Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger Price & Calories

The Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger is the most popular, taste-rich, flavorful, and nutritious meal for breakfast.

It includes a premium quality pure beef patty with crispy bacon, hash rounds, eggs, and cheese.

These ingredients make it a healthy option with lots of protein that boosts your stamina for the day and keeps you fulfilled.

This breakfast burger includes almost 830 calories. The calorie count will increase to 1900 if you make this a combo with coffee and more hash rounds.

The reason why it is the most popular is its premium-quality fresh ingredients, greater nutrition, aroma, and excellent taste.

Before starting a long hectic day, having this breakfast burger will give you tons of energy.

However, Carl’s Jr doesn’t serve it all day long but only during the breakfast hours. So, you must have to visit your nearest Carl’s Jr location before 10:30 am to enjoy this delicious breakfast burger.  

Carl's Jr Breakfast Burger Menu Prices

Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger Menu Prices

Served with Hash Rounds® & A Coffee

The Breakfast Burger™ ComboSmall$11.99

How Many Calories Are in a Breakfast Burger From Carl’s Jr.?

The carl’s jr breakfast burger calories are approx. 830 in total which is good enough for a one-time meal. All of these calories come from the healthy ingredients included in this burger.

For example, it includes a beef patty, hash rounds, American cheese, crispy bacon, etc. that are all flavorful and nutritious.

How Much is The Breakfast Burger At Carl’s Jr?

Actually, you have two options to enjoy the yummiest Breakfast Burger at Carl’s Jr. The first option is to eat the breakfast Burger separately for $8.86 without any drink, side, or anything else.

The second option is to make it a combo with the most aromatic, taste-rich, and the best coffee and hash rounds.

This combo is available for $16.06 and comes with approx. 1080 to 1900 calories. The combo is a good option if you’re hungry and looking for a full-fledged nutritious and delicious meal.

However, the breakfast burger is available till 10:30 am every morning and you may not find it after that. The hours may vary from location to location.

Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger Recipe

If you want to make your Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger yourself, here is a step-by-step guide for it. Please note that this recipe is for preparing one Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger.

Step 1: Get The Ingredients

  • 2 hamburger buns
  • 8 frozen hash rounds
  • ¼ pound ground beef
  • 1 slice of American cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 2 bacon slices
  • Ketchup to taste
  • Seasonings to taste (Kosher salt, black pepper)
  • ½-1 tablespoon butter

Step 2: Preparation Method

  • First, take a pan and fry your bacon until it gets crisp.
  • Take the beef, turn it into a patty, and put in it the pan with butter. Season it with kosher salt and black pepper. Turn the sides occasionally and cook it fully.
  • Fry the hash rounds until they turn golden brown.
  • Scramble fry the egg and toast the buns with a pinch of butter for crisp.

Step 3: Assemble The Ingredients

  • Put a bun on the serving plate and apply ketchup.
  • Put hash rounds on it, then put beef patty, cheese slice, egg, bacon, and a bit of ketchup on it.
  • Cover it with the other piece of bun.

Step 4: Sit, Eat, & Enjoy!

  • Your Carl’s Jr breakfast burger is ready. Sit, eat, and enjoy it with a cup of your favorite freshly brewed coffee!

Is Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger Served All Day?

No, Carl’s Jr doesn’t serve its breakfast menu all day. Whether you want to eat its famous breakfast burger or any other item from the breakfast, visit before 10:30 am.

After 10:30 am, Carl’s Jr stops serving the breakfast menu and their lunch menu starts after it.

As soon as the restaurant opens i.e., at 6 am from Monday to Friday, you can visit there for breakfast burger. However, you won’t find it after 10:30 am.

You may find a few variations in these hours based on your nearest Carl’s Jr location. So, check your nearest Carl’s Jr breakfast hours before you visit.

Is There Any Coupon For Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger?

No, there is specifically no coupon for Carl’s Jr Breakfast burger but you can redeem reward points for coupons/discount benefits.

Carl’s Jr allows you to sign up to their reward program and get free points on every dollar spent here.

So, collect these points and redeem them to get discounts and other immediate benefits.

What is Available With Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger Combo?

To fully satisfy your hunger and boost your stamina for the day, go for Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger Combo.

In this combo, you get the delicious Carl’s Jr breakfast burger with their flavorful 100% Arabica coffee and hash rounds.

This combo includes 1080 calories to 1900 calories that fulfill your daily calorie needs.

Final Thoughts

To start your day with a nutritious and full-fledged meal, go for Carl’s Jr breakfast burger.

It comes with the most tender and juicy beef patty, crisp bacon, American cheese, eggs, and hash rounds for a mouthwatering taste.

However, must visit Carl’s Jr before 10:30 am to enjoy this breakfast burger alone or in a combo.

Also, try their other delicious breakfast menu items to start your day with a full tummy and a happy mood!

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