Chipotle Menu Calories: What To Choose & Avoid?

Chipotle Menu Calories are based on the ingredients included in an item. For example, chipotle steak burrito calories are approx.

470 while chipotle salad calories are 260. If you add meat, rice, or beans to your salad, the calories will move to 500 or more.

The more ingredients, freebies, add-ons, dips, or toppings you add to your meal, the more will be the calories.

The healthiest items at Chipotle are their wholesome bowls, veggie and high protein bowls, and salads.

There is nothing at Chipotle that one can call least healthy. However, the more carbs in a meal without veggies, the unhealthier it will become.

Let’s dig deeper into Chipotle’s menu along with the insights into menu calories.

Chipotle Bowl Burrito Calories

Chipotle Bowl & Burrito Calories

Chipotle Menu Calories vary for varying items on the menu based on the ingredients. You will find ingredients as low as 5 calories e.g. Romaine Lettuce, and as high as 230 calories e.g. Guacamole.  

For example, a chicken burrito with brown rice at Chipotle contains 710 calories. You can add or skip ingredients in your burrito to increase or decrease calories.

Similarly, a steak burrito bowl with white rice, pinto beans, and fresh tomato salsa contains 515 calories.

A kid’s quesadilla with chicken contains 280 calories. If you add black beans and white rice to it, its calorie count will move to 480 calories.

The beef barbacoa quesadilla with tortilla and cheese comes with 820 calories. All the salads without meat, rice, and beans will contain approx. 225 calories.

However, adding your choice of meat, rice, beans, and other add-ons will increase the calories in salads.

Chips, sides, and drinks also contain different amounts of calories in them.

For example, 540 calories in chips, 240 calories in Queso Blanco, and 150-250 calories in drinks. So, choose your meal wisely by considering the calorie count if you are on a diet. 

Chipotle Burrito Calories

Included Ingredient 


Protein Or Veggie

Chicken Al Pastor200
Beef Barbacoa170


Brown Rice210
White Rice210


Pinto Beans130
Black Beans130

Top Things Off

Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa80
Fresh Tomato Salsa25
Tomatillo-Green Or Red Chili Salsa15 Or 30
Fajita Veggies20
Sour Cream110
Romaine Lettuce5
Queso Blanco120

Chipotle Bowl Calories

Balanced Macros Bowl700
Keto Salad Bowl460
Wholesome Bowl460
Veggie Full Bowl695
High Protein Bowl845
Go Half Veggie Bowl615
Plant Powered Bowl720

Chipotle Chips & Sides Calories

Large Chips And Large Guacamole1270
Chips & Guacamole770
Chips And Tomatillo-Red Or Green Chili Salsa570 Or 560
Chips And Fresh Tomato Salsa570
Chips And Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa620
Large Chips And Large Queso Blanco1290
Chips & Queso Blanco780

How Many Calories in a Chipotle Steak Burrito?

There are 470 calories in a Chipotle Steak Burrito with 15g of fat, 29g of protein, and 51g of carbs.

If you add white or brown rice to your chipotle steak burrito, the calories will increase up to 680 calories.

The more ingredients you add to it, you more will be the calories in your Chipotle Steal Burrito.

Is Chipotle OK on a Diet?

Yes, Chipotle is a very good option for you if you are on a diet. Here, you can find a great variety of salads, high-protein, keto, and vegan options.

Moreover, you can freely customize any item at Chipotle including burritos, tacos, bowls, etc. to control calories.

Regardless of being low in calories, each meal item at Chipotle is nutritious, healthy, and fulfilling. 

What is Low Calorie At Chipotle?

The first option is to go for salads at Chipotle for a low-calorie meal. If you want to eat another item, skip adding high-carb ingredients to your meal to cut down on calories.

For example, you can skip adding tortilla or white/brown rice to your meals to make them low-calories at Chipotle.

How Many Calories in Chipotle Tacos?

The number of calories depends on which ingredients you add to your Tacos. For example, there are 257 calories in a Chipotle Tacos with chicken, soft flour tortilla, white rice, and black beans.

If you add Guacamole to it, the chipotle tacos calories will move to 330. Use the nutrition calculator on Chipotle’s website to count the calories in your taco.

How Many Calories is a Chipotle Bowl?

A regular Chipotle bowl with chicken, rice, beans, salsa, and sour cream contains approx. 660 calories.

However, the type of salsa you add to your bowl can increase or decrease the calories.

For example, Tomatillo red chili salsa contains 30 calories while roasted chili corn salsa contains 80 calories.

Hence, chipotle bowl calories may increase or decrease based on other add-ons, dips, sides, and drinks.

How Accurate is Chipotle Nutrition Calculator?

On Chipotle’s website, you will see the chipotle nutrition calculator to calculate your meal’s calories.

It is 100% accurate and correctly counts all the calories added to your meals based on the ingredients.

When you open this nutrition calculator, it gives a list of menu items. Let’s suppose that you choose a burrito from the list.

The calculator will open a new page where you can decide which ingredient to add to your burrito. The calories are mentioned with each ingredient.

Whenever you add an ingredient to your burrito, the nutrition calculator will calculate and show you the total calories.

The results are 100% accurate and precise. You will get the same calorie count if you count the calories manually or through any other way.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Healthiest Thing on Chipotle’s Menu?

Chipotle’s bowls, especially the wholesome bowl, are the healthiest on Chipotle’s menu.

What is Low Calorie At Chipotle?

Salads are low-calorie at Chipotle. You can also decrease the calorie count in other items by customizing them e.g. excluding rice, beans, and other add-ons.

Is Chipotle Good on a Diet?

Yes, Chipotle is good on a diet with lots of nutritious and low-calorie options. You can also get the keto and vegan items here.

How Many Calories in a Chipotle Chicken Salad?

Chipotle’s regular chicken salad without rice and beans contains 180 calories. Rice will add additional 210 calories to it while beans will add additional 130 calories.  

How Many Calories in 3 Chipotle Chicken Tacos?

A 3 Chipotle Chicken Taco without toppings contains approx. 380 calories. If you add white rice and black/pinto beans to it, it will contain 720 calories.

Final Thoughts

Chipotle serves a highly nutritious menu with clear insights into the calorie count of each item.

It also gives you the freedom to control the calories in your meal by adding/removing an ingredient to it.

You can also use the nutrition calculator at Chipotle’s website to count the calories of your meal.

So, let’s order your favorite burrito or any other flavorful item from Chipotle without worrying about excessive calories.

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