Jack in The Box Breakfast Menu 2024

Have you ever tried Jack in The Box’s Breakfast menu? They have two breakfast menus – an All Day Breakfast Menu and a Breakfast Combo Menu.

You can get a steaming hot coffee and an extra hash brown with your breakfast item with the breakfast combo. Most of their items can be found on their All Day Breakfast Menu.

Here, they have three different types of platters, two different types of croissants, three sandwiches, and a Breakfast Jack range which is buns and breakfast food.

Plus, they have a Breakfast Burrito, mini-pancakes, and a simple yet satisfying Hash Brown. You are now probably thinking; what time do they serve breakfast because this menu looks yummy?

Does Jack in The Box Serve Breakfast All Day?

Jack in the Box’s Breakfast menu is served all day, every day! You can order from any of their breakfast menus at any time – as long as they are open!

Indulge in their breakfast menu, and experience their loaded croissants, breakfast buns, platters, and more!

Jack in The Box Breakfast Menu Prices

Here are Jack In The Box’s Breakfast Menu Prices may vary depending on your nearest Jack In The Box. Here is the average price for their Breakfast meals:

Jack in The Box All Day Breakfast 

Supreme Croissant 370$6.39
Supreme Sourdough 410$6.79
Meat Lovers Burrito 800$6.99
Sausage Croissant 480$6.19
Extreme Sausage® Sandwich 650$6.39
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich 690$6.99
Breakfast Jack® 350$3.49
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich 510$6.79
Sausage Breakfast Jack® 500$3.79
Bacon Breakfast Jack® 380$3.79
Jumbo Breakfast Platter + Sausage 620$7.29
Jumbo Breakfast Platter + Bacon 540$7.29
Mini Pancakes 140$3.19
Jumbo Breakfast Platter + Bacon And Sausage 710$7.59
Hash Brown 190$2.79

Jack in The Box Breakfast Combos 

All Combos Includes Hot Coffee and Hash Brown

Supreme Croissant400-1500$9.29
Supreme Sourdough470-1540$9.59
Meat Lovers Burrito830-1930$9.89
Sausage Croissant510-1610$8.99
Extreme Sausage® Sandwich680-1850$9.29
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich740-1910$9.89
Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich600-1700$6.89
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich540-1640$9.69
Sausage Breakfast Jack®530-1630$6.69
Bacon Breakfast Jack®410-1510$6.69
Jumbo Breakfast Platter + Bacon And Sausage740-1840$10.49
Breakfast Jack®380-1480$6.39
Jumbo Breakfast Platter + Sausage650-1750$10.19
Jumbo Breakfast Platter + Bacon570-1670$10.19

How Many Calories Are in Jack in The Box Pancakes?

On average, their eight mini pancakes have 140 calories. Of course, you will consume more calories if you overdo it on the syrup or other sauces.

Jack in The Box Breakfast Calories

Breakfast is your first chance to load up on some calories for the day. The calories in Jack in the Box’s Breakfast meals vary.

The Supreme Sourdough has 410 calories and the Breakfast Jack has 350 calories. These are lighter meals.

Some of their meals are a lot more calorie-dense. Their platters can have up to 620 calories. Their sandwiches can pack in 650 calories. Their burritos are around 800 calories.

There are so many breakfast options at Jack in the Box, and you can choose one according to how many calories you want to consume!

Jack in The Box Breakfast Menu Popular Items

Jack In The Box’s breakfast menu is delicious. Here are some of their most popular items that keep people coming back for more!

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

This meal is affordable and packed with the good stuff. It is loaded with bacon, ham, and eggs. Plus, it has cheese. It is an American classic.

The Breakfast Jack

This is a simple meal, and simple is often best. It has American cheese, egg, and ham – a masterpiece.

Mini Pancakes

Their pancakes are always a hit. Especially for people who have a sweet tooth. They are fluffy and golden. You can start your morning in the sweetest way possible.

Hash Brown

Nothing is as good as a Hash Brown, especially Jack in the Box’s Hash Browns. Crisp and comforting, add it to any meal.

Supreme Croissant

The jury has spoken, you have to try their Supreme Croissant. Eggs, ham, bacon, and melted cheese are sandwiched in a buttery croissant. The result is unbeatable. 

Meat Lover Burritos

Packed with smokey flavors and fresh ingredients, it’s a great way to start your day. Think of multiple types of meat, classic breakfast ingredients, and a flavourful tomato salsa. You had me at tomato salsa!

Extreme Sausage Sandwich

A burger with a breakfast twist. Cheese, egg, and sausages make this oh so yummy.

Jumbo Breakfast Platter With Bacon

This platter is filled with Jack in the Box’s best menu items. It included their famous mini pancakes and hashbrowns with other classics like bacon and eggs.

Next time you are at Jack In The Box, give one of these loved meals a try!

How To Order Jack in The Box?

There are multiple ways to order food from Jack in the Box. You can order directly through their website, and then pick it up.

You can get it delivered through their delivery service on Jack In The Box’s website or app.

You can also get Jack in the Box delivered using other delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash. You can also simply pop to your nearest branch and order there.

Jack in The Box Payment & Delivery Methods

In StoreAvailable
Drive ThruAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupNot Available

Important Links of Jack in The Box

Order Onlinehttps://www.jackinthebox.com/location?type=delivery
Phone Appshttps://www.jackinthebox.com/  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jack in The Box Breakfast Menu?

Jack In The Box Breakfast Menu lists all the items that are typically eaten for breakfast. A lot of their breakfast meals include food like bacon, sausage, croissants, and pancakes.

Does Jack in The Box Serve Breakfast All Day Long?

Yes, they do! Jack In The Box serves breakfast 24/7.

Does Jack in The Box Serve Breakfast All Day Near Me?

Yes, most Jack In The Box’s serve Breakfast all day long. So visit your nearest branch and order breakfast whenever.

How Much is a Jack in The Box Hash Brown?

Jack In The Box’s Hasbrowns cost around $2.59.

How Many Calories in a Breakfast Jack?

The Bacon Breakfast Jack has 380 calories and the Sausage Breakfast Jack has 500 calories.

How Many Calories in The Jack in The Box Breakfast Loaded Sandwich?

The Loaded Breakfast Sandwich has 690 calories in it.

How Many Calories in a Jack in The Box Sausage Croissant?

Their yummy Sausage Croissant has 480 calories.

Final Thoughts

Jack In The Box serves breakfast all day which is and their menu is world-class! And you can experience it whenever you want. So grab a Breakfast Burrito for dinner or eat some Mini Pancakes for dessert!

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