Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay?

Does Panda Express take Apple Pay? Yes, Panda Express does take Apple Pay. There are a few locations that have not yet updated their payment methods so there are a few branches that do not accept Apple Pay.

Panda Express introduced Apple Pay as a contactless payment method for the ease of their customers.

Panda Express as well as almost every other restaurant and fast-food chain, want their customers to feel safe and secure when making their payments online and in-store.

Apple Pay allows your identity and card number to remain with you and only you, confirming the security of your information. Through Apple Pay, not even the merchant will need your card information!

Can I Pay With My Phone At Panda?

Can I Pay With My Phone At Panda?

Yes, you can pay with your phone at Panda Express. It is quick, easy, and accessible to everyone.

Not only does Panda Express offer Apple Pay as a method of payment, but it also accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay in some locations.

No need to struggle to get your debit or credit card out! Just a few taps of your phone and you’ve made your payment!

Does Panda Express Allow Apple Pay?

Yes, Panda Express allows Apple Pay as a form of contactless, secure payment.

Apple Pay is accepted in a majority of Panda Express locations and is also allowed on deliveries or pick-up orders made through their website or their mobile App.

It is always best to check online and see if your nearest Panda Express location accepts Apple Pay or not as Panda Express has over 2,300 stores worldwide.

With the help of Apple Maps, you can check which Panda Express locations allow Apple Pay or you can always call the branch and ask yourself.

How To Use Apple Pay At Panda Express?

Using Apple Pay at Panda Express is a fast and easy process. It is quite convenient for you, the employees, and even the people waiting in line behind you.

Step 1: Set Up Apple Pay on Device

Set up your Apple Pay account on your iPhone and connect your Apple Watch to it if you want to make your payment using your Apple Watch.

Step 2: Select Your Order

Add the items you want delivered into your cart online, or go to the counter and place your order if you are in the restaurant.

Step 3: Select Payment Method

Whether online or in person, you will be asked what you wish to choose as your method of payment. Select “Apple Pay” or tell the cashier you wish to pay using Apple Pay.

Step 4: Open Apple Pay on Phone

If you are ordering online, click “confirm” and your transaction will go through.

If you are ordering in person, either open the Apple Pay App or double-click your iPhone’s side button and hold your device over the payment reader without it touching.

You will be shown your transaction and you’re done!

What Form of Payment Does Panda Express Accept?

Panda Express accepts various forms of payment such as:

  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc.)
  • Debit Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Google Pay (In some locations)
  • Samsung Pay (In some locations)
  • Cash

It is advised to check with your Panda Express branch about certain contactless forms of payment before visiting.

Why Apple Pay is Popular?

Apple Pay allows you to be able to send money virtually to whoever you want and also allows you to redeem rewards when used!

Your payments are secure as not even the merchant has access to your card information. This ensures extra safety measures and ease to the customer.

There is a drastic decrease in the number of stolen credit/debit cards as you do not need to carry a separate wallet.

Not having to exchange physical cards also helps prevent the spread of germs. It is quick as it requires just you to hold your phone over the reader for a second and that’s it!

Which Devices Support Apple Pay?

The many devices that support Apple Pay are all iPhones with the Touch ID and the Face ID feature (except iPhone 5s), iPads, iPad Airs, and iPad Pros with Touch ID and the Face ID feature.

iPad Mini models with Touch ID or Face ID. All Apple Watch Series 1 and every series after that supports Apple Pay.

All Mac models with Touch ID support Apple Pay. Lastly, the Apple Vision Pro also supports Apple Pay.

Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay in Drive-Thru?

Although some Panda Express locations take Apple Pay in their Drive-thru, not every location does.

You have to ask the employee whilst placing your order in the drive-thru, or before placing your order if they accept Apple Pay.

If they do, you can tell the cashier you want to pay through Apple Pay and you’re good to go!

Does Panda Express App Support Apple Pay?

Yes, the Panda Express App does support Apple Pay. All you need to do is choose “Apple Pay” when selecting your payment method while checking out.

You will then be asked to verify your account which is done using your Face ID or your passcode.

Is There Any Rewards For Using Apple Pay At Panda Express?

Every purchase made through the Panda Express App, whether paying with credit cards or with Apple Pay, will qualify for Panda Rewards if you have made an account.

With every purchase, you are collecting Panda Points that will result in rewards and surprise offers!

Final Thoughts

With the rise in popularity of Apple Pay, Panda Express has taken the correct initiative by introducing Apple Pay to their App and in-restaurant.

It creates convenience for their customers and allows people to feel at ease and safe when dining at or ordering from Panda Express.

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