Chipotle Vegan Menu With Prices 2024

Chipotle Vegan Menu includes many tempting, flavorful, and nutritious options to fulfill your body’s needs.

In its vegan menu, you can find lifestyle vegan bowls, plant-powered bowls, salsas, beans, rice, etc. All of these are plant-based and don’t include anything from the animals.   

Among all of its vegan menu options, the most popular ones include the Veggie full bowl and a Plant-powered bowl.

Both of these are 100% vegan and vegetarian-approved with rich taste, tempting flavors, and mesmerizing aromas.

A Veggie full bowl includes white rice, fajita veggies, chili-corn salsa, guacamole, black beans, etc.

On the contrary, the plant-powered bowl contains sofritas, lettuce blend, guacamole, fresh tomato salsa, etc.

Besides these, Chipotle also offers rice, beans, a variety of salsas, vegetables, and salsa as vegan options.

You can add them to Chipotle’s vegan tortillas or in any other meal you want. Take benefit of Chipotle’s meal customization options and make the best vegan meal for you anytime.

Chipotle Vegan Menu Popular Items

Chipotle Vegan Prices

Plant Powered Bowls850$13.05
Salsas 15-80$0.00
Vegetables and Salads0$9.35
Chips & Guacamole770$4.50

Popular Chipotle Vegan Menu

Chipotle Vegan Menu includes a great number of options for those who love to eat a plant-based diet.

The good news is that you can easily find many delicious vegan options at Chipotle to fulfill your hunger anytime. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular vegan options at Chipotle!

01. Plant Powered Bowls/Lifestyle Bowls

Chipotle offers several lifestyle bowls e.g. veggie full bowls or plant-powered bowls which are vegan.

A plant-powered bowl is available for $13.05 and contains 850 calories. It contains a supergreens lettuce blend, fajita veggies, fresh tomato salsa, sofritas, white rice, etc.

02. Tortillas

Tortillas are completely vegan and plant-based at Chipotle. They further offer customization options where you can avoid adding meat and cheese to keep your Chipotle vegan.

However, you can add salads, rice, sofritas, and beans to your tortillas which are all vegan/plant-based.

03. Rice

At Chipotle, you can get white and brown rice as they are vegan and contain 210 calories per item. Not separately, but you can add them to your tortillas or salads, etc.

They are not only energy-rich but also great in taste. In addition, adding rice to any of your vegan items fully satisfy your hunger.

04. Salsas

All of the salsas at Chipotle are also vegan. For example, roasted chili-corn salsa,  tomatillo-green chili salsa, fresh tomato salsa, and tomatillo-red chili salsa are all vegan at Chipotle.

05. Beans

Beans are vegan, plant-based, and available at Chipotle in different types. For example, you can pick black beans or pinto beans and add them to any item you want.

One portion of these beans will add approx. 130 calories to your food.

06. Vegetables and Salads

You can also order a tempting variety of salads and lots of vegetables as they are vegan.

Don’t add any cheese or meat to your salads. Instead, you can add different vegetables, beans, rice, and salsas as they’re vegan.

07. Chips & Guacamole

At Chipotle, you can also order chips and Guacamole at Chipotle as vegan items.

Chips & Guacamole are available for $4.50 and contain 770 calories. You can also add them to any other vegan meal to make a combo.

Is Anything Available At Chipotle Keto Menu?

Keto is a diet that is high in protein but low in carbs. Luckily, you will find many such options on chipotle keto menu.

For example, a high-protein bowl at Chipotle is a good keto item that contains double chicken, cheese, and veggies. It is available for $14.10 and contains 82g of protein which is best for keto.

Similarly, you can also order a Chipotle Keto Bowl which is for $10.25 and comes with 470 calories. It contains chicken, tomatillo red-chili salsa, cheese, sour cream, fresh tomato salsa, etc.

Chipotle’s wholesome bowl is also keto which contains 470 calories and is available for $13.20.

This wholesome bowl contains fresh tomato salsa, chicken, guacamole, lettuce blend, and fajita veggies.  

Besides these menu items, you can also customize your meal as per the keto requirements.

You can add more protein and healthy fats e.g., cheese to your meal while cutting down on ingredients with more carbs.

Can Vegans Eat Sofritas?

Yes, vegans can eat Sofritas as they are vegan & vegetarian-approved. At Chipotle, sofritas is the best plant-based protein that you can add to your meals.

Whether you choose a vegan bowl at Chipotle or a tortilla, you can add sofritas to it which is vegan. It is healthy and adds a rich and flavorful taste to your meals.

Are All Chipotle Beans Vegan?

Yes, all of the Chipotle beans are vegan whether you order black beans or pinto beans. You can add these beans to any of your meal items at Chipotle.

For example, you can add beans to a burrito, tortilla, salad bowl, vegans or keto bowls, etc. These vegan beans at Chipotle will add 130 more calories to your meal item.

Which Items At Chipotle Are Gluten Free?

At Chipotle, you can opt for guacamole, corn tortillas, beans, and veggie salad bowls as they are naturally gluten-free.

Chipotle also mentioned on their website that if you are highly allergic to gluten, let them know while placing your order.

They’ll change their gloves too while preparing your order to serve you a meal without even minor traces of gluten.

So, let’s order your favorite chipotle gluten free meal today without worrying about gluten.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chipotle Oegan options?

Chipotle’s famous vegan menu include lifestyle bowls, plant-powered bowls, salsas, beans, rice, guacamole, etc.

Is Vegan Chipotle Good?

Yes, they are good, nutritious, and 100% natural. All the vegan options at Chipotle only contain plant-based ingredients such as beans, vegetables, plant-based protein, salsas, etc.

Is Anything Keto Friendly At Chipotle?

Yes, Chipotle’s keto menu includes Chipotle keto bowl, wholesome bowl, high-protein bowl, etc. All of these are rich in protein but contain very little amounts of carbs.

How Much is a Keto Bowl At Chipotle?

Chipotle’s keto bowl will cost you $10.25 only with 470 calories in one serving.  

How Many Net Carbs in a Chipotle Keto Bowl?

There are only 7 grams of net carbs in one serving of Chipotle keto bowl.

Is Chipotle Brown Rice Keto Friendly?

No, brown rice at Chipotle is not keto-friendly as it contains more net carbohydrates, approx. 34 per serving.

Can Vegans Eat Chipotle Sauce?

Chipotle offers a “Vegan Chipotle Sauce” which is completely vegan. However, not all other sauces at Chipotle are 100% vegan. 

What is The Name of The Vegan Meat At Chipotle?

It is sofritas that is a plant-based protein and a good meat option for vegans.

Final Thoughts

Chipotle is the best restaurant if you are conscious about eating a healthy, nutritious meal, or following a specific diet.

Here, you will also find plenty of delicious vegan meals e.g. plant-powered bowls, as well as keto and gluten-free options.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s visit your nearest Chipotle today and mesmerize yourself through their tempting vegan menu or other options.

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