Dunkin Donut Menu With Prices 2024

Do you know what types of donuts the Dunkin Donut Menu includes and what are the best flavors?

Let’s dive deeper into the Dunkin’s menu to see what types and flavors of donuts you can enjoy here!

So, Dunkin Donuts brings a great variety in their donuts with delicious taste and so many flavors.

For example, you can get your favorite chocolate donut, frosted vanilla, or fruity i.e. cherry blossom/watermelon burst donuts here.

Among 90+ donut flavors at Dunkin, the most popular one is the glazed donut. It’s topped with premium quality thick layer chocolate with an enriching taste.

Let’s learn more about its flavorful donut menu along with other important details below.

Dunkin Donut Menu Prices

Dunkin Donut Prices

Half Dozen Donuts$9.98
Classic Donuts$1.73
Dozen Donuts$17.48
Bagel with Cream Cheese Spread$3.98
Coffee Roll$2.73
Apple Fritter$2.73
4 Muffins$9.98
English Muffin$2.23
Everything Stuffed Bagel Minis$4.36
Plain Stuffed Bagel Minis$4.36
MUNCHKINS® Donut Hole Treats[Priced by add-ons]
5 Pcs$2.23
10 Pcs$4.36
25 Pcs$10.61
50 Pcs$18.73

Dunkin Donuts Flavors

Nats Donut270
Watermelon Burst250
Cherry Blossom Donut270
Redland Donut270
Go Hornets Donut270
Buttermilk Donut330
ALLCAPS Donut270
Bulls Donut270
TN Titans Donut270
Jaguars Hall of Fame Donut270
Dodgers Donut270
Padres Donut270
Birdland Donut270
The Goat Donut270
Reds Donut270
Orioles Magic Donut350
Cleveland Donut 270
Fenway Faithfull Donut270
Inter Miami Donut270
Pittsburgh Penguins Donut270
Apple Fritter470
Apple Crumb Donut290
Apple Stick470
Apple ‘N Spice Donut230
Bavarian Kreme Donut240
Apple Streusel Donut310
Boston Kreme Donut270
Chocolate Butternut Donut450
Butternut Donut270
Chocolate Crème Donut290
Chocolate Coconut Donut430
Chocolate Dipped French Cruller280
Chocolate Crème Stick460
Chocolate Frosted Donut260
Chocolate Frosted Cake Donut360
Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles Donut270
Chocolate Frosted with Chocolate Sprinkles Donut270
Chocolate Long John320
Chocolate Headlight Donut310
Cinnamon Stick430
Cinnamon Donuts330
Coffee Roll390
Coconut Donut410
Double Chocolate Donut380
Crème Delight Donut330
French Apple Donut270
Frosted Vanilla Crème Donut330
French Cruller230
Glazed Chocolate Donut370
Glazed Blueberry Donut350
Glazed Donut240
Glazed Chocolate Stick410
Glazed Jelly Stick540
Glazed Jelly Donut280
Glazed Stick470
Glazed Lemon Donut270
Guava Donut240
Glazed Strawberry Donut280
Jelly Donut250
Indy Crème Donut330
Lemon Donut230
Jelly Stick500
Maple Crème Donut290
Lemon Stick480
Maple Frosted Donut260
Maple Crème Stick460
Maple Vanilla Crème Donut330
Maple Long John Donut320
New Yorker Donut330
Marble Frosted Donut270
Peanut Donut470
Old Fashioned Donut310
Plain Stick420
Pittsburgh Crème Donut350
Sour Cream Donut360
Powdered Stick440
Powdered Donut330
Strawberry Frosted Sprinkles Donut270
Strawberry Frosted Donut260
Sugared Stick430
Sugared Donut210
Toasted Coconut Donut430
Taillight Donut320
Vanilla Toasted Donut260
Vanilla Crème Donut300
Vanilla Headlight Donut310
Vanilla Long John320
Vanilla Frosted Sprinkles Donut270

Munchkins® Donut Hole Treats

Cinnamon Munchkins60
Butternut Munchkins90
Glazed Chocolate Munchkins60
Glazed Blueberry Munchkins60
Glazed Old Fashioned Munchkins70
Glazed Munchkins60
Old Fashioned Munchkins50
Powdered Munchkins60
Jelly Munchkins60

How Many Kinds of Donuts Are There At Dunkin Donuts?

If you are concerned about variety along with superior taste, Dunkin Donuts will never disappoint you.

Here, you will find an enormous variety of donuts here in different kinds and flavors.

The top ones include glazed donuts, chocolate donuts, crème donuts, frosted vanilla donuts, and jelly donuts.

Some other unique types of donuts include powdered sticks, plain sticks, New Yorker, cinnamon, coffee, and coconut donuts, etc.

The main ingredients in all the donuts are the same, e.g. wheat, sugar, salt, oil, milk, eggs, yeast, water, etc.

The toppings are different for each donut that gives it a unique flavor and distinguish it from others.

Short Overview of Popular Dunkin Donut Items

Whether you’re a kid or adult/elderly, you can never say no to Dunkin’s freshly baked, flavorful, and delicious donuts.

Although all of their donuts are equally good and taste rich in flavors, some are the most popular ones.

Here is a short overview of the most popular Dunkin Donuts items which you must try.

01. Glazed Donuts

Glazed donuts are the simplest yet the yummiest ones with enough sugar on top. Especially, the glazed chocolate donut is a must-have at Dunkin Donuts with a chocolate touch.

02. Apple N Spice Donuts

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love it for sure. The Apple n Spice donuts taste as if you’re eating a donut with yummy apple jam on top.

03. Watermelon Burst

For hot days, the watermelon burst donut will give you a refreshing feeling and mesmerize you through its incredible taste.

04. Butternut and Buttermilk

Let’s couple your coffee with Dunkin Donut’s favorite butternut and buttermilk donuts. They are smooth, melt in the mouth, are super in taste, and are the most lavish to eat.

05. Chocolate Flavor

Here, chocolate donuts come in a great variety e.g. frosted chocolate, simple chocolate, glazed chocolate, etc. All of these are the best in taste and everyone loves eating them.

06. Vanilla

Just like chocolate, there are several tempting flavors in vanilla donuts e.g. frosted vanilla, crème vanilla, etc.

Besides these, there are tons of other exciting flavors that you can see on the menu.

What Are The Dunkin Donut Flavors?

If you are looking for Dunkin Donut Flavors, here you go. The most selling flavors here include Boston Kreme, nats, simple glazed or with chocolate, vanilla frosted, Éclair, vanilla crème, etc.

Similarly, other trendy ones include cherry blossom, watermelon burst, buttermilk, coffee flavor, premium butternut, aromatic cinnamon, and jelly flavor donuts.

For complete details regarding flavors, you must visit the Dunkin Donuts website or visit them in person.

Although it offers almost 90+ flavors, it’s possible that some may or may not be available at a particular location.

So, you can browse through their menu and check the available flavors before placing your order.

Dunkin Donuts Review

To be honest, Dunkin Donuts’ donuts are the best for breakfast or as an evening or midnight snack. They are not only great in flavor, taste, and aroma, but are always fresh and soft.

Moreover, a variety of flavors helps in fulfilling everyone’s demands when it comes to eating donuts.

Also, you can easily buy a box of donuts from Dunkin without worrying about the cost as they’re very economical.

How To Order From Dunkin Donuts?

To order from Dunkin Donuts, you can either place an order online or visit your nearby Dunkin location.

For in-store orders, go to the checkout counter, choose your favorite items, and make payment to place your order.

For online and in-app orders, visit Dunkin’s website or download the app. Click on locations to enter your location.

Choose either pickup or delivery option via UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, etc. Add your favorite items to the cart and place your order after completing the checkout steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Donuts Are There?

There are many types of donuts i.e. frosted donuts, crème donuts, chocolate/vanilla donuts, sugar/fruity/jelly donuts, cinnamon/coffee donuts, etc.

What is The Best Flavor of Dunkin Donuts?

At Dunkin Donuts, the best donuts include their glazed and chocolate glazed donuts.

What Are The Dunkin Munchkin Flavors?

Yes, you will find several Munchkin Flavors at Dunkin Donuts. For example, powdered sugar, jelly, and cinnamon donuts come under this category.

What Are The Winter Flavors At Dunkin Donuts?

Luckily yes! Dunkin Donuts doesn’t only offer winter flavors but also summer flavors.
In winter flavors, you will find coffee flavor, peanut, pink velvet, French vanilla, etc.
In summer flavor, you will enjoy lemon sticks, watermelon, cherry blossom, apple cruller donuts, etc.

What is The Most Liked Donut Flavor?

If you are visiting Dunkin Donuts for the first time, buy Chocolate Glazed Donut as it is the most popular.

Final Thoughts

Let’s rush towards your nearest Dunkin Donuts today to try their delicious and taste-rich donuts.

Browse through their menu and choose your favorite flavors such as “glazed donut” which is the most popular.

You can also order through their website online or use their app to place your order.

Earn rewards and points upon completing every order and redeem these points for discounts on your next order!

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