Does Domino’s Have Gluten Free Pizza?

If the question “Does Domino’s have gluten free pizza?” is on your mind then the answer is yes. Domino’s does have gluten-free pizza.

But it’s available only for one size and that’s the 10-inch size. But it’s available for all the items on the pizza menu. Domino’s however doesn’t declare that their pizza is gluten-free. Why?

Because the pizza chain uses the same kitchen, appliances, and utensils to make the gluten-free pizza and their other products that contain gluten.

So, it’s entirely up to the individual whether they wish to consume the gluten-free pizza. 

What Does Gluten-Free Dominos Taste Like?

What Does Gluten-Free Dominos Taste Like?

Domino’s gluten-free pizza has a thick and crunchy crust. The rim and bottom are crispy and the top is a bit gluey because of the rice flour.

It’s delicious but the taste depends on what toppings, sauces, and extras you add. Domino’s gluten-free is slightly similar to regular pizza but it’s not the same.

It’s because gluten-free crust contains potato flour and starch, brown rice flour, and rice flour among others.

Can Celiacs Have Dominos?

Domino’s makes their gluten-free pizza in the same kitchen where they make all other foods on their menu.

They also employ the same kitchen items so Domino’s encourages their customers with celiac disease not to eat their gluten-free pizza.

If individuals with celiac illness want to eat gluten-free pizza then they should check all the ingredients and decide whether they want to eat or not.

Does Domino’s Have Gluten Free Pizza?

Yes, Domino’s has gluten free pizza. It’s available in small sizes or ten inches and is suitable for any topping. Anyone who wants to cut down gluten in their diet can choose Domino’s gluten-free pizza.

Most ingredients used in Domino’s kitchen are gluten-free. So, customers can also add their preferred ingredients. They can check the nutrition information of any pizza variety before placing orders.

The only reason Domino’s not asserting that their pizza is gluten-free is because they use a common kitchen and share utensils to cook all their pizzas. As a result, gluten-free ingredients are at risk for gluten contamination.

It’s vital for those who are gluten intolerant to consider whether they want to consume Domino’s gluten-free pizza. They must take a look at the ingredients list and information before placing orders.

Which Ingredients Are Gluten Free At Domino’s?

A large number of ingredients are gluten-free at Domino’s and we compiled a list to make it simpler for you. Here are ingredients used at Domino’s that don’t contain any gluten.


HamGarlicRobust Inspired Tomato Sauce
PepperoniDiced TomatoesGarlic Parmesan Sauce
Premium ChickenJalapeno PeppersHoney BBQ Sauce
Philly SteakBanana PeppersHot Buffalo Sauce
BeefOnionsHearty Marinara Sauce
SalamiBlack OlivesRanch Sauce
Italian SausageMushrooms 
 Green Peppers 
 Shredded Provolone Cheese 
 Shredded Parmesan Asiago 
 Cheddar Cheese Blend 
 Feta Cheese 

You can include these items in your gluten-free pizza whenever you order from Domino’s.

How Many Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust Are Available?

Domino’s only has one gluten free pizza crust at the moment. It’s available in a ten-inch size or small size.

Typically, small size comes in six slices but you can choose the cut style and opt for a square cut, pie cut, or whole.

Though there is only one size for gluten-free pizza crust, you can select a variety from its pizza specialty menu which consists of twelve variants.

Meat lovers can try Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza, ExtravaganZZa, or MeatZZa Pizza. While vegetarians can check out Pacific Veggie Pizza.

Customers can make their pizza by requesting their preferred toppings whether veg or non-veg variety.

Though there is only a single-size gluten-free pizza at the moment, Domino’s keeps a close watch on customers’ demand.

If the demand for gluten-free pizza increases then you may see larger sizes in days to come.

What is The Cost of Gluten Free Pizza At Domino’s?

Any variety of Domino’s gluten free pizza costs the same whether veg or non-veg. Currently, it costs about $17.99 on average.

However, it’s important to remember that Domino’s pizza prices vary from one state to another and from one city to another.

So, it can be lower than $17.99 in some places and higher in others. You can check and compare the prices in various locations before ordering one.

Comparison of Dominos Gluten Free Pizza With Others

With Domino’s Other Pizza Crusts

Domino’s has five types of pizza crust; Handmade Pan, Hand Tossed, Crunchy Thin, Brooklyn Style, and Gluten Free. All of them contain wheat except gluten-free pizza crust.

Handmade Pan: It’s made of fresh dough and pressed into a pizza pan.

Hand Tossed: It’s thinner than Handmade Pan but thicker than Crunchy Thin.

Crunchy Thin: It’s the thinnest crust of all the pizzas in Domino’s.

Brooklyn Style: It’s a large pizza that comes in six foldable slices.

With Other Brands

If you’re to compare Domino’s gluten-free pizza with other brand, Pizza Hut also has a gluten-free variety. Here is a look at the ingredients list.

Domino’s Gluten-Free: Potato flour and starch, rice flour and rice modified starch, brown rice flour, water, evaporated cane sugar, olive oil, honey, fresh yeast, salt, calcium, and Avicel.

Avicel is a substance that serves as a fat replacer in gluten-free pizza crust. Its purpose is to save moisture in the crust to prevent dryness and toughness.

Pizza Hut (uses Udi’s gluten-free crust): Brown rice flour, tapioca starch, water, dried cane syrup, egg whites, canola oil, tapioca syrup, tapioca maltodextrin, yeast, cultured corn syrup, xanthan gum, salt, solids, and citric acid enzymes.

When it’s about taste, it depends on preference and loyalty. Some fans prefer Domino’s while others like Pizza Hut.

Several other brands make gluten-free pizza crust but they’re not as popular as Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Domino’s Do Gluten Free Pizza?

Yes, Domino’s offers a gluten-free pizza crust and most of their toppings and ingredients are gluten-free too.

Have Domino’s Stopped Gluten Free?

Domino’s in the United Kingdom halted gluten-free pizza crust during the pandemic. That was to comply with new regulations which the authorities made.

What is Considered Gluten Free Pizza?

Any pizza that doesn’t have wheat, barley, and rye as one of the ingredients is gluten-free pizza.

Is Domino’s Gluten Free Crust Carb Free?

Domino’s gluten-free pizza crust has 75 gm of carbohydrates.

Is Gluten-Free Dominos Any Good?

Yes, gluten-free Domino’s pizza is flavorful but it may taste slightly different from regular pizza.

How Many Calories Does Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Have?

Domino’s gluten-free pizza has 450 calories but it can be higher or lower depending on the toppings and other ingredients.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to reduce gluten intake but love Domino’s pizza then you have a choice.

Though the pizza chain doesn’t declare that its items are gluten-free due to the reasons cited earlier, they have a gluten-free pizza option.

So, you can choose that crust and build your pizza by asking them to include your favorite toppings and flavors.

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