Platter.

If you order it once, there is no doubt you will want to order their party planners every chance you get, whether it is a graduation party, a bridal shower, or even a birthday party. These platters are quick and easy to order and will never fail you.

How Much Are Party Platters At Costco

How Much Are Party Platters At Costco?

Party platters at Costco are worth their prices. That’s one of the main reasons people keep going back for me. They get great quality food in good amounts, at such good costs.

Costco Party platters are well worth their price. The Costco Croissant Sandwich Platter costs $32.99 and serves an easy 16 to 20 people. The Costco Chicken and Swiss Rollers cost $32.99 and serve from 20 to 24 people.

The Costco Shrimp Platter costs $39.99 and feeds 20 to 24 people. Costco’s famous Fruit, Meat, and Cheese Platter is also a staple in every event and costs only $39.99, serving a variety of fruits, meats, and cheeses.

How To Order Costco Catering?

Whether you want to order in person or order on call, Costco has both options available for your ease. 

You can even place your order using the Party Planner Kiosk at Costco but remember, you must give at least a 24-hour notice beforehand.

For placing orders on call, search your nearest Costco store number using the store locator tool provided on their website.

The kiosk itself is not difficult to find at all, especially once you have located the Costco Deli section.

There will be forms present there which you fill according to what you need prepared and other information such as your contact info and address.

Just slip that right into the submission box and revisit at the time appointed. Payments are made just like everything else at Costco, at the checkout lanes.

Costco Party Platters Popular Items

The Costco Party Platters are very popular and have been for years. Having a small menu containing a vast variety of options is what keeps pulling more and more customers toward them.

These popular party platters will save you tons of money no matter what the occasion.

01. Croissant Sandwich Platter

The Croissant Sandwich Platter is a favorite and may even be the most ordered platter.

It consists of 10 split croissants stuffed with the combination of your choice, whether it be roast beef with cheddar cheese, chicken and provolone, or ham and Swiss, topped off with lettuce.

For the sides, you get a cup of mustard mayonnaise and a cup of pesto mayonnaise.

02. Shrimp Platter

Costco’s Shrimp Platter can feed from 20 to 24 people and consists of 3 and a half pounds of Costco’s famous tail-on shrimp.

Seasoned, cooked, and served perfectly with sides, buying frozen shrimp and making it yourself would cost you more and require so much labor. Every bite has a burst of flavor you do not want to miss!

03. Chicken and Swiss Platter or Turkey and Swiss Roller Wraps

Both of these platters are completely different in ingredients but exceptionally tasty.

These platters serve about 20 to 24 people and have 40 pieces of chicken, perfectly rolled up in a flatbread along with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato slices, and cranberry cream cheese.

04. Meat and Cheese Platter

This classic platter is so perfectly curated that it fits quite literally every occasion. It feeds 16 to 20 people and you get to choose which flavors you wish to pair together.

There is black forest, Roasted Chicken, and roast beef along with 10 slices of provolone, cheddar, and Swiss cheese each.

05. Assorted Hye Roller Platter

The assorted hye roller platter has both chicken and vegetarian options but is not available at every Costco store.

This 36-piece platter has an assortment of flavored wraps like sriracha chicken, chicken caesar, and vegetarian wraps, all paired with hummus.

Other very popular party platters available at Costco are their hefty

  • Buffalo Wings Platter with blue cheese dip
  • Sushi Platter with a list of options to choose from
  • Prawn Platter with the famous cocktail sauce
  • Fruit Platter or Vegetable Platter

How To Order Costco Party Platters?

You can order online from Costco, but two other methods are just as simple and fast as online delivery services. Make sure all orders are placed with a 24-hour notice at least.

Locate Your Nearest Costco and Call

Go onto the Costco official website and in their store locator search box, enter your location and locate the Costco nearest to you.

Using the number provided, call and place your order along with the date you need it by.


Locate The Kiosk and Fill Out The Form

Locate the kiosk at your local Costco and there will be order forms there which you will place your order on, input your information, and slip it into the slot.

How Many Wings in Costco Party Wings?

The Costco Party Wings can serve up to 15 people and it comes with a tasty Blue Cheese Dip. One pack weighs 2.60 lbs and has roughly 15 Chicken Wings.

You have to put in minimal effort to get the perfect party treat for your guests.

You can order as many trays as you like according to your party needs and even then, the quality of the wings will be top-notch!

How Many Party Wings Come in a Pack?

The Party wings from Costco’s Deli have roughly 20 pieces and can feed 16-18 people.

They are oven-baked and prepared so perfectly, all you have to do is reheat them in the microwave before serving and you’re good to go!

How Much Are Fruit Trays At Costco?

Fruit trays at Costco cost $10.99 and serve around 24 people. It contains whatever fruits may be in season such as a variety of berries and grapes, to juicy melons, strawberries, and pineapple.

Costco Fruit Trays have been very popular since the beginning and are always in high demand.

Costco Payment & Delivery Methods

Many may be led to believe Costco offers delivery services and curbside pickup, which may not be the case. For great food at great prices, we can work with what we have.

In-StoreYes/Available/No/Not Available
Drive ThruNo/Not Available
Home DeliveryNo/Not Available

Important Links of Costco

The following table will take you straight to all Costco links you will ever need;

Order Onlinewww.costco.com/order-online-pickup-warehouse
Phone Appswww.costco.com/costco-app

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Does Costco Platter Feed?

Depending on the platter you decide to order, a Costco platter can feed anywhere from 15 to 24 people.

Do You Have To Order Costco Platters in Advance?

Yes, you have to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice beforehand. Large orders most likely will not be entertained on short notice.

How Far in Advance Do You Need To Order Costco Platters?

Costco platters should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

How Many Pieces in a Costco Sandwich Platter?

There are 48 pieces in a Costco Sandwich Platter.

Does Costco Sell Meat and Cheese Trays?

Yes, Costco sells meat and cheese trays.

Does Costco Do Fruit Trays?

Yes, Costco does do fruit trays.

Final Thoughts

For your next big or small event, we recommend you try Costco Party platters and we guarantee your guests will be well satisfied.

We recommend the Croissant Sandwich Platter and the meat and cheese platter for your first order, but anything will go a long way!

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