What Credit Card Does Costco Take in 2024?

Costco exclusively takes Visa cards at all of its locations. Costco’s regular customers know that it only accepts Visa.

However, its new customers might wonder, “What credit card does Costco take?” The answer is that it only takes Visa cards.

With the Visa card membership with Costco, people can use any Visa-branded credit card to shop at Costco, both in-store and online.

Paying with a Visa credit card at Costco is very convenient, as it lets you earn cash-back rewards on purchases.

Besides rewards, it makes the checkout process quick and efficient, and Visa card transactions are highly secure.

If you don’t have a Visa card membership with Costco, you must consider getting one.

This article provides helpful insights regarding purchasing a membership and accepted payment methods at Costco.

What Forms of Payment Does Costco Take?

What Forms of Payment Does Costco Take?

Costco exclusively accepts Visa credit cards. Discover, American Express, and Mastercard are not accepted at Costco in-store.

So, what payment does Costco take? Besides Visa cards, it also accepts payments from all ATM/debit cards and checks. Moreover, it takes cash payments at all of its locations, of course.

Payments from Costco Shop Cards are also accepted. Both members and non-members can use Costco Shop Cards.

Furthermore, it takes payments from EBT Cards, but you can only use them in-store. A mobile app payment option is also available at Costco.

You can conveniently pay with Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apply Pay at Costco.

Why Does Costco Only Take Visa?

This is because Costco has a strategic partnership agreement with Visa and Citi.

Costco had the same exclusive partnership with American Express, but both parties ended terms in 2016, and Costco arranged a partnership with Visa.

However, if you still wonder, “Why does Costco only take Visa?” It’s due to lower transaction costs, greater member benefits, and a broader customer base.

What Credit Card Does Costco Take in Canada?

Due to its partnership with Capital One Mastercard, Costco Canada only accepts Mastercard credit cards.

So, just in case you wonder, “What forms of payment does Costco take in Canada?” The answer is a Mastercard credit card.

Canadians pay with their Mastercard credit card when making purchases at Costco, whether in-store or online.

However, the payment method at Costco Canada is not restricted to Mastercard credit cards. Just like Costco USA, Costco Canada also accepts ATM/debit cardscash, and Costco Shop Cards. 

Moreover, customers at Costco can pay conveniently with mobile payment apps, including Samsung PayApple Pay, and Google Pay.

How To Use Credit Card At Costco?

Transactions at Costco using Visa credit cards can be done very smoothly. Here’s how you pay with a credit card at Costco, both in-store and online:

01. Using a Credit Card At Costco in-Store

  1. When you’re done getting everything you need, go to the checkout point and show your Costco membership card to the cashier.
  2. If you’re in Canada, your credit card must only be Mastercard. However, it should only be a Visa credit card in the case of the USA.
  3. Now, insert your card into the card reader. Some types of Visa credit cards don’t need to be inserted; they are rather swiped on the payment terminal.
  4. Next, the payment terminal will give you prompts. Based on your Visa credit card type, it can ask you to sign or enter a PIN code and confirm the total amount of the purchase.
  5. Once you confirm the amount, the payment for your purchase will be deducted, and you’ll receive a receipt. 

02. Using Credit Card At Costco Online

  1. Visit Costco’s official website. It’s Costco.ca for Canadians and Costco.com for US citizens.
  2. Now, log in to your account. You can also make a purchase as a guest, but it’s more convenient to have an account.
  3. When you’re done adding items to your cart, go to the checkout section of the website.
  4. Now, add your credit card details under the payment method section. The details include card number, CVV code, and expiration date. The USA citizens must add details of their Visa Credit Card and Canadians must add details of their Mastercard.
  5. Then, confirm your billing address.
  6. Review the details of your order and finally place the order. You’ll get a confirmation email once you successfully place the order.

How Much is Costco Membership?

If you gain a Costco membership, you get exclusive access to several member services such as special deals, warehouse prices, etc.

Gaining a Costco membership is also crucial if you want to pay via a Visa credit card. You might wonder how much Costco membership costs.

Well, its costs and services vary across different types of memberships, as discussed below:

01. Executive Membership

This membership tier, which costs $120 annually, includes individual shopping, a 2% annual reward on purchasing Costco Travel items, one free Household Card, and other extra benefits.

The same Costco membership in Canada costs CAD 120.

02. Gold Star Membership

With an annual cost of CAD 60 in Canada and $60 in the U.S, this membership best suits the individual shopping.

You get exclusive discounts on individual items with this membership. Moreover, you also get one free Household Card.

03. Business Membership

The business membership at Costco costs same as the gold star membership; $60 in the US and CAD 60 in the Canada.

But, it’s specifically for managers and owners so that they can purchase products for personal, resale, and business uses.

Moreover, the holders of this membership can add other people by paying an extra $60 every year.

How To Pay With Credit Card Using Costco App?

Download the Costco app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, log in to your account, and add items to your cart.

When you proceed to the checkout, click “Add New Payment Method” if your card details have not been saved.

Enter your card details, review the items, confirm the total amount, and finally hit “Place Order.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Credit Cards Does Costco Accept?

Costco only accepts Visa credit cards in the U.S. However, it exclusively accepts Mastercard credit cards in Canada. 
It’s due to Costco’s different partnership agreement in the U.S and Canada.

Why Costco Doesnt Accept Mastercard?

Costco in the U.S. doesn’t accept Mastercard as here in the U.S., it has partnerships with Visa and Citi and only accepts Visa credit cards. However, it accepts Mastercard in Canada.

Is Costco Credit Card Visa Or Mastercard?

Costco’s credit card is exclusively Visa in the U.S., whereas it’s exclusively Mastercard in Canada. You can’t use a Visa credit card in Canada.

Does Costco Take Mastercard Debit?

Yes, it does, but only in Canada. It doesn’t take Mastercard debit in the U.S.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, Costco exclusively takes Visa credit cards only in the U.S. However, in Canada, it only accepts Mastercard credit cards.

Costco in the U.S. accepts digital payments from Visa credit cards only, and people need to buy one of Costco’s membership plans for this.

However, Costco also accepts cash payments, payments from mobile apps, and Costco shopping cards.

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