Does Culver’s Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Culvers does accept Apple Pay. Being one of the biggest food chains in the US and having vast menu they need to cater to their customers and provide them with easy access to varied payment methods.

They offer different types of payment modes and Apple Pay is one of them.

As it is a contactless, cardless NFC-based payment method it becomes easier for customers to pay with Apple Pay as they don’t have to carry cash or cards with them while visiting Culver’s, all they need to do is to use their iPhone, Apple watch or other Apple devices to pay off their bills.

Does Culvers Take Apple Pay in Drive Thru

Does Culver’s Take Apple Pay in Drive-Thru?

Even though Culver’s ensures to provide its customers with top-rated rated fast-food and exceptional service, currently they have Apple Pay option at drive thru available at selected stores only.

They do not offer the convenience of payment via Apple Pay in their drive thru service at all their branches. Any of their drive thru which has a contactless card logo accepts Apple Pay.

However, its better to call the branch nearby before visiting and make sure they accept Apple Pay.

However, since Culver’s consistently keeps updating and improving their services to provide the utmost experience to their customers, we can hope that the payment option of Apple Pay will become available at their all drive thru locations soon.

Does Culver’s Have An Apple App?

As culver’s is always trying to provide ultimate convenience to their customers, they have made sure that the customers have varied payment options to choose from.

Hence they offer Apple Pay not just in stores but also while ordering from their app where you can explore their menu and place your order, find location of your nearby branch, earn reward/loyalty points, and much more.

How To Use Apple Pay At Culver’s?

Using Apple Pay at Culver’s is quite easy. You just need to have credit or debit card attached to your wallet app and you must have an Apple device (Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad).

The step-by-step procedure is given below to help you make the transaction with ease.

  1. Get into the Wallet app in your iPhone or Apple watch or iPad using Touch ID or Face ID.
  2. Hit the ”+” button for to add a card to your Wallet app. it is mostly on the top right of your screen.
  3. Now follow the step by step guidelines for adding a credit or debit card to the app. You will be asked to enter the card number. You are also allowed to attach more than one cards with Wallet app.
  4. Some banks have a prerequisite of verification of your card by sending you an OTP or a verification number by email or message. Input the OTP to complete the verification process.
  5. Now add a billing address when asked.
  6. You have successfully added a card to your Wallet app.
  7. Just hold your Apple device close to the contactless card reader, and the payment will be made in a few seconds. Culver’s will send you a receipt which is an indication that the payment has been made successfully.

Locate Culver’s Store Near You That Accepts Apple Pay

You can locate store nearby that accepts Apple Pay through different ways some of them are as und-er.

  1. You may visit your nearest store and see whether the contactless card reader logo is printed there.
  2. You can call on their helpline number and ask them whether Apple Pay is accepted in that store or not.
  3. You may visit their website and check whether Apple Pay is accepted or not after locating the store near you.
  4. You can Also use Culver’s Apple app for this purpose. Locate the nearest branch and see if Apple Pay is enlisted as an accepted payment method.

Can You Pay With Apple Pay on The Culver’s App?

You can pay at Culver’s through different payment methods including Google Pay, Apple Pay and many others.

While ordering from their app, you need to select the payment method after you have finalized your order. Here you can select Apple Pay as your preferred method.

Tips on Using Apple Pay At Culver’s?

  • Make sure that you have visited/contacted the branch that accepts Apple Pay.
  • Make sure that your debit/credit card is added.
  • Use Face/Touch ID to keep your device secure.
  • Check your balance before making Payment.
  • Countercheck the bill before making payment to avoid any discrepancy.

Final Thoughts

Culver’s do accept Apple Pay which obviously makes it convenient for their customers to pay their bills using Apple devices but unfortunately this payment method is not available at all their stores, especially while talking about drive-thru locations.

So, customers must check whether the store nearby offers Apple Pay before visiting.

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