Does Burger King Deliver? (UberEats & DoorDash)

Are you too comfortable to leave your home but feel like having a mouth-watering burger from Burger King. Wait, does Burger King do delivery? Yes, you can easily order Burger King.

Burger King is well-known for their Whooping Burgers. All their burgers are packed with flavor and you can choose a side to go with it.

Their flame-grilled burgers are also well-known and they have the coolest combinations like a Bacon King, a Double Whooper, and a Triple Whooper.

The great news is you don’t have to leave your home to experience these flavors. Get them delivered by Burger King. You can also use Uber Eats or Door Dash.

You may pay slightly more when getting your items delivered, but it is worth it! And you can get some delicious discounts if you order through the app.

Can You Order on The Burger King App?

Can You Order on The Burger King App?

When you download the Burger King App, it comes with some great discounts and deals. You can also easily order on the App.

If you order on the App, you can either pick your items up or get them delivered. But your options may vary based on your location.

You may also find that certain items are available at some stores and not others, or only during specific times.

If you don’t want to be disappointed, plug your location in on the app and see what options are available at your nearest Burger King.

How Does Delivery Work on The Burger King App?

Firstly, you need to download the app and create your own Burger King account. Fill in your location at the top of the screen find your nearest Burger King and check that delivery is an option.

You can then browse their menu, and select items. After choosing your favorite flame-grilled burger or an irresistible side, add it to your cart, enter your address, and choose your desired delivery option.

Is Burger King on Uber?

Is Burger King on UberEats?

A big fat whopping yes, you can find Burger King on Uber Eats. At most locations, you can order  Burger King.

Here is How You Can Order Burger King on Uber Eats: Primarily you must download and install the Uber Eats App

Step 1: Open App and Log in Or Sign Up

Open Uber Eats on your app or browser, and log into your account.

Step 2: Input Delivery Address

Enter your delivery address.

Step 3: Browse Burger King Menu & Add Items To Your Cart

Choose your favorite items, select them and add them to the cart.

Step 4: Review Your Order & Proceed To Checkout

Once your cart is full of enough good stuff, press check out.

Step 5: Place Your Order and Select Delivery Time

You can choose a standard delivery time, or schedule a time for your items to be delivered. Check your delivery address and payment details. Then place your order.

You can now wait in anticipation for your yummy items. Your Uber Eats order should take which is between 10 and 20 minutes, so you won’t have to wait too long!

Burger King Delivery Doordash

DoorDash is another great option. This delivery service is easy to use and available throughout most of the United States.

Here is how you can get Burger King delivered on DoorDash: Go to the website or open your DoorDash app if you have not done yet.

Step 1: Input Adress and Log in

Enter your address or sign into your existing account, which will use your saved address.

Step 2: Select Delivery Or Pickup

There are two options, pick up or delivery. Make sure that the delivery option is selected.

Step 3: Search and Find BK

Search for Burger King. Select your nearest Burger King

Step 4: Browse The Menu and Add Items To Cart

Browse their menu and add your favorite items to your cart Go to your cart.

Step 5: Finalize Order and Checkout

If you are signed in, your delivery address and payment details will be saved so you can quickly check out. If you aren’t signed in, then add those essential details, and place your order.

Now, simply wait for your items to be delivered! DoorDash’s average delivery time is 35 minutes or less.

How Does Burger King Delivery Work?

Burger King’s has a few different delivery options. You can use Burger King’s own delivery service, which is powered by Deliveroo.

Check your Burger King app to see if your nearest Burger King has this service available. You can also use other third-party delivery services. Doordash Burger King deliveries are also an option.

Other popular delivery services like Uber Eats and Grubhub are also available at most Burger Kings. But remember that these options are all subject to restaurant hours and availability.

When Does Burger King Delivery Close?

Burger King delivery times vary depending on your location, your nearest Burger King’s opening hours, and what delivery service you are using.

Most Burger Kings are open between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm, and delivery usually operates within these hours.

If you want to check your nearest Burger King’s delivery times, you can use their store locator.

Burger King Delivery Menu

Burger King’s Delivery menu can vary based on your nearest branch, the delivery service that you are using, and what time you order.

Burger King Breakfast MenuBurger King Daytime Menu
Breakfast meals
Breakfast Sandwiches
Breakfast Sides
Drinks and coffees
Grill Masters
Premium Meals
Classic Meals
Premium Burgers
Classic Burgers
Veggies Sides and snacks

Most of what you can order in-store, you can also order on delivery. But it is always best to check ahead.

How Much Does Burger King Charge For Delivery?

Delivery at Burger King can cost anywhere between $1 and $3, plus a 15% service fee. For California orders, there is an additional $2 geographical fee.

If you spend between $5 and $9.99, you will be charged $1.00 for delivery. If you spend anything less than that, you will be charged $2.50 for a small cart fee.

Does Burger King Give Free Food When You Download App?

No Burger King does not give you free food when you download the app, but there are other incentives!  

If you use the app to make a purchase, you can earn crowns. When you have enough crowns, you can use them to get a free item.

Other deals are only accessible through the app such as delivery deals and discounts. You can definitely save some dollars if you download the app.

Final Thoughts

Burger King is the second most popular takeaway burger joint. People love their burgers, and they are easy to order

Burger King also has multiple delivery options. You can get food delivered on their app, and get good deals in the process!

The options don’t stop there. You can also order some scrumptious meals through Uber Eats and GrubHub. You can easily get a whooping burger delivered to your door!

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