Find Out Papa John’s Pizza Sizes

Do you know what Papa John’s pizza sizes are? The pizza chain offers several sizes and different flavors and crust types. If you’ve tasted their pizza, you probably have an idea.

However, there are probably many more people who may not know and must be curious. If you also came here looking for some answers, look no further.

Below, we’ll try to list the pizza sizes usually available at Papa John’s across the country. It’s to be noted the availability of pizza flavors may vary from one location to another.

However, the sizes listed below are typically available in most Papa John’s locations. 

What Are Papa Johns Pizza Sizes in Inches

What Are Papa John’s Pizza Sizes in Inches?

Most pizza brands offer four sizes and Papa John’s is among them. The sizes in inches may however differ from one restaurant chain to another.

Some brands may offer larger sizes than others. But what of Papa John’s when it’s regarding their pizza sizes in inches? 

Typically, Papa John’s outlets offer four sizes; small, medium, large, and extra-large. The sizes in inches are as given below.

  • Small – 10 Inches
  • Medium – 12 Inches
  • Large – 14 Inches
  • Extra Large – 16 Inches

These are the standard pizza sizes available in Papa John’s locations.

But you must confirm with a restaurant before placing orders because as stated earlier, not all the outlets may have all the mentioned sizes.

Besides, some outlets may also offer an individual size that is smaller than the “Small” size.

Papa John’s Pizza Sizes

If you haven’t tasted Papa John’s pizza range then you’re missing something big time. You’ll find the pizza in different sizes and types.

You can order any Papa John’s specialty from the menu list or get a customized pizza.

The slices of Papa John’s pizza vary according to size. So, an extra-large pizza comes in more sizes than a medium one. The list below gives a rough idea of pizza slices available at Papa John’s. 

Pizza SizeInchesNo of Slices
Pizza for OneIndividual size4 slices
Small10 inches6 slices
Medium12 inches8 slices
Large14 inches8 slices
Extra-large16 inches10 slices

Papa John’s Pizza Menu

Papa John’s is the fourth largest pizza chain in the US and their menu offers a wide range of pizzas in a number of sizes as mentioned earlier. 

The company offers four styles in many varieties and flavors. The styles include Original Crust, Thin Crust, Stuffed Crust Large, and NY Style.

Popular varieties include Pepperoni, Sausage, Cheese, BBQ Chicken Bacon, Zesty Italian Trio, Fiery Buffalo Chicken, and more.

Toppings and ingredients include both veg and non-veg items such as bacon, chicken, pepperoni, cheese, spinach, tomato, onion, etc. 

Here are a few details of their most popular pizzas.

01. Pepperoni Pizza

It’s available in all the sizes and styles mentioned above so you can select your crust type and size according to requirements and preference. 

It’s made of Papa John’s signature pizza sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. A small Pepperoni pizza costs about $9.49 and an extra-large about $18.99.

Additional ingredients can raise the price to about $21.99. But prices vary from place to place and they can be slightly lower or higher depending on the location.

02. Sausage Pizza

 It’s one of the most popular varieties at Papa John’s. It contains sausage, the brand’s signature pizza sauce, and genuine mozzarella cheese on a crust of your choice.

A Sausage pizza in a small size is available at $9.49 while extra – large one costs about $18.99. 

Extra ingredients can cost more and will vary from one restaurant to another.

03. Papa John’s Cheese Pizza

If you love cheese then this variety will make your day. It’s very simple but Cheese pizza’s flavors are mind-blowing. 

It’s made of the crust of your choice, genuine cheese sourced from mozzarella with their signature pizza sauced and baked to a golden-brown hue to give you the most incredible taste.

It usually costs between $9.49 – $18.99 but may cost more with additional toppings.

04. BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza

If you aren’t a fan of the above varieties, BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza will definitely make your day.

Grilled chicken, hickory-smoked bacon, onions, and mozzarella cheese combined with Smoky Southern–style BBQ sauce on your selected crust make this pizza irresistible.

It costs between $12.99 and $21.99 but may differ from city to city.

How Many Calories in Papa John’s Cheese Pizza?

The calories in Papa John’s pizzas vary depending on the size and ingredients.

For example, a whole Pepperoni pizza has 210 (Small) – 390 (Stuffed Crust Large) calories while a Cheese pizza has about 180 (small) – 360 (Stuffed Crust Large) calories. The calories increase with additional ingredients

Papa John’s Wings Review

Pizzas aren’t the only delicious items that you can get at Papa John’s. Their wings menu has several options. 

If you aren’t much up for pizza then you can enjoy the wings. You can get both bone-in and boneless items in different flavors. 

Some of the popular items include Buffalo Boneless Wings, Garlic Parmesan Boneless Wings, BBQ Boneless Wings, Unsauced Roasted Wings, and Hot Lemon Pepper Wings.

The rates vary from place to place and from one item to another. The prices also depend on the size of the wings box.

For example, a 6-piece box of Unsauced Roasted wings can cost about $7.49 (may vary from location to location) while a 24-piece box can cost about $30.99 and it can be more or less in different places.

What Inch is Papa John’s XXL Pizza?

The XXL pizza from Papa John’s is a variety offered in the UK. While the US extra-large pizza is 16 inches, the UK’s XXL is just 15.5 inches.

So even though it’s XXL, it’s smaller than the extra-large variety sold in Papa John’s outlets in the US.

However, it’s available in several flavors and you can also add your ingredients according to preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Wings Does Papa John’s Have?

Papa John’s offers boneless and bone-in chicken wings in various flavors baked in the oven. 

How Many Wings Does Papa John’s Give You?

The wings box starts from 6 pieces and above in even numbers

Are Papa John’s Wings Gluten Free?

Papa John’s doesn’t claim their wings to be gluten-free due to the items being at risk for cross-contamination in shared kitchens and storage facilities.

How Much is a Large Cheese Pizza At Papa John’s?

A large Cheese pizza at Papa John’s can cost about $15.99 with slight variations depending on the place and additional ingredients.

What Kind of Cheese is on Papa John’s pizza?

Papa John’s pizzas contain real cheese from mozzarella.

How Many Slices Are in a 12 Inch Papa John’s Pizza?

A 12-inch Papa John’s pizza usually comes in 8 slices.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you want to enjoy it alone or with friends and family, Papa John’s has several sizes and types of pizza. So, you have many options.

You can order a suitable size and the restaurant’s signature variety or you can make your own.

When ordering a specialty, make sure that your chosen location has it to avoid confusion. If it isn’t then you can always order another one.

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