Does Dunkin Take Apple Pay?

Are you here to know “Does Dunkin Take Apple Pay?” Let’s get excited because yes, Dunkin Donuts takes Apple Pay for greater convenience and faster payments.

The more exciting news is that it doesn’t only take Apple Pay at its physical store locations but also on online/app orders.

You can also use Apple Pay at Dunkin Donuts drive-thru at any location. Whether or not you have the cash or Credit/Debit cards with you, you can always enjoy the scrumptious meals at Dunkin.

Make your order payments through Apple Pay that is securer, faster, and more convenient. Wait only for a few minutes to get your order and cherish the beautiful moments together.  

Does Dunkin Donuts Do Contactless Pay

Does Dunkin Donuts Do Contactless Pay?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts does contactless pay in-store and in-app for all of its customers. Since the Covid pandemic, there has been a constant increase in the demand for contactless pay at Dunkin Donuts.

To meet customers’ demands and to make them feel safe, all locations of Dunkin Donuts accept contactless pay.

How To Use Apple Pay At Dunkin Donuts?

Using Apple Pay at Dunkin Donuts is the simplest mode of payment. Just follow the steps below to use Apple Pay at Dunkin Donuts.

Step 1: Visit Your Nearest Dunkin Donuts

Visit your nearest Dunkin Donuts to enjoy some fresh and tempting donuts or other items from the menu.

Step 2: Choose Your Favorite Items To Place Order

Choose your favorite items from the menu.

Step 3: At checkout, Ask For Apple Pay

While placing your order at the checkout counter, ask the Dunkin Donuts staff about Apple Pay.

If they have the contactless reader available there, go ahead with making payment through Apple Pay.

Step 4: Open The Wallet App To Make Payment

To make a payment, open the Wallet app on your iPhone. Click on Apple Pay and add your credit/debit card information to the app.

After adding your card to the wallet app, bring your phone near the contactless card reader.

Step 5: Authenticate Payment

When you initiate the payment, your phone will ask for authentication via Touch/Face ID.

Upon completing the authentication, your phone will notify you about the “payment successful”. Double-check it with the staff, sit aside, and wait until your order gets ready!

Does Dunkin Take Apple Pay in Drive-Thru?

Do you want to know does Dunkin take apple pay in drive-thru? Yes, Dunkin Donuts takes Apple Pay in the drive-thru as well.

Many customers use Apple Pay at drive-thru locations as it’s the most secure and fastest payment method.

To use Apple Pay at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, ask their staff if they accept it. If they do, follow the steps above and pay with Apple Pay.   

How To Use Apple Pay Using Apple Watch at Dunkin

Besides paying with your phone, you can also pay with your Apple Watch at Dunkin Donuts. To do so, follow the steps.

Step 1: Setup/Add Funds To Your Apple Watch First

If this is your first time using Apple Watch, set it up first. Bring your Apple Watch closer to your iPhone and open the Apple Watch app on your phone.

Then, tap “Wallet & Apple Pay” and click “Add Card”. Add your Debit/Credit Card to it and then, add funds to your watch from your card.

Step 2: Visit Any Dunkin and Choose Menu

Visit any nearby Dunkin Donuts and choose what you want to eat from the menu.

Step 3: Ask For a Contactless Reader For Apple Pay

Now, ask at the counter for the contactless card reader to make a payment via Apple Pay.

Step 4: Double-Click Your Apple Watch’s Side Button

Now, double-click your Apple Watch’s side button.

Step 5: Open The Wallet App To Make a Payment

Open the wallet app on your watch and bring the watch near the reader to make a payment. Once the payment is done, your watch will beep and you will be notified about the payment. 

Apple Pay Benefits At Dunkin Donuts

You must be curious to know why you should use Apple Pay at Dunkin Donuts or how it benefits you. To get the answer, look at the bullet points below.

  • Whenever you buy something from Dunkin Donuts using Apple Pay, they give you points. You get 10 points for every single dollar spent here. Later, you can use these points to buy an item for free at Dunkin Donuts or get price reductions.
  • Apple Pay eliminates the need to carry cash or worry about not having enough cash. Instead, visit Dunkin any time and get your favorite items using Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay is the fastest, most secure, and most reliable mode of payment for quick ordering at Dunkin.
  • Also, this contactless form of payment protects people from catching germs through common touch points. 

How To Pay With Apple Pay on The Dunkin App?

To pay with Apple Pay on the Dunkin App, open the app and enter your location. Browse through the menu and add your favorite items to the cart.

Click “Checkout” and then tap on payment options. Choose Apple Pay and make/authenticate payment.

Your order will be placed and you will get it within the shortest possible time.

What Forms of Payment Does Dunkin Donuts Accept?

To delight its customers and make them feel at home, Dunkin Donuts accepts different forms of payment.

From accepting cash payments to a variety of online forms of payment, Dunkin Donuts accepts all. For example, here are the following forms of payment that Dunkin Donuts accept.

  • Cash
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Dunkin Donuts gift cards, etc.

You cannot only use these forms of payments in-store but also use them on the app. If you are placing an order in-store, tell the counter staff about your desired mode of payment.

For app/online orders, choose your desired payment method during checkout and place your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dunkin Donuts Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts accept Apple Pay at all of its locations in the USA. You can also use Apple Pay at its drive-thru locations. 

Can You Pay With Your Phone At Dunkin?

Yes, you can pay with your phone at Dunkin by using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.

Does Dunkin Have Apple Play?

Yes, Dunkin allows you to place an order via Apple CarPlay. For most customers, using Apple Pay is the most reliable mode of payment at Dunkin Donuts.   

Does Dunkin Have Tap?

Yes, Dunkin has a tap system with almost 8 cold beverages.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re visiting a Dunkin Donuts store or placing an order online, you can use Apple Pay.

Dunkin Donuts also takes Apple Pay at its drive-thru locations for greater convenience to its customers.

Set up your Apple Pay and go ahead with it to order and cherish your favorite items at Dunkin today!

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